Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegetarians are cool!

I'm so very disappointed in humans. All of us, including myself. That's one of the reasons why I'm going to be a vegetarian for a month.

If you wanna join me, you can pledge to be vegetarian
HERE. If not for the animals sake, you can do it for yours. Why would you do that? I'm glad you asked. If you don't want to watch Peta movie, here are the main points.

1. Eating meat causes heart diseases.
2. Eating meat makes you fat.
3. Animal suffering.

4. It's violence we can stop.
5. No one should make a living by killing.
6. No animal deserves to die for our tastebuds.
7. Eating fish doesn't make you a vegetarian.

8. Because you know this is wrong.

I'm sick and tired of us only talking and not doing anything. This is going to be hard for me, because I'm used to eat quite a lot of meat. But I'm willing to do this - what's 30 days without meat compared to losing life for a steak?

Don't feel obliged to participate. I just wanted to spread the word.

EDIT: I don't want to cause an internationall incident with this post. :) I should probably tell you, why I decided to post this in the first place. Here it goes:
Here in Slovenia, there's a reality show called ''The Farm (Kmetija)''. They pick a group of people, who have to live on a very very small farm and do all the chores that farmers did few decades ago. They also slaughter a little pig and I was furious by the hypocrisy, bad manners, disrespect ... they did it with. It's hard to really describe my feelings. First of all, I don't think there should be animal torturing of any kind in reality shows. And second - It was all just WRONG! And it made me really pis*ed off! That's it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. i consider myself to be a flexitarian- one who eats meat products on occasion, but doesn't completely remove them from one's diet. i was never big on eating meats- but i do have to say that i love me some bacon : )
    i could go without meat for thirty days,no biggie.

    p.s. i happen to know some vegetarians who a a bit overweight.

  2. Evil Angel (aka missnono)October 23, 2009 at 11:03 PM

    I love that you want to commit yourself to this and that you have such passion for animals.
    However growing up on a Reservation and then moving out into regular society, I do not believe that meat makes you fat or is unhealthy. Processing, over eating and inactivity do make one fat. I come from people who respect All life and no one above another. It's the excess and waste that is apauling to me. Kill only what you need and leave no waste or remains is Blackfoot tradition. We use every part of any animal hunted for food. I guess my culture makes vegan lifestyle impossible.

    On a side note there are some health conditions that do require people to eat meat. A dear friend had gained 50+ pounds and they thought she had Lupis until a very wise Doctor noticed that she was a strict Vegiterian. He wrote her a prescription...One 4 oz. piece of lean meat daily. Her health issues totaly disapeared as did the excess weight.
    My Husband is Diabetic and requires so much protein to regulate his blood sugars that meat is needed.

    I love you and I share your love of animals and I respect them, they are spiritual beings. But PETA is a bit extreme and not always totally factual. So please research outside of PETA to gain the full view and information. For the sake of your own health and wellbeing.


  3. I never heard of flexitarians before. :)))

    P.S.: Those are Peta's facts. I haven't done any research in peoples weight. :) But I have to agree... Many things can make you fat, not only eating meat.

  4. Evil angel, please look at the P.S. line in the comment I made above. I understand people need to eat. That's OK with me. I just find the way of killing animals, the way people treat them unworthy. Person who kills animal to survive, will not waste anything. I'm bothered with gluttony and lack of appreciation.

    About diseases and proteins: there is no study I've heard of that showed vegetarian lifestyle leads to illness. You can't just live on bread and salads...There are a lot of tasty vegeterian meals - let me just mention the ones with soya (a lot of proteins in that).

    I'm proud of being a part of Peta. That doesn't mean that I have to, neither that I do agree with everything they say or do. I have my own opinion, but I WILL defend it at all costs. Those points were taken from Peta movie not my head. Your last two sentences made me feel like I'm stupid in your eyes for thinking like that. Noone needs to patronize me... I'm old enough and not that dumb. I think my view is wider than you think.

