Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RAOK from Maestra & Small Giveaway

Maestra from Parokeets is so kind and thoughtful! Look what she sent me:

Isn't that nice of her!? Now I have 3 Meet You in Budapest nail polishes. =)

I thought about my back-ups and realised I probably won't need them. Well, yes, this one is very unique color, but I have so many others, that I won't be able to finish the whole bottle. That's why I'm giving my 2 MYiB polishes away. Hopefully I'll made some other girl happy. =)

First one goes to Duckalicious. She commented on my post, saying she's trying to make a franken of this polish. Well, Duckalicious, you don't have to. Just mail me your address and you'll get your Budapest meeting. =)

As for the other one. I'm giving it to one of you girls. Along with matching eyeliner and turquoise earrings. =) I can say this small giveaway is sponsored by my lovely and kind reader Britta and I added those earrings, 'cause I think they're beautiful. =)

If you REALLY like this items, then you post a comment with your e-mail and say that you love the items. I want to make someone as happy as I was when I got it. If you don't like it, please don't participate and give some other girl a chance. Thanks!

You must post your comment until Sunday, 29th of November (midnight, Central Europe time).

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow the earring looks so pretty
    yes, i want the item



  2. ooo OOOOOoooo, pick me pick me!!

    LOL, I LOVE all of these!!!!

    pwrlftrchick (at) yahoo.com

  3. OMG those earrings are super cute and love that there's matching nail polish and liner!! WOOT!! super love them!!

    calia yang

  4. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)November 24, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    Oh Me mememememeemeeememeee! I love turquoise!

    camiller714 at yahoo dot com

  5. That polish and those earrings look really beautiful, it would really make my day if I were to win! :)

  6. What a great color! I love the matching earrings and eyeliner, too! Just lovely.

  7. I LOVE them all! Been trying to find it myself, but no luck so far!
    Its really very generous of you to share those!***

  8. Wow, so nice of you to share with your readers! I love everything in this giveaway. The gypsy/eastern feel of the earrings and the gorgeous teal of the lacquer and eyeliner. Good luck to everyone!

  9. I would love to try this polish! I found a similar color from Illamasqua but it was too expensive for me. I've been looking for an awesome teal color for quite some time now.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  10. Although I have brown eyes and it's standard to wear brown or black or gray eyeliner w/ brown eyes I like to change it up and wear blue eyeliner. I even kept a blue eyeliner from wet and wild in my car until it accidentally fell on the ground and broke. typical! I really love blue - I'm wearing china glaze atlantis right now - and I love the set you put together.. the earrings and nail polish look like things I absolutely would love to have. Hope you're having a great day!

    mls11487 at gmail dot com

  11. I'm a sucker for this color! LOVES! IT...

  12. OH! I've wanted this color since I first saw you post it! We dont get Essence in my country so I would love to get my hands on it! The earrings are gorgeous too!

    thenailnerd [at] live [dot] se


  13. OHh I love teal/turquoise/aqua! My favorite color! You too sweet dear!


  14. i love those earrings! they match so perfect! Where do you get Essence cosmetics?

  15. I love all of the items. The earing look gorgeous and I'm loving the turquoise stone:) and the polish which matches the eyeliner. I have to have this LOL

    I think you'll have a hard task to choose a winner. Best of luck to everyone:*

  16. Well, my birthday is near and would be a great gift for me! Ihihihi!
    I love that polish color. Reminds me petrol blue, thar nfu color that we want and can't have it!
    And those earings?! They remind me the medieval era. Really beautiful! I would wear them all the time!
    Hope i win...

