Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ciate nail polish

When I first saw them, I knew I'll have to buy at least one. These nail polishes have the cutest bottles ever. Check it out:

Dangerous Affair & Superficial

Of course I tried them on immediately. I have to say - I'm in love! Polish applies so smoothly and it's very opaque. It's definitely worth 9 GBP per bottle, especially if you madly fall in love with certain color (like I have with Superficial). :)

Here is Dangerous Affair. Perfect medium red creme.

And Superficial. I just adore this color. The best teal I've ever seen.

Ciate website
EDIT: You can buy Ciate Paint Pots HERE


  1. kje se pa te lakce dobi?
    Superficial je res popoln <3

  2. Joj, jaz sem vedno zmedena in ne vem, ali naj pišem v ANG ali SLO :)))))))))) Bom kar v slo... Koliko pa je poštnina pri abcbeauty? A tistih 2,99funt je tudi za international?
    Tile Ciatkoti so tako kjut in Superficial je že dolgo na moji WL...

  3. Hm...tudi jaz. :) Raje vidim da v ANG, ker potem vsi vemo za kaj gre.

    I payed 2.99 GBP postage for two nail polishes. I think it's that much for every country. One thing I'm sure of is that you won't regret your purchase. ;)

  4. They are the most adorable bottles ever! Both shades are beautiful on you. Love that teal color.

  5. i bought both of these based on these gorgeous swatches, have linked to this page on my blog!


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