Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Preview: Essence "Come to Town" Trend Edition

''Make a wish! In November 2014, essence whisks you away to a Christmas shopping spree in New York with the new trend edition “come to town”! Beautifully decorated window display, the XXL Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center, and a sparkling sea of lights puts you in the ideal mood to shop for gifts. And this trend edition is a perfect present: the gorgeous color scheme consists of classic yuletide shades like red and green but also silver, gold, beige and pink. Highlights include the shimmering body powder with a powdery light vanilla fragrance and two cute nail polish sets with three different colorseach – all with a festive gift look that no beauty will want to give away. There are also exciting beauty pieces for your eyes, lips, face and nails. On top of all this, there is a set of five cards so that all girls can send their loved ones Christmas greetings. A wonderful Christmas time… with essence!''


Quattro eyeshadow - Shimmery star! The quattro eyeshadows with metallic effects create endless eye make-up styles. Both versions contain gold and silver, and are combined with green-mint or dark red-pink respectively. The long-lasting texture is super-soft and blends easily. Available in 01 make a wish and 02 naughty or nice?. Around 2,79€*.

Eye pencil - MErryTALLIC! The cool eye pencils in gold, dark red and green create long-lasting eyeliner styles with an ultra-metallic finish. The pencil can be used along your waterline or in the inner corner of your eye. Available in 01 make a wish, 02 naughty or nice? and 03 the most wonderful tree. Around 1,99€*. 

Lipstick - Under the mistletoe… The limited colors in classic red and dark pink ensure gorgeous lips with a wow-factor. The creamy, light lipsticks last for hours and won’t dry out your lips. Available in 01 is that you, santa? and 02 wrapped in pink. Around 2,29€*.

Cream blush - Christmas cheeks. Deep red and intensive pink brighten up your winter complexion with a fresh touch of color. The soft, creamy texture practically melts with your skin and blends really easily. Available in 01 is that you, santa? and 02 wrapped in pink. Around 2,29€*. 

Nail polish set - Trio-time… the two nail polish sets are the ideal small gifts to treat your best friend – or yourself! Each set contains two nail polishes and a glitter topper in Christmassy color combinations to ensure trendy nail styles during the festive season! In a cute gift box. Available in 01 naughty or nice? and 02 got my list?. Around 3,49€*.

Greeting cards - Happy holidays! These greeting cards are ideal for all beauties that love to write and wish to put a smile on the faces of their loved ones. The set contains five lovingly designed Christmas cards. Available in 01 season greetings. 

Shimmering body powder - Pretty gift! The shimmering body powder in a cute gift packaging gives your skin a soft glow and is easy to apply with the decorative powder puff. With a subtle vanilla scent – simply irresistible! Available in 01 make a wish. Around 3,29€*.

Essence “come to town” will be available in stores in November 2014.

*Recommended retail price. 

This trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Philippines, and Bolivia.

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Preview: Essence "Good Girl Bad Girl" Trend Edition

''An angel today, a devil tomorrow! As diverse as life itself, the new essence trend edition “good girl bad girl” unites apparent opposites from November to December 2014! Depending on your mood, you can go for either an expressive, confident and loud style or a more reserved, natural and subtle look. The products in contrasting colors – including soft pastel and nude tones as well as bold pink, purple and black – are as multi-facetted as you are! The absolute highlight of this trend edition is the innovative multi style eyeliner pen with three different tips for endless eyeliner styles. The nail polishes in six colors with various effects like porcelain or leather also have an ultimate must-have factor. The good girl bad girl look is perfectly rounded off with a fragrance to suit your mood – one lovely and gentle, the other warm and spicy. The fragrances contain complementary ingredients: while “like a good girl” convinces with white pepper, white rose and white cedar wood, “like a bad girl” stands out with a darker version comprising black pepper, black rose and black cedar wood. essence is sure to awaken the Ying and Yang in every beauty!''

Quattro eyeshadow - Bright vs. dark! The round eyeshadow palettes with a silky, soft texture come in two different versions: pink, peach, rosé gold and a light purple versus fuchsia, rosé gold, black and a dark purple. The perfectly aligned color combinations ensure plenty of different eye make-up styles. Available in 01 hello sweetheart and 02 once i was an angel. Around 2,79€*. 

Multi style eyeliner pen - Multi-facetted… the multi style eyeliner pen – equipped with a three-tip applicator – creates accurate looks and is ideal for eyeliner newbies with slightly shaky hands. For perfectly emphasized eyes that are sure to attract all the attention! Available in 01 once i was an angel. Around 2,99€*. 

Lipstick - Statement lips! The color-intense lipsticks in dark purple and bold fuchsia give your lips an expressive finish. The creamy texture and high coverage makes this lipstick so popular. Available in 01 it wasn’t me! and 02 caught in the middle. Around 2,29€*. 

