Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nail polish addict's must haves

Let's talk about must haves for every nail polish addict. These are mine:

1) BASE COAT - You absolutely need a good base coat. It should prevent your nails from stains (especially when wearing dark shades), fill ridges, harden and nourish nails. My favourite is Nailtek Foundation II. I never start my manicure without it.

- If you change nail polish daily (like I do), you'll need a fast drying top coat. My favourite is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I add it while nail polish is still wet and it dries my nails in approximately 20 minutes.

To refresh nail polish I use Essence Maximum Wear top coat.

3) POLISH THINNER - Let's be honest. Polish will get gloopy sooner or later. Seche Restore is a perfect liquid for that kind of problems. It really restores your polish with just a few drops. I simply cannot live without it. I thin my polish, base coat and top coat with this miracle.
This thinner contains toluene. If you want to keep your polish B3F this isn't the answer. There are other thinners that don't have toluene in them.

Which are your must haves?

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  1. Uau,.. :)
    Jaz pa imam kar od Essie Fill the Gap in Good to go. Nimam pa nobenega thinnerja, pa bi prav prisel ker sem na koncu z g2g in mi naredi takooo debele nohte..

  2. hontapocasgreen on muaJuly 26, 2009 at 8:06 PM

    I'm glad you noted that you wait 20 minutes for a fast-drying topcoat to do it's job. I think most people forget the topcoat is suppose to set before it's truly dry.

    My favorites are Orly Bonder basecoat, Orly Nail Armour as a ridge-filling basecoat, Orly Sec N Dry for a fast drying topcoat, Orly Glosser for a refresher, and Sally's Beauty Secrets Brand for thinner.

  3. Pri nas lahko kupis thinner od Mavale, ampak ga je zelo malo in cena je zasoljena. Pomaga pa vseeno. :)

  4. Yep, but once it's dry it is really DRY. You're ready to go.
    I guess you really like Orly. :) I only have nail polish.

  5. My must haves:
    - fast drying top coat - I love INM Ot The Door
    - base coat - I don't have a favourite one
    - glass nail file - Essie, Credo and ArtDeco are good
    - a lot of nail polish :))))))
    - ....

  6. I had Seche Vite but I found I had too much pull back from it. I know have Poshe and that works better. The problem is they both get so thick. You really have to have the thinner for them. Only their brand of thinner works with the topcoat. I don't know why. I'm also using Zoya's Ridge Filler. I've never tried NailTek. I've seen it do a nice job for making polishes matte.


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