Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pink ''Joy'' (not working)

Maestra from Parokeets also sent me this little one in her RAOK. It's pink and it's shimmery. Not my cup of tea, but still I feel something for it - I present Vollare Joy nail polish no. 71.

I wanted to tone it down a bit, so I added Konad. What a surprise! Again, this one is made with my favourite black nail polish for Konading (Color Club - Where's the Soiree) and image plate M63.

My MU has to match, of course. I used my Coastal Scents 88 pallette and brushes.

Here it is: I admit I picked ''joy'' nail polish to make me feel better. I really feel like CRAP for the past two days. Crying, smiling...crying again. Yes, I'm very unstable. The polish didn't help, nor did the MU. This picture shows how bad it is. No colors at all!!! And I usually love them.

F*ck it all and thanks for looking!


  1. Those nais are super cute, and I love how your makeup matches!

  2. Girl, those nails are H.O.T!!!
    and i LOVE the makeup!

    I have certainly been where you are and I hope things look brighter soon.

    {{{HUGE HUG}}}

  3. Thank you very much! :)

  4. Oh my! Really? :) Well, I know I'll be better, I just can't see the light at the end of this tunnel right now. Thank you so much for your support!
    (((hugs))) :*

  5. I love matching nails and MU. It's wonderful!
    I hope you'll be better soon...*thinking of you*

  6. awww give it time, things will workout, it's a sure thing! love the nails +makeup! i have to try that with my 88 palette!

  7. kot ponavadi lepo, konade obvladaš! :)
    ne sekiraj se, vsi imamo grozne dneve. trenutno tudi zame ni najlepše obdobje, se probam tolažiti, da bo bolje. :S
    pošiljam ti veliko pozitivne energije, drži se*

  8. Thanks, Nati! ((hugs))

  9. Hey, Crystal! Can't wait to see this MU on your eyes. I'm sure it'll look smashing! :)

  10. A resno? *zardevam* Hvala, *S*! Upam, da se bova v najkrajšem času obe bolje počutili. Tudi jaz ti pošiljam pozitivne vibracije. :)

  11. Now I see. Joy polish really isn't your cup of tea, but I still like it on you. ;) I admit with Konad it's even better and almost perfect. It's perfect in your next post. :D
    The matching MU is beautiful!
    I hope you'll be better soon. I'm thinking of you and sending you a BIG hug!

  12. Love your eye makeup and the Konad. Very pretty. I really like it matted best. Have you talked to a doctor about how your feeling? You may have some kind of imbalance. I know it's easy to pop a pill to feel better but they really do work. I take medication for depression. I used to take the three the doctor prescribed but then I just tried two. Now I use one because I found out more medication just closed off my emotions. I like to be able to feel some sadness. Hope you feel better sweetie. (((hugs)))

  13. hi ! beautiful konadicure again !!! I love your blog, so I have taggued you on mine, come see it ^^ !!

  14. Thank you, Lucy! I talk to my doctor about my mood swings... It's just hard to get the right dose. Your comments make me feel better... I think you know what it's about. Thanks for your support! :***


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