  5. Evil Angel (aka missnono)October 23, 2009 at 11:43 PM

    I'm sorry hun, It was not meant at all to be patronizing nor would I ever think you are in the least bit stupid. I just worry about those I care about and I want them safe and healthy.

    My friends health issue was not caused by being vegan it was due to her body having difficulty breaking down certain proteins so she was not absorbing any protein. Meat was simply an easier protein fro her body to absorb.

    I do feel a bit defensive when it comes to PETA only because they call my spiritual beliefs wrong and savage. As a Native American I do get a little defensive with some of what I feel are onesided veiws that perpetuate a stereotype that is very unjust.

    So Hugs and I love you to pieces and I am sorry, I should be more careful in how I phrase things! Open mouth insert foot! :(

  6. Well, you're just as defensive about your way of thinking as I am. It bound to happen when two people like us get together. :)
    There is a lot of illnes in my family caused by too much meat: heart diseases, high pressure and other (I don't know ENG words for them).

    You need to understand Peta and not take it so literally. They HAVE to be consistent about their ''rules''. How would it sound like if they said: ''Well, it's OK for you to kill a chicken (or fish), but it's wrong to kill a cow (or your dog).'' I keep that in mind. I am a follower of my own principles and I respect your culture. I don't share the same view on that as Peta.

    For you to understand, I'll edit my post and tell you why I posted this in the first place.

    Don't be sorry. We both told our minds. Don't let anyone to shut you up! ((hugs))

  7. I'm, vegetarian for almost ten years now, I think, and I feel good. And I am really intersted in how will you feel after a month of being vegetarian :)

  8. go Nihrida! here are some more reasons to go veg:

  9. I've done this before. I pledged to be vegetarian for 30 days last year. :) I felt OK and if I lived by myself (and cooked for myself) I'd probably be a veg for even longer.

  10. Now that's a load of reasons. :) Thank you for your support! :*

  11. Ah ja, pustimo kmetijo.. ne gledam, me ne zanima, tudi koline se mi ne zdijo OK..

    Ampak ribe? Ribe so zdrave, in to zelo..
    Bi se ti pridruzila, ampak ne zmorem ziveti brez rib, skoljk...
    Plus mislim, da bi kmalu umrla ker bi mi primanjkovalo kalcija (nic mleka?), beljakovin, ipd...

  12. Ribe so zame živali in pravi vegetarijanci jih ne jedo. Tko je to. Mleko bom jedla/pila, jajca tudi, ker ne nameravam biti vegan za 30 dni, ampak vegetarijanec.

  13. All the best for your 30days program! :) I read somewhere that women are "built" to eat more veg while men are built to eat more red meat. To me it's more of a personal preference, not belief.

    I'm probably in the flexitarian category. I love lots of veggies and I don't eat red meat, they smell revolting to my nose - no offense to anyone, it's just personal preference. Apart from vegs I eat eggs, cheese, chicken, certain type of white fish (the ones that don't smell very fishy), and I love crabs.

  14. Thanks, Music! I love vegetables, so it's not a problem to eat them. :) I know some people who don't eat meat because they don't like the taste. I think that's normal. Not all people like brocoli...why not meat? :)

  15. I applaud your efforts and hope that you love it and maybe can stick to a meat free or limited meat lifestyle after your 30 days! I am already vegan. I have been taking the meat free pledge now for over 7 years (last 5 of which vegan) and I don't plan on going back. I hope you inspire others to do the pledge as well. I hope that your readers try to do a week or at least one meat free day for you! Best of luck and please send me a comment on my blog if you want any support or just someone to talk to! Try looking online for recipes or getting a book from the library or bookstore! :)

  16. Thank you so much for your support, awesomevegan! You surely are awesome. As I already said, I really admire vegeterians and especially vegans. Here it would be very hard to be a vegan (stores don't offer a lot of things for them). I can only wish that someday I could be a healthy vegan. :) Thank you once more! :*


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