Thursday, November 19, 2009

ANTM and Nail Polish

I watched the finale of America's Next Top Model Season 13 today. Above is one of my favourite photos of the season and one of my favourite contestants Jennifer An.

Why am I talking about ANTM you wonder? Well, there is no way I couldn't have noticed it - NAIL POLISH. They were using OPI, Zoya and Essie nail polish for the Seventeen Magazine shoot. I guess they aren't reading our blogs... What about China Glaze?

Thank you for looking!


  1. I guess China Glaze didn't pay for promotion ;-)
    funny - I'm also going to post about nail polish in a reality TV show - but a very diferent show: the Israeli version of "the big brother"... there is a lot of manicure going on in there! LOL

  2. Could be... But I don't think they payed for the promotion, 'cause all the bottles are turned away, so that you can't see the labes. ;) Which blog is yours?

  3. Evil Angel (aka missnono)November 19, 2009 at 10:16 PM

    I'm OK with them not using China glaze, I like the prices low. Popularity causes price hikes. >:(

  4. haha i noticed that to immediately when i saw it ... oh and btw.. was so surprised about the winner... no spoils here :P

  5. I totally forgot about that. You're probably right. :)

  6. :) I wasn't surprised about the winner. I was only surprised by the choice of finalists.

  7. I noticed the nail polishes too, in that split second =D I guess that's what we call "the nail polish eye"!
    Btw, this is the first cycle I was rooting for two girls, and they both became finalists. I'm a little downhearted, but I would be too if it was the other way round =)

  8. :)) Yeah, no polish can hide from our third eye! :)

  9. What a beautiful photo. The necklace is also amazing. I don't watch the show.

  10. here is my blog:
    I'll post it this saturday :-)

  11. I love America's Next Top Model!!
    And yea, China Glaze doesn't seem to be very popular outside the blog and YouTube world, LOL
    The prices would probably jack way up high when it does get popular so stock up? LOL, jks


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