Friday, August 28, 2009

Black & White (with Kitties)

I got my kitty earrings a few days ago. I had to match the manicure with them. Of course. :) Today I went all black & white, all the way.

Base color: Color Club Where's the Soiree (creme black)
Pattern color: Color Club French Tip (konad IP M73)

With my earrings. These are childish, but I love them anyway.

I've had black/white cats for as long as I can remember. I guess it runs in our kitten family. :) This is Aishila who's all better now and is already slapping our chihuahuas.

And this is Lordi. He's not with us anymore... He was a great cat.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Kot vedno lepa Konadikura (ali kako že ;)). Uhančki so zakon. Kje si jih pa dobila/kupila?

  2. Hvala, Goga! Uhani so z Ebaya. Vedno pozabim napisat... :)

  3. Such cute kitties, both your lovely cats and the earrings. :)

  4. So cuuutee! So are the kitties :)

  5. Ohhh krasni uhani! Obozujem vse nenavadne reci in tvoji uhani spadajo med njih..

  6. Yeah, my cats are the best. :)

  7. :) Tudi meni so se prikupili takoj, ko sem jih zagledala. Ko me je k nakupu spodbudil še fant, sem vedela, da je to to. :)

  8. Hey hun ur nailz amazinggggg i love all your art its so pretty..

  9. I love this manicure ! and your cat is so cute hehe
    you can visite my nail-art french blog if you want !

  10. Thanks! I already added your blog to my blogroll. ;) You have beautiful nails and you do some wicked nail art too!

  11. Love that manicure. I also love the earrings. I like the style of the cat. Sort of looks like a beatnick cat. I adore black and white cats. I've always had black and whites.


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