Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frankenpolish - Belgrave Amaranth

Hello again, my dear readers! I decided to get rid of my bloody manicure and go for something green-ish. This is the second frankenpolish I made, for which I used NY Summer Amaranth and Nails Inc Belgrave Place. Don't ask me how much of which, 'cause I forgot. I call this ''frankie'' Belgrave Amaranth.

Here's also a bonus for flower lovers. My mother's Pansy (Viola tricolor hortensis).

Thanks for looking!


  1. i love this colour u did a great job its gorjuz
    and i love ur flowers soo pretty =D

  2. Great franky! Love it!

  3. Thanks! My mom will be very happy to hear about the flowers. :)

  4. Great colour! Really unique.

  5. That is a seriously gorgeous teal. I have such a weakness for anything within this color range!

  6. 4, 2009 at 11:37 AM

    What a beautiful color, I have not as yet, your nails look like stone and jade

  7. I love pansies, they're so sweet looking. I've never seen one in that color. When I had a small garden I had loads of pansies in it. That's a lovely franken. Love the color. It does look like a beautiful piece of jade.


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