  17. Definitely want this item. I love the earrings but had never seen that shade of polish. Now i'm wanting it too! Awesome giveaway


  18. I love all of them! Espcially the polish :)


  19. I love this color. It's my favorite color. I want this nail polish so much. <3


  20. I would love these items! The polish is amazing color!

    jensgotstyle81 at yahoo dot com

  21. honestly i really want this polish coz i love turquoise... im about to email this to u on our swap but then i read that u also want this color and u cant find ur town...hehehehehe

    oh well..i know it will be difficult to for u to choose the winner good luck!! hehehe

  22. Oh dear lord I love these. That color is one of my favorites ever.


  23. I would love to win this! I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy it when I had the chance. Stupid! I love teal polishes.
    The earrings look lovely too. <3

    mindermutsig at hotmail dot com

  24. I'm so frustrated that I live in one of the world's biggest cities and I don't have access to Essence cosmetics anymore (used to live near Germany) so yes, yes , yes , YES I'd love to win those. I'm a sucker for all things turquoise! *keeping my fingers crossed*

  25. I'm glade you liked at least the card. I guess, the polish itself did loose some greatness within the past few days. :D I hope you liked the nail stickers too. These just screamed: "NIHIRDAAAAA" to me. :D

    Oh, I don't participate in the giveaway. I already have my MYiB and I LOVE it!

  26. I've been looking for this polish too...and these earrings are soooo beautyful. So yeah, I love these items :)
    nachtfee.zlobko@g mail.com

  27. I've been lemming this polish like crazy! It reminds me of a trip I took to Budapest a few years ago - the winter skies were always this lovely fierce blue that I was constantly trying to capture with my little camera.

    For your viewing pleasure, I've included a shot of my terrible tourist fashion in Budapest. :)


  28. luckily I'm finished with PMS for this month, otherwise I'd probably be in tears right now! :D no really, what a nice thing to do, you made my day! I'm sending you my address right away, please send me yours too so I can send you a little something too =) *virtual hug*

  29. I'd love to have a chance to win these. The polish is very pretty but it's the earrings that I really love. Thank you sweetie for having this giveaway.

  30. Wow...I have never won anything in my entire life so I am not holding much hope! But I do love your blog and also really love the polish and jewellery, turqoise is my absolute avourite colour! Good luck choosing a winner xxx

  31. I love the items!! I started drooling over it when you showed us that polish! Then started crying because it's not available in Canada! >.< LOL



  32. i love all those items :) they're all so pretty! i love the color turquoise. unfortunately, i never seem to find any np in that color :(

    nirfreak03 @ aol.com

  33. really lovely, and I do not have anything even remotely looking like this polish. the most devastating things are the earrings though, so perfect with the polish and eye pen!
    Yes, I would very much want these!

  34. Tababula Rasa (vamping w/stamping)November 24, 2009 at 11:15 PM

    This is so kind of you to share! I love the matching colors on these items. email:d0ntliet0me at hotmail dot com. Thank you for paying the kindness forward.

  35. Turquoise earrings are OMG amazing. <3

  36. I do love those items! love that teal color :-)


    thank you, you are so generous :-)

  37. I LOVED it all, Maestra! =) That polish didn't loose it's greatness at all. I adore those stickers, they really are something I like. =) I couldn't take a good photo of them, so I just didn't post it. *blushes* Thanks, M! kiss

  38. =))) You had a great time in Budapest also?! Isn't that nice. I've only been to Budapest once and I adore it! It's just gorgeous. I was there at the place you are in the photo...I just don't remember what it's called. I can only remember it was freezing and we passed an ice skating park...

    Thanks for the photo! Memories... =)

  39. Hey, honey! Don't cry, you're gonna get your MYiB! ((hugs))

  40. i loved the colors..


  41. I love especially the polish and the earrings :) I am sure the eyeliner is lovely too, though I have a really hard time using eyeliner (most times I give up and try lining with eyeshadow and a brush instead)

  42. I love that color!

  43. The polish, eyeliners, and earrings look so GORG! Enter me puhleese!

  44. I love the earrings, that kind of turquoise color is one of my favorite colors and silver hardware is my favorite as well :) I love how the polish and liner match too! This is really nice of you and a great prize! ^__^