Friday, August 14, 2009

Nail foil Tutorial

I decided to make a nail foil tutorial. Here's a foil I used in the video: Black Marble. It's definitely one of my favorites - it looks great and it's very easy to apply.

How to achieve this look? You can see it in this video below.

Thanks for looking!


  1. krasno! in zelo uporaben filmček - izgleda bolj zakomplicirano

  2. that is so dope! i can't wait to try it!! thanks so much for doing these fun tutorials. i love painting my nails but i get a tad bored sometimes doing the same thing over and over haha. where do you get the supplies for it?

  3. Thanks! Try goggle search ''nail foil'' you should find something there. The shop I purchased my supplies in isn't reliable (Nail Art Plus).

  4. What's the durability like on foil? I imagine it's easily chipped. This looks awesome by the way!! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I'm definitely going to look into doing this on my nails.

  5. I did a nail foil test a while ago. Check my previous posts.


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