Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you're interested in different Konad combinations, here's a little video I put together (containing pictures only):

EDIT: Here's a list of nail polishes I used for Konad patterns in the video:

* Color Club - Where's the Soiree (black creme)
* Essence - French Manicure (white creme)
* Stargazer - Chrome 232 (silver chrome)
* China Glaze - OMG! (silver holographic)
* Konad - Special Princess Polish in Chic Blue (blue creme)
* China Glaze - Awaken (grey shimmer)
* Misa - Dirty Sexy Money (green creme)
* Color Club - What a Drag (silver glitter)
* Color Club - Revvvolution (dark grey holographic)
* Maybelline - Ultra Lasting in Nude Mauve (mauve creme)
* ManGlaze - Fuggen Ugly Grey (grey matte)
* Color Club - French Tip (white creme)

Thanks for looking!


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