Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stargazer Chrome 232 VS Maybelline Mirror Magic

Chrome nail polish is certainly the most wild nail polish you can imagine and I love it. I have both Stargazer no. 232 and Maybelline Mirror Magic, so I decided to compare them.

Stargazer bottle is just ugly, I know. It's supposed to be chrome ... but the paint starts to chip so fast. Mirror Magic includes Step 1 and Step 2.

SIZE: Stargazer 14 mL, Maybelline 2 x 7.5 mL
APPLICATION: I find it very hard to apply Stargazer Chrome nail polish over my usual base coat (Nailtek Foundation). Because of that, it has to be applied directly to the nail which isn't good if you have ridges. Maybelline has better brush than Stargazer and requires a two step manicure. Before coloring your nail with Step 2, you have to apply Step 1 - sheer white-ish liquid that evens your nail surface. This makes a good base for color.
AVAILABILITY: Stargazer can be found on Ebay or in Stargazer online store. It's much harder (especially for European girls) to find Maybelline Mirror Magic. I haven't seen it in stores but sometimes it can be found on Ebay. You just have to be lucky to find it.
FINISH: They are pretty similar, but Maybelline is maybe more chrome-y than Stargazer. Just a little bit more.

CONCLUSION: You get more for your money if you purchase Stargazer (size wise) and it's also easier to find. Maybelline is easier to apply, but both dry really quickly and finish is very similar. I can't tell you which one lasts longer. I guess none of them ... Chrome nail polish chips easily.

Can you see the difference?

What do you think about this kind of nail polish (chrome)? Do you own one? Do you like it?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Ista sta! :D

    Sicer pa se jih je dalo dobiti pri nas par let nazaj... vem ker jih ima sestra.. :)

  2. Ojla! :) Super tale postič :) Imam tale chrome od Maybelline ze nekaj let :P (1x probala). Tax je bila to neka limited edition, pa zdaj so očitno spet tu :) Definitivno si me navdušila, da si malo osvežim NOTD.

  3. Ja, precej podobna. Jaz ne bi opazila razlike med njima.
    Tega pa nisem vedela, da se jih je dalo dobiti tudi pri nas. Mogoče jih je pa še več ''out there'', kot sem mislila. :)

  4. Me veseli, da ti je všeč! :) No, niso sedaj spet tu, samo jaz sem ogromno let za kačami. Hihihi! Ti kar osveži NOTD, pa se priporočam za kake slike. ;)

  5. Hm v bistvu je Tamara moja sestra :P :) slikice pa bom postala verjetno kar na moj blog ;)

  6. I like the idea of chrome polishes and I also have the Maybelline one (it seems I had some luck finding it, because I found it on UK eBay with no problem quite some time ago). As I said, I like the idea, but not the end result in 99%, because this polishes show all the imperfections on the nails, even the ones you think they are not there. And that's what makes me crazy about this chrome finishes. I know you can buff your nails to perfection, but it's not worth it for me to thin my nails so much. I don't know...

    But if done properly, the base etc. The chrome look is really cool!!!

  7. I have to agree with you. This finish shows all the imperfections... I guess it's made for those girls with perfect nails. :D

  8. I love the chrome finish. So pretty and shiny. I don't have anything like this. My nails are far from perfect so this wouldn't look good on me.

  9. So are mine. This nail polish isn't very flattering. I use base coat (ridge filler) but you can still see the ridges.

  10. Hey

    I've had the maybelline a long time ago- i think it's almost 6 or 7 years now- i've still got the bottles but i've thrown the content away( the colour wasn't the same as i bought it, it turned into some really ugly layers and was imposible to remove- even with a lot of shaking) to use the bottles to use them to franken with- i think the main reason why this polish is so hard to find is, that this was released ages ago and they don't produce it anymore

  11. Thanks so much for doing this comparison. Really appreciate it!!!

  12. Thank you for allowing people to see the difference. I once had about 12 bottles of the silver Maybelline Mirror Image. I found it at odd-lot then the DOLLAR STORE and I purchased all they had. I truly loved it, but because of it's inability to get it I have now started wearing Stargazer. Maybelline has a better chrome finish, but it can never stay on longer than a day! But thank you for providing this information to us.

  13. Oh my god, FANTASTIC!

    I was doing my nails yesterday and thought I saw my reflection in them and that got me thinking... how awesome would it be if your nails could be little mirrors? That sucks if they've stopped making the Maybelline Mirror Image! And anyway, I wonder where in Finland I could ever find chrome nailpolish... :(

  14. I love it! I want one...

  15. I have a Sally Hansen polish that is a silver chrome finish. I believe it is the Hard as Nails Xtreme collection. It goes one smoothly over my base coat which is a 4-in-1 Sally Hansen nail treatment. I think it looks pretty well, and when I apply 2 coats of my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps clear polish as a top coat, it stays for about a week, which is how long I keep any polish on my fingers. It is also easy to find :)


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