Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cloudy Sk(eyes)

Once more, I got this one from Lisa (Glammed-Up). Thank you, Lisa! :)
It's mineral eyeshadow from Aromaleigh's Opulent collection. It is described as an rich indigo blue with metallic sheen. And it's beautiful! It's name reminded me of Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud. I think there will be no better time to introduce this sample to you, so here we go:

I only used Cloud sample, black eyeliner & mascara.

Cloud from Opulent collection with Opulent Cloud nail polish. Whoa! That's confusing...

Yesterday I made my eyes red and today they are blue. Great way to see what my eyes would look like with colored contacts. I look seriousely sick!

Thank you for looking!


  1. Great eye make-up and nail poslih as well. Where have you bought your eye-contacts?

  2. Thanks! :) That's PhotoShop, not contacts. LOL As I said, I made them red yesterday and blue today. ;) Buying blue contacts would be such a failure. :)

  3. Wow it looks amazing! I never noticed the Opulent Cloud connection...Weird!

    By the way, I want your lashes, k? XD Lucky chick!

  4. Wow! You make that color look so good!

  5. so gorgeous.... yesterday i wanna bite ur nails now i wanna bite ur eyes..LOL!! hahahahhaha... seriously, i love ur eyes so much... have a great week sweety!! xoxo

  6. Sure, I'll mail my lashes to you. :) LOL Thanks!

  7. You're quite a biter. :) Thanks! Hope you have a great week too!

  8. Lovely eye makeup! It really does remind me of the SH nail polish =] And you do look sick with colored contacts =D

  9. Your eyes always look so beautiful. Goes perfectly with Opulent Cloud. That's amazing with the photo shop effect. Really looks pretty.


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