Sunday, August 16, 2009

Corset Manicure Tutorial

I LOVE corsets. They look and feel so good. Let us praise these wonderful victorian torturing devices.

Want to have nails like these:

That's a piece of cake. Here's a tutorial:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh thats so cute :D And very creative :)

  2. Uuu zelo zelo lepo! Sem videla da imas man glaze lakec, vsecno!
    In to da uporabis barvico kot dotter je SUPER ideja!

    Moram probati design, toda bo potrebno pogruntat kombinacijo s srebrnimi vezalkami, ker nimam crnega nail art lakca..

  3. Hvala, Tamara! Kombinacij je neš treba imeti ravno črnih vezalk. :)

  4. Is your dotting tool just a pencil? That's brilliant and so much cheaper. :D

  5. Love the corset design. I think your art work on the nails is very impressive. I'm glad you have a tutorial on You Tube,

  6. Yes, just a simple color pencil. :)

  7. that was so nice ! I tryed it self! , cheak it out !


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