Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm sad.

My heart aches. I don't know why. This depression is killing me sometimes. I don't want your simpathy, dear reader. I don't want anything... I'm just writing it, because I've heard that it helps from time to time. I found out that when I'm down, that's when I have my ''creative'' moments.

Which reminds me: I made this drawing of a postcard whilst talking to my sister and crying my eyes out. The dark times of summer 2007 ...

Maybe I should go sit under umbrella for a while. I'll soon be all better...I just have to turn on my sarcasm. And you, dear reader, you will know better for the next time - to avoid this kind of posts. I know it's ''unprofessional'' of me to write this junk (I know you're all expecting nail polish pics, right), but I'm a very emotinal girl. So don't take it to hard on me, OK? OK.

Now I'm done. Fortes fortuna adiuvat.


  1. ((((((Nihrida)))))) I know what its like to deal with an inexplicable inner turmoil. I wish you all the strength and SARCASM =P it takes to overcome your gloom =). Yes I admit i started coming to your site for your manicure creations, your creative side is genius. But I also enjoy and appreciate when bloggers open up and let us into part of their daily lives. Sooo, just wanted you to know, you are in my thoughts, I'm just a stranger from Ca. but I'm wishing you well. =) Hang in there. Stacie/HotWheelHunnie

  2. Sometimes its good just to get some stuff out.. and this is your blog so you are free to express whatever you like.. Its your playground :)

  3. j'adore nihrida ♥

  4. You are free to express yourself anyway you want. And we (your readers) will always *listen* no matter what you have to say. Just because we <3 you!!!!!!!!! ((((((((HUG))))))))) I have days like this too, remember my grey polish with clouds from MUA yesterday!
    The same way you cheered me up. I am here to lend an ear! =D

  5. I am also a stranger from California, but I choose to read your blog not just because you feature great nail polish but because of the personality behind the posts. Sometimes it is necessary to throw your sorrow out to the universe so it can be sorted out.

    I wish you weren't feeling so challenged right now-- but you have lots of good energy going your way from all over the world. hugs, Cat

  6. painted Lady fingersSeptember 1, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    Lots of love, sweetie. You are not responsible to be cheery all the time. It's healthy to express your emotions in safe ways that are healing to you. Wishing you peace.

  7. 1, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    You have talent, this design is sublime :)

  8. MA kaksna neprofesionalnost! To je tvoj blog, na njemu lahko pises kar hoces! :)
    Depresija pride in gre.. custvenost je ena taka hudo zasledujoca stvar, sploh ko je v krogu PMS.. :(

  9. THANK YOU!!! I'm feeling better already. LOVE YOU! <3

  10. Hej,
    depresija je ena taka zelo težka beseda, včasih jo zelo radi pripišemo vsem stvarem, samo da se nam ne bi bilo treba ukvarjati z razlogi. Sem tudi sama zelo občutljiva in mi najbolje pomaga pogled na stvar z drugega zornega kota + početje stvari, ki jih obožujem, dve uri samo zase ipd. Se mi zdi, da je to ustvarjanje zate. Poskusi najti načine, da sama sebe razvedriš, kar ne bi smel biti problem, glede na to koliko hobijev in ljubečih živalic imaš. ;)
    Super slikice, pravi umetnik si. :)

  11. GS, sem zelo hvaležna za spodbudne besede. Vseeno pa je potrebno biti pri dajanju nasvetov malo bolj previden. Pri ljudeh s potrjeno diagnozo depresije lahko nasveti v stilu ''delaj kar te veseli, razvedri se...'' vodijo v občutek, da so sami krivi za svojo bolezen. Odkar sem izvedela za svojo diagnozo se trudim da bi destigmatizirala to bolezen in razbila neke tabuje, pa tudi stereotipe...mogoče bi to pomagalo nekomu in zame šteje vsak posameznik. :)
    Hvala še enkrat za spodbudo in pohvalo! :*

  12. Le tako naprej! Ker res pomaga. Jaz sem ravno po tem, ko sem videla (brala), kako si si ti pomagala, poiskala pomoč in ni mi žal! Pa še po tvojem zledu sem obudila svojo strast še iz otroških dni - lakiranje in zbiranje lakcev!
    ps: super blog! ful hitro napreduješ! meni naj je pikapoka II.

  13. Gea, ljubica moja!!! Kje si?! Ravno danes sem se spomnila nate, ker že dolgo ni bilo nič slišati od tebe. :) Res sem vesela, da si se oglasila in še bolj sem vesela, ker si bolje. In hvala!!! :* ((hug))

  14. Sweetie this is your blog. You may write whatever you wish. We don't have to stay or read it. I prefer to stay. I just don't care about nails. I care about the person behind the nails. Besides I like a mix of life and nails. I'm very sorry your feeling depressed. Are you on any medication? Sometimes we need the medicine because there's an imbalance. I take medication for depression. There are times not even that will work. You should write all your feelings out. It's a good idea. You have many people here who care about you and send you their love. Your drawing is amazing. Your very talented. Sending you many (((hugs))) and love. Feel better.

  15. Thank you, Lucy! Yes, I'm on medication and I agree with everything you wrote. (((hugs)))


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