Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peacock Earrings

Look what I got today!! Peacock earrings. Now I'll be all peacock-y. :D They look terrific in real life. I don't care if they are ''over the top'', I love them.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those look great. Where did you buy them? I think I saw them somewhere, but cannot remember where.

  2. I got them on Ebay. I saw a necklace with peacock feather in local clothing store too, but it was just ugly. :)

  3. They are so cool!

    But don't they tickle your shoulders a lot? I think I'd go crazy from that. *lol*

  4. :) They don't tickle at all. They look kind of rough but are in fact very light and soft. I forgot I was wearing them after 5 minutes.

  5. Ah, that's good. :)

    They look great, I love big earrings like that.

  6. How pretty the peacock feathers are! I used to have several earrings with feathers on them. I loved them but gave them away to a younger cousin. They look very pretty on you.

  7. Doenst it tickle when it touch ur shoulders? :D

  8. These are so soft I can barely feel they're there. ;)


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