Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy ...

We all wish each other a happy Christmas, New Year and who knows what else. Do we really care? I don't know anymore.
I'm miserable and there's nothing happy about the new year to me. Yes, I know... I have so many things to be grateful for, but I don't want to go through life being grateful for the stuff that already happened. I want to look forward to something. I don't see anything right now.

I want to sleep. And I can't.
I want to get as drunk as hell and forget about it. And I can't.

The worst things that can happen to me look so good right now. No wonder there's so much depression all over the world. And shooting in a mall in Finland. Well, there you have it.

Happy New Year.

Here are my new year's solutions:
*I'm gonna get fatter.
*I'm gonna get one year older.
*I'm gonna get my heart broken again.

Can't wait.

I'm really sorry if this post brings you down. It's just something I had to do. I do believe there are many people who feel the same way. You're not alone. Hang in there. This capitalistic animal is going to die soon anyway. ;)

Love you all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black & White on Red

Base: Risque Love
Patterns: WnW Black Creme, Color Club French Tip
Konad IP M7
Nailene Bedazzle Nail Art rhinestone

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Vixi...

Vixi is great! I love her art work and the fact she's a cat lover. Her art work is making life so much better for so many cats (she's raising money for the cats with selling her products).

Here is her blog called ''Creative Duck''.
And her Etsy store for all of you who wish to help the cats. There aren't a lot of products in store right now, 'cause she's been very busy. Hopefully there will be more in near future. =)

Vixi is also the one who drew this:

That's my T-shirt from the cat exhibition, remember? =)

Movie Review: The Countess

The Countess is a movie about the notorious Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory. She's well known for her crimes ... but less is known about her life.
I don't know if this move is historically relevant or not, but it does give us insight into her life. The beginning of the movie could be better but the story does get interesting enough to watch it until the end. What I like the most about this movie is the fact that Elizabeth isn't shown as a supernatural creature (like some Dracula movies). She's just a woman, who falls in love ... and hates getting old. I could relate to that. =)

This movie certainly isn't for anyone. I'd recommend it to all of you who like movies about historical people without all the ''super-interesting'' made up twists. It's a very watchable movie, but not excellent.

Thanks for looking!

Risque - Love

I think I'm in love with Love. What a gorgeous red creme! Completely opaque and smooth in one coat... WOW! The application is very easy, good brush, fast drying... I think this might be my new favorite red nail polish. It's even better than Zoya Alix (my previous fave classic red).
Get it if you can!!! Thank you Trinca-Espinhas, thank you so much for this one!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 28, 2009

RAOK from Trinca-Espinhas

Trinca-Espinhas from All About My Nails sent me something from Portugal. Check it out.

Risque nail polishes!!! I already have some shades that Tania sent me, but no dupes! Super excited about these... I also added English names.

Andreia nail polishes.

Carlo di Roma & Rimmel.

I also got limited edition Moonspell CD. If you don't know Moonspell - it's a metal band from Portugal I used to listen to all the time. And this CD has some of my favorite songs (Alma Mater, Vampiria). I also got crystal file with Swarovski ornament. WOW!

So, Trinca-Espinhas ... that's why you said my Christmas isn't over yet. =) Thank you so much! :*

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year with Essie Nail Polish

Still don't know what to wear on New Year's Eve? Here's a suggestion from Essie.

Click to make it bigger

If you're going to order polish from their website, use code ''FREESHIP40'' to get free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

Thanks for looking!

Guest nails: Essie - Swing Velvet

I'm not gonna change my mani today (hope it's gonna last until Monday). But do not despair, dear Readers! Here comes my rescuer - my sister with her Essie Swing Velvet manicure (2 coats with Seche Vite top coat).

And a note to the dice: I hate you! *gives evil eye* Don't ask. It's personal.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 25, 2009

My X-mas

I hope your 25th December was half as good as mine. More games and fun family time. =)

We don't usually give each other presents on X-mas, but my sis was very thoughtful.
She baked yummy cookies AND made the box (with serviette decoupage technique). How sweet is that?

I also got a jar ... This, again, is all my sister's work.

Love this detail. It reminds me of Donkey. =)

And look what's inside: tea!!! Yay!

My bigger sister is an angel. This is what I'd call true Christmas present. =) So, thank you, my little big sister! :*

Thanks for looking!

Chrome Petrol Flowers

Catrice Royal Petrol
Stargazer 232 Chrome
Konad IP M64

Do you have Raffaello where you live? It's the most delicious thing in the universe. It's basically an almond surrounded by a soft cream, wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut. I tell you, this is angel food. Me and my BF ate the whole box (well, not the box but what was inside) in a half an hour. Mmmmmm...

What are your favourite overpriced sweets?

Thanks for looking!

Men Are Like Wine...

... some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.

I've always had a thing for younger men (younger than me). Maybe that was a mistake. =)

John Malkovich - Oh, the times you've put me to sleep with your gorgeous voice... You were such a bastard in Dangerous Liaisons, but I like a good old bastard. You can cheat on me anytime!

Gary Oldman - Don't tell the others, but you're the most handsome of them all. Bite me on the neck and make me your bride. *omg I need help* =)))

Hugh Laurie - Kind of repulsive in Black Adder, wickedly attractive in House. No, it's not lupus or TB ... it's LOVE!

Alan Rickman - I wanna tango with you ... on a gas station.

