Thursday, July 30, 2009

My first frankenpolish - Forest Nymph

I have to admit: I love Dr. Frankenpolish. Amanda makes the most amazing frankenpolishes you can imagine. When I saw her post Jackie Green Jelly, I had to try it and make one myself. Mine didn't came out as gorgeous as her's did (didn't expect it to) but I still like it. And it matches my bag perfectly. :)

I used:
  • clear top coat by OPI
  • New York Summer Amaranth
  • OPI Black Onyx
I named my first frankenpolish ''Forest Nymph'' and this is what it looks like:

With my green bag:

Bonus photo: our ''Donkey style'' sitting chihuahua

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Waaa kako je lep tvoj kuzek! :) Ko se odselim si z dragim dobiva vsak svojo civavo. Jaz dolgodlako on kratkodlago. To pa zato, ker moja psicka ostane z mojimi starsi.. mi je ne bi dali za nic na svetu, ker ona je njihova 'puncka', geez.
    Drugace pa tale tvoj mix krasno pase na torbico, res lepo! ^^

  2. Hvala! Kar se pa civav tice, jaz se sama ne bi odlocila za to pasmo. :)) So mi prevec sitne. Hihihi

  3. Looks really beautiful!

    Frankening is so much fun, I love Amanda's blog as well. :)

  4. Thank you! I agree, Amanda is amazing!

  5. That is a beautiful green! I really love it. Green is my favorite color polish. Especially this shade. You did a terrific job of frankening. Do you ever read Jen does beautiful frankening also. Amanda is amazing also. She has many polishes I wished she could sell.

  6. I'll check that blog out. Thanks for compliments! :)


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