Thursday, October 1, 2009

LA Girl Disco Brites - Hustle

LA Girl Disco Brites in Hustle is what I wanted LA Girl in Bedazzle to be like. It's perfect, sort of electric shade of purple. I adore this one. Application was PITA so I added a couple drops of Seche Restore (that helped a lot). 3 coats are needed.

I drank a glass of freshly pressed grape juice. It's GOOOOOOD! :)) Here's a toast to you all!

Thanks for looking!


  1. nice blurple mani!
    does this collection have neon colors in it?

  2. That is a really pretty color!

  3. I wouldn't call them neon. These are just vibrant colors that glow under black light.

  4. Love this color!

  5. I do to! Thanks! :)

  6. Love this color...are these not a good formula? i haven't tried these out yet, but would like to

  7. That must be really delicious grape juice. Fruit juice taste amazing went it's fresh. I can't wait to have apple cider from the farms. It's the season when they start pressing it.

  8. i have this color, and it's most stunning purple on earth but drying is hell even with seche vite

  9. Hi! I am writing from Brazil to say Hustle is one of the most pretty nail polish! By the way, I love this whole collection of L. A. Girls! And the Hustle is the color I chose to go to the U2 concert this weekend!

    See U!



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