Sunday, November 15, 2009

Essence Breaks My Heart

I *love* Essence products and I've been buying them ever since I first discovered them in store. They are quite cheap and the quality is good. Well, it varies from one item to the other, but still - my number one crush is their nail polish.

Right now, there are two collections in stores: Moonlight and Secrets of the Past. Moonlight collection is everywhere, but no SotP. That breaks my heart. You wonder why? There's a perfect teal color in that collection. It doesn't look like it on the picture below, but it IS. Few shades lighter than Ciate Superficial... Pure perfection! And the name is soooooo perfect too: Meet You in Budapest. I spent my 18th BDay in Budapest and it would be great to have a nail polish to remind me of that more often. *remembers of those times with tears in her eyes* :D

If you see it, BUY IT! Or else the fairy of nail polish will come and haunt you in your dreams. :) If someone can help me out with this one (this shade) I'll be more than grateful!

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. There's also an eyeliner in this shade. *sigh*

And let's see what's coming. More heart-breaking? Yep! New collection that hits the stores on the 1st December is called All I Want. Four beautiful shades... Let's see them in person first. If I get to them, of course.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Evil Angel (aka missnono)November 15, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    Well they break my heart because we don't get Essence at all! :(
    Wish I could help you get your pretty!

  2. I have seen SotP in our Stores but form some reason I didn't like the teal one. Maybe it is because I have on from p2 which is nearly the same colour (a little bite darker).

    BTW their already swatches form the all i want polishs:

  3. Najprej vse pohvale za super, super blogec (ne dolgo nazaj sem naletela nanj, zdaj pa se kar znova in znova vračam, hehe)! ;)

    Nevem koliko ti bo to v pomoč (glede SotP kolekcije) pa vseeno... jaz sem svoj Meet You In Budapest lakec dobila v Muellerju v Murski Soboti. Srečnica kot sem sem pograbila zadnjega s poličke. Ne sanja se mi ravno kako pogosto kaj dobivajo te zadeve, ampak če imaš kakega znanca, ki lahko zate preveri ga morda še dobiš. Trenutno sem doma z gripo priklenjena na posteljo tako da osebno po mojem ne bom prišla do Muellerja v nasledjem tednu ali dveh :(

    Uspešen lov ti želim! ;)

  4. ohh sweety.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa we dont have that collecton in here.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. I was really disappointed with all the polishes from the SotP LE. The pre-released pictures showed gorgeous metallic colours and in the reality they were matte. They have almost the same colours in the normal range. I'm sure someone could get it for you if it still exists :D

  6. I want Budapest badly, too! Maybe we'll fight for the last one in some god forsaken drugstore :D

  7. don't hate me, but I had those in my hands yesterday and put them back again. I think I have some colors exactly the same. but I bought the moonlight collection ;-)
    and I've been told that the teal totally stains your nails.

  8. What are you complaining about, you have Sinfuls, Claire's and don't get me started on those dusty Maybellines. :)))

  9. Well, we all have different tastes. :) Thank you so much for the link. They all look nice. :)

  10. Hvala, Kaamos! Me veseli, da se vračaš. :D
    Verjetno bom morala kar počakati, da naletim nanj... V LJ Mullerju tako ali tako v sekundi vse pograbijo - pa še prodajalke lakce baje skrivajo pod pultom. Go figure!
    Upam, da se kmalu pozdraviš in da ne pride do kakšnih komplikacij. Uspešno okrevanje! :*

    Pa hvala za komentar! ;)

  11. You're like a little child, aren't you? LOL :D Are we gonna cry together?

  12. Oh, I love creme colors. Metallics not so much. So I guess this one would be perfect for me. :) Hopefully I'll get my hands on it. Thanks!

  13. LOL That would be wuite a fight, I'm sure of that. :)

  14. Why would I hate you because of that? Some other girl, who really likes it can buy it now. That's good. :)

  15. I know what you mean, we only have the moonlight too and I'm not too exited about those.

    I did see it in Germany on Saturday but I only bought the brown one. I thought the teal was actually more of a blue in person, just a bit darker than Groovy from the normal line.
    The brown one surprised me, it is darker than is seems in the bottle and it has an olive green sheen to it. I love it! It's like OPI YDKJ has a bigger and bolder brother. Now I wonder if the teal has hidden qualities as well.

    I still have hope it will come to stores here, if it does I will definitely buy the teal one. Better yet, I'll get two and send you one. If you found it by then I'm sure I'll find others who want it just as bad. ;)

  16. I can get you the polishes you want from the Moonlight&Secrets of the past Le- those polishes& kajals are untouched where I always buy my Essence things :)
    maybe we can do a little swap( if you want to?)

  17. I'm really pis*ed. Why in the world do they release two collections at the same time anyway? grrrr
    I'm sure it has something hidden...the teal one. Parokeets did great swatches & comparison, check it out:

    Here in Slovenia are a lot of girls who want this np so bad...

  18. Really? If you don't mind, please send me email:
    amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

  19. Oh no! Now I wish I hadn't clicked that! Why didn't I pick this one up?
    And we get stuck with crappy moonlight polishes. Sometimes Essence totally sucks.

  20. Nihrida, I hope you'll get Budapest! Every time I go to Muller or DM I check if there's one waiting for you :(

  21. Awww.....Essence isn't even available here...=[ *cries*

  22. I think Essence polish has some gorgeous shades. I think I'm going to cry also. No Essence here.


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