Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cat Exhibition

I was very busy yesterday. That's why I didn't post anything. But I'll make it up to you today. :)

I went to Celje to see the Cat Exhibition. As you all know, I love cats. I have to admit I was always sceptic about this kinds of exhibitions. I'm sure the cats aren't enjoying it... Well, I went anyway because my boyfriend (also a cat lover) wanted us to go. Some cats really looked like they didn't mind being there - they were just chilling. But on the other hand, I heard that some of the owners give the cats tranquilizers to be calmer. Not a fan of that! I don't want to judge or anything, but the wellfare of the animals should be the most important thing.

I don't think I'll join this kind of event soon, but I did see a lot of beautiful cats. I wanted to take pictures for you, but the lighting was too bad and I didn't want to scare animals with flash.

I got to see all of my favourite breeds:

photo by Saving Space

photo by Jaedde & Sis

photo by jules_lechat

photo by zamady

There was also a booth by Cat House (please, click link to read more about Cat House). I bought myself one cute t-shirt which literally says: ''Love has hairy ears''. :) How cute is that? And the printed painting... Wonderful!

I also got one ''kicker'' for my cats. It basically a pouch filled with catnip. Nordi liked it so much, he used it as a sleeping buddy. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. WoW! All cats are beautiful and very careful in tight places:) I also have a cat. I greet ;)

  2. I love cat shows! I haven't been to one in ages (unfortunately my BF isn't the biggest cat fan...) but the last one I went to had Bengals (so cute) and Norweigan Forest Cats, which are HUGE!
    I agree about the welfare thing, I would never take my kitties to one, but if it's just a couple of days a year I don't think it would be too hard on them. Tranquilisers though, that's a bit much...

  3. :) Another cat lover! :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. There were a couple of Norwegian Forest cats at this show also. I think you'd also like Maine Coon cats. These are even bigger than Norwegian ones. :) I saw a LOT of them yesterday. :)

  5. OMG, I can't believe how beautiful cats... I simply love them :)

  6. Hi Nihrida !
    Long time ago, I went to Cat exhibitions but i don't like it very much as you for the same reasons...but it's a nice place to see lot of beautifuls cats, and some owners pamper their cats very well.

    I've got a Chartreux here and 2 Maine Coons ^^ I also love Birman and Norvegian Forest cats.

  7. Hi, Celine! :) You're so lucky. I want your chartreux and my boyfriend would love to have maine coon. :) Be careful if you ever see us. LOL
    I went to see your blog immediately *seeking cat pictures*

  8. That picture of the British Shorthair is so cute! We have 2 black Persians, brother and sister. Nordi looks like he's very content with his gift :)

  9. I adore cats.

    I feel better with them than I've ever felt with human beings. I've never gone to a cat exhibit - mostly because I have an idea at how they threat cats here and that wouldn't please me.

    I feel weird looking at them on the pics. I lost my dear cat a bit more than 3 months ago, she was 7 years old gorgeous grey and long haired little lady. I had an intense relationship to her, something I don't expect to find again with anyone. She vanished on july 3rd and never came back. I haven't seen her ever since. I've passed the strangest summer spending all of my spare time searching for her, calling for her everywhere, even cancelling my vacation. She appears in my dreams almost every night. I dream that she come back.

    I don't know why I'm telling you this. Probably because I bottle up how I feel about that. Nice blog Nihrida, by the way. I'm a reader since the beginning but never made a comment and said hello. Here's a done thing. :)

  10. How nice! :) I like cats too :) But since we got a dog I realized dogs are much more fun :P :) I'm not a fan of such shows because just immagine how stressful is that of animals :/ But I hope you enjoyed it ;) I want that shirt too! :D

  11. So many cute cats! I would love to get a Ragdoll if I ever were to get a purebred cat. Right now we have a longhaired mix called Gizmo.

    And Nordi looks so cute with his little teddy bear! :D

  12. Awwwww... so cute... I LOVE cats! I've never been to a cat exhibition before. I went to see a cat competition at Perth Royal Show last year, that was a disappointment as all the cats were in cages and we couldn't see them closely.

    I've seen 2 of my cats gave birth many years ago. Quite amusing (and shocking) experience. The kittens were soooooo tiny and cute. :D Sadly
    I don't have cats at the moment as I'm still in-between countries.

  13. Persians are also very cute. I like their little noses. :) Nordi is happy! :DDD

  14. I agree with you. I'd never put my cats in this situation. That's why I probably won't go to cat exhibitions again. I'm really sorry to hear that your cat is missing. I hope she will come back to you. I know what you're feeling, I got through that a couple of times too. I also have nightmares about Aishila getting ran over by a car... She's the little one and I'm terribly worried for her.
    I'm sending you good vibes and hoping you'll get your cat back.
    Thanks for taking your time to write comment.

  15. We've had cats and dogs ever since I was young. I love all animals, but I click with cats. :) I think they are a lot like me. There is soon going to be online shop on Macja Hisa website. Check it out and get yourself a t-shirt. It's for a good cause. :)

  16. Your cat looks gorgeous. My BF said it's just like a maine coon. :)

  17. Oh my! I've seen my cat give birth too! She wanted me to be with her when she had her first kitten. I wanted to go away, but she kept following me, so I kneeled beside her ''nest'' and waited until the first one came to the world. It was amazing experience. Especially 'cause she wanted me there. Cats rule! :)

  18. I also refuse myself on going into that type of shows. I think is purely an animal vanity fair. I also hate to see animals selling in the shoping centres. Where do they come from? Where they well treated before they went to the store??
    Although it's a place where you can see beautiful, beautiful animals...

  19. I think you are so right. The only thing I really liked there was a booth by Cat House. They really make a difference...

  20. Some people find it ridiculous to feel so much sorrow and pain for "just a cat" but those who say that have never lived the beautiful moments cat lovers know. Thank you for your warm wishes and the good vibes. I send you the same for your little Aishila (young cats are so adventurous!).

  21. First, I love the legend of the Birman cat. I have two cats, a lynx point and a seal point with a bicolor ragdoll pattern. I can't call her a true ragdoll since her paternity is unknow. She was a rescue from a hording situation of a large family of inbread cats. Even though she has the coat pattern and the blue eyes she's half the size of a normal female. But she is sweet natured and playful and warms my heart every time I look at her. My lynx point is in love with my husband.

  22. I love cats! Nordi is having the sweetest dreams I'm sure. I'm going to PM you a video on MUA of my kitty and his cat nip pillow. You'll be busting up laughing!

  23. He's not that big, but his fur is very thick! :D

    Thank you!

  24. I'd love to see a cat show. I used to have cats while growing up. I don't have any now since it costs too much to have them. In my apartment it cost an extra $25 a month to have animals. I love the Ragdoll cat!

  25. Kindred spirits! :) I put the cat in the box layered with blankets, she kept on meowing everytime I went away, so I stayed and saw her gave birth to all her litters. My mum said normally they wanted you to go away before giving birth, so yeah, it was a wonderful priviledge. :)


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