Friday, August 7, 2009

Animal abusers and other scum

I'm really angry. Someone kicked my cat so hard she has a broken rib. What's the matter with people? Do they really have so many problems with themselves they have to take it out on helpless animals? Hope his/hers leg falls off!

The important thing is that Aishila will be fine.

Please, don't be quiet when you see animals being tortured or mistreated in any way. People who are violent to animals rarely stop there.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ja.. tudi mene to jezi! BLAZNO.
    Edini nacin, da postanem zares nasilna je ravno to.. nasilje nad zivalmi.
    Pobila bi te ljudi,...!!

    V glavnem res me jezi.....

  2. Točno vem kaj misliš. Ko gre za take ljudi popolnoma izgubim toleranco.

  3. Oh no, that's terrible! I hate people who are cruel to animals!

    It's good to hear that your cat will be ok.

  4. Thank you, Solveig! That's the most important to me. :)

  5. What kind of sick person could do such a thing to a cat? That really makes me angry. I hope someone kicks that person and breaks their rib! Hope Aishilia will soon be fine.

  6. I have to say she's getting better by the day. We were at the vets today and he said, she'll be fine soon. Thanks!


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People Who Are Violent to Animals ... Rarely Stop There