Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chocolate Lace

Yep, that looks much better. :)) I could do the stamping with more precision, but who cares. :)

Base color: Essence Creamylicious LE - Chocolate Shake
Pattern color: Color Club - Where's the Soiree
Konad image plate M73

I even found my old lace fingerless gloves... and there's my second tattoo...

BUUUUU!!! Mua-ha-ha... Sorry, but I don't have any make up on. Except for the mascara since yesterday. *blushes* I know that's a no-no, but I was sooooooo tired in the evening.

I have to check if any of my screws got loose... I know.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That's such a cute mani! And what an adorable picture of you! Love those gloves!

  2. That's such a cute mani! And what an adorable picture of you! Love those gloves!

  3. Gorgeous! Again you are so creative :))

  4. Lovely pictures. I love the look!
    But where do you buy your Essence polishes? I haven't found an online shop anywhere yet.

  5. Thanks, Regine! I think that Essence nail polishes are only sold in EU. I could be wrong though.

  6. Evil Angel (aka missnono)September 20, 2009 at 9:35 PM

    Love the glovelette and one more thing we have in common...tattoed wrist. LOL You are beautiful even without makeup!

  7. I made the glove myself. :) Thanks, my dark lady!

  8. Lovely especially with the lace Konad, and oh! SO freaking perfect with the lace glove!

  9. Your nails look beautiful. I love that design. That's amazing that you made your gloves. They are adorable. Do you make all your accessories and clothes. I also love that shade of polish. Looks like chocolate milk. Your picture is adorable.

  10. Thank you! I used to make my acessories and some clothes, but now I'm too lazy. :)


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