Lipgloss - Sheer beauty… as a contrast to the intensive lipsticks, these two glosses bless your lips with softly shimmering rosé and peach. They provide a glossy finish with a hint of gorgeous color. Available in 01 hello sweetheart and 02 good girls wear peach. Around 1,99€*. 

Blush - Fresh cheeks! The bright peach blush has a creamy texture and a powdery finish that adapts to your skin perfectly. It provides a fresh look – even on cool winter days. Available in 01 good girls wear peach. Around 2,49€*. 

Shimmer powder - Good or bad? The powder with fine shimmer pigments ensures beautiful highlights as well as a flawless complexion. And thanks to the embossed “good girl bad girl” lettering, the powder a distinctive look, too. Available in 01 hello sweetheart. Around 2,99€. 

Nail polish - (In)conspicuous! Depending on the mood, all beauties can create either a subtle or an expressive nail style with these nail polishes. The six shades in the “good girl bad girl” color scheme each have a different effect. Porcelain, sugar pearl, metallic, snake, glitter and leather are sure to turn nails into a true style highlight! Available in 01 hello sweetheart, 02 good girls wear peach, 03 who am i?, 04 caught in the middle, 05 it wasn`t me! and 06 once I was an angel. Around 1,99€*. 

Effect top coat - On top… tiny tinsel particles can be brought to your nails with the two effect top coats in rosé gold and black. Simply apply a nail polish of your choice or just a base coat, add the effect top coat and your sparkling nail style is done! Available in 01 hello sweetheart and 02 once i was an angel. Around 1,99€*. 

Hair ties - Stars forever… the two stylish hair ties in pink and black each have a cute golden star as a gorgeous eye-catcher for your hair. Choose the light or darker color depending on your mood or combine the two! Available in 01 who am i?. Around 1,79€*. 

Like a bad girl fragrance - Rough girl… tough, confident and a little bit cheeky – this flowery, oriental and fruity fragrance is perfect for all bad girls! Black pepper, peach and powdered sugar in the top note provide a sweet, fruity touch. The middle note with black rose, freesia and jasmine is combined with a base note of black cedar wood, caramel and musk, which gives the fragrance depth. Ideal when your mood is carefree and wild; “like a bad girl” spreads a feeling of absolute freedom. Available in a 10 ml bottle, around. Around 2,99€*. 

Like a good girl fragrance - Sweetheart! Happy, helpful and bubbly like all good girls. This fragrance is flowery and powdery with a pleasant touch of musk. The subtle sparkling top note with bergamot, peach and white pepper unites with a middle note consisting of floral ingredients like freesia, lilly of the valley and white rose. With grey amber, white cedar wood and vanilla, the base note provides an aromatic character. “like a good girl” guarantees a great mood and a pure love of life. Available in a 10 ml bottle. Around 2,99€*. 

Essence “good girl bad girl” will be available in stores in November and December 2014.

This trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordanian, Qatar, Philippines, Nepal, Paraguay, Panama, Bolivia, and Chile.

*Recommended retail price. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Swatches: Beauty UK Nails

I got to swatch the new nail polish collection by Beauty UK called simply Nails. It's a collection of 21 nail polish shades and a clear top coat. 
''The new flagship nails collection boasts 22 statement shades of quick drying, long lasting, high gloss nail polish. 
This amazing all-round formula has been developed to offer the perfect balance of coverage, colour, shine and wearability. Each shade is easy to apply and delivers intense coverage that will last for days without fading or chipping.'' (Beauty UK
Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Beauty UK Nails

Black Out, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Black Out

Cherry Bomb, , 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Cherry Bomb

Coral Burst, 1 coat
Beauty UK Nails - Coral Burst

Daffofil Delight, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Daffodil Delight

Great Blue Beyond, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Great Blue Beyond

Lady Lavender, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Lady Lavender

Let's Hit the Peach, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Let's Hit the Peach

Pink Lemonade, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Pink Lemonade

Pink Pop, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Pink Pop

Pink You've Had Enough, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Pink You've Had Enough

Post Box Red, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Post Box Red

Pretty in Pink, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Pretty in Pink

Purple Pizazz, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Purple Pizazz

Red Royale, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Red Royale

Beauty UK Nails - Rouge Rendezvous
Rustic Rose, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Rustic Rose

Smoke Signal, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Smoke Signal

Tealed With a Kiss, 2 coats (stains!)
Beauty UK Nails - Tealed With a Kiss

Ultra Violet, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Ultra Violet

Under the Heather, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - Under the Heather

White Out, 2 coats
Beauty UK Nails - White Out

*Polishes were sent to me for swatching purposes.

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