Monday, August 24, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics

Woooohoooo! I got mail!! I was really surprised to see that I got this package from BoozyShop. I ordered last thursday so the shipping is super fast. Actually, it's the fastest shipping ever. :) Because of that, I have to give BoozyShop some extra points.

Apart from that, I think they are the only store that carries Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes in Europe. And their customer service is beyond words. I can't say anything else, but to recommend it to all of EU girls. Click HERE to see their online store.

P.S.: They will also get new DC matte nail polishes in the begining of september. Yay!!

This was my first purchase of Diamond Cosmetics polishes. That's why I only ordered two shades (my lemmings from the first time I saw them).

Oh, Tiff on the left & Don't Teal My Heart Away on right:

Although I loved my previous manicure, it had to go. :) I decided to give Oh, Tiff a try. It's a three coater (thin coats) and I like it. Very much!

You can see shimmer here:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi. I placed an order on that site, but it's so complicated to me. I don't understand a word of what's there.

    I'll pay my order using banc transfer. Do you know how it works? Do I have to put there my order number?


  2. Hey, Tania! I don't understand dutch either. You can always contact them and let them know what you'd like to purchase via e-mail, like I did. They sent me invoice and I payed with PayPal, because it's safe and easy. I don't know how does the bank transfer work. If there is anything else I can help you with, let me know. There's my email above the doll picture. :)

  3. That's such a beautiful polish color. I love Diamond Cosmetics. Very cheap but very nice polishes. A big variety of color. I order a load of them. Your nails are so beautiful.


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