Thank you for these wonderful men. They give me hope! =)

Which is your favourite ''older'' man?

P.S.: Andrea, Johnny Depp ISN'T old! =)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Are the people I love and my animals.

For the last 2 weeks my sister came home almost every evening with her little one. We gathered around the table and played cards and other table games. Today even my other sister joined. =) I like spending time with my family. I just think we could do it more often. This is my first wish.

My second wish is to have my lovely cats with me for as long as possible. I love them so much.

I hate to put some cats before others, but I think Aishila is an angel. She was so sick when she was little, I literally had to force-feed her. She visited a vet for the first time when she was as big as my palm. I didn't know if she's gonna make it or not.
Now she's always following me around. Drying my tears and keeping me warm... She even talks to me (and vice versa). Sometimes she slaps me when I walk by... =D

I don't mind growing to an old lady with cats. They rock!

Thanks for looking!

Breaking the Rules

To those who are celebrating - Merry Christmas! This day doesn't mean anything to me though. But I do like having a family dinner together with my family. =)

There's no ChG Ruby Pumps or Emerald Sparkle on my nails today. No. I'm breaking the rules. Here's a random Catrice nail polish from Royal Nights edition called Royal Petrol. It took 3 coats and it's kind of frosty. I don't like frosty polishes a lot. It's still very pretty though. What do you think? Should I ''X-mas'' it up?

BTW: If pope can have his midnight mass at 10 PM... I can have my petrol/teal Christmas mani. =))))

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No nails, just a fat kitty

Gaia is fat. She also has an attitude. And a fat tail. She thinks she's the Queen of everything. But she's not. Aishila (her sister) can beat her ass anytime. Still, Gaia wants to be worshiped.

''Yeah, adore me!''

I don't feel to good. Taking those little bitter pills, so I'll be better soon. Hopefully there'll be nails tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pssssst... It's back in stock!

A little nail polish fairy told me Nfu Oh #51 is back in stock at Fabuloustreet. Get it while you can (check out their site to see if they ship to your country).

And a little teaser... Nfu Oh 51 over black.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Studded Nails

I love studs! What about you?

Wet n Wild Black Creme + studs

I got these studs in online store Nail Art Plus. I can't find the link to the store right now (maybe it's out of business), but I DO NOT recommend you to buy there. It's very unreliable store and I waited for my package for over a month. I also heard some of the ladies never received their packages... You can find these studs in Dollar Nail Art store HERE. Don't know if this store is reliable, 'cause I never shopped here before.

Thanks for looking!

DIY Cuticle Oil

I guess you're using cuticle oil, right? If not, you should be using it. It's the best way to take care of dry cuticles and it's not expensive at all. You can buy it *or* you can do it yourself. Like I did.

You're gonna need:
* empty (nail polish) bottle
* acetone
* cosmetic oil (it can be almond, olive oil ... mine is almond make-up remover oil)

Empty your bottle on a piece of cardboard. Wait for the polish to dry and then throw it away.

Pour acetone in your empty bottle. You don't have to fill it all the way, half full is OK. Shake it, shake it, shake it ( a polaroid picture). =) Empty the bottle by pouring acetone on a cotton pad and wait for the bottle to dry.

Now we have clean and empty bottle. Fill it with your chosen oil once the bottle has dried.
Voila! There's your cuticle oil!

I also removed the original sticker. Here's another tip for you: DON'T use your nails to remove it. Believe me. =) Use tweezers or something similar. Nails aren't tools!
I'm such a smart ass... *rolls eyes* =)

And to answer my own question. I'm 25 years old. Some of you got it right, but I just didn't want to ruin it for the others. =) Thanks for playing!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Let's talk about movies... I guess you all heard about the Paranormal Activity.

Ever since I first saw the trailer for this movie, I've been dying to see it. It looked like I was finally gonna get my dose of scary. So I thought...

I watched it yesterday. Alone, in the evening (it ended a few minutes past midnight). My first impression: not impressed. Not impressed at all. Actually it's one of the most boring movies I've seen in a while. There's absolutely nothing interesting in the first half of the movie and the other half is rather funny than scary. It should be described as a ''bad relationship'' movie if you ask me. I got goose bumps, but it was from cold, unfortunately. =)

I *should* be scared after I see a movie about ghosts/demons, especially because I believe they really exist. Well, this one didn't scare me. Why do people say it's so good then? Can you help me figure this out? *scratches head*
I've been a LOT more scared by the Discovery Channel series called A Haunting.

Have you seen this movie? What do you think about it: scary, funny, good, bad...?

It's only gonna get 2 clip boards (out of 5) from me. I wouldn't recommend this one, unless you're easily amused. ;)

Thanks for looking!

Rainbow Mani

Oh, ''happy'' day! It's my B-Day. Don't get me wrong, I like birthdays ... Just not mine. I feel old.

What about a colorful mani to cheer me up? I always liked colors. I don't wear them a lot, but I like them very much.

I choose rainbow. Rainbows are magical, colorful and kind of gay (but that can also mean happy, so) ... =) Here are the polished I used:

And my manicure:

Not exactly what I wanted it to look, but I'll survive. Maybe.

EDIT: Now I remember why I don't like it. It reminds me of clowns. I hate clowns. They creep me out.

And a question for all of you, my dear Readers: How old do you think I am? For those of you, who know my age, please don't ruin my fun. =)

Thanks for looking!
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