Friday, July 24, 2009

My nail shaping and care routine

Today I'm going to describe my nail shaping and care routine. With pictures, of course. Don't forget to click on photo to enlarge. ;) First I have to make sure all nails are just the right length - I clip them with nail clipper (item no. 1). When that's done, I use crystal nail file (item no. 2) and file them in desired shape. Once a month (never more than once a month!) I buffer the surface of nails with buffer file (item no. 3).

1) I use ordinary nail clipper. Well, this one is super cute (IMO) and was given to me by my boyfriend (who patiently puts up with my nail polish addiction).

2) I guess not all crystal files are equaly good. I've heard a lot of good things about Essie and OPI files. So these should be your first choice. Don't be as cheap ad I am, 'cause it lasts forever. ;) I bought mine at Head2Toe (and am quite satisfied with it).

3) There are a lot of different nail buffers. I use Essence 4 in 1 nail file. It's cheap and works great. Remember not to buff your nails too often! If you do that, your nails can become thin and weak.

Once my nails are ''perfectly'' shaped. I use nail cuticle remover. I NEVER trim or cut my cuticles. I invested in a brilliant nail cuticle remover made by Blue Cross and it's one of my favourite products for nail care - as it says on the bottle: quick, easy & safe. One drop of this liquid is enough to get rid of that nasty dried cuticles on your nails. I got it off Ebay and payed 14 € for 180 mL (with shipping charges). I think it will last for a couple of years. Love it! :)

For cuticles (that are not to be removed) I use almond oil. Usually at evenings an let it soak in. I use little eyeshadow brush to apply this oil. I don't like my fingers all greasy.

Good hand cream is also important for great looking hands and nails. These are my favourites and I even got a mini edition for my bag.

For even more beautiful nails - it takes a lot of love. :D

Thanks for looking!


  1. neglelakkmani/KarianneJuly 25, 2009 at 12:46 AM

    I love the color on the polish! Which one is it? Great blog! :D

  2. Thanks! This is Nails Inc Belgrave Place.

  3. Your the only other person I know that uses the Blue Cross cuticle remover! I bought mine from Head2Toe. I think it will last forever. It does a good job and also makes your skin very soft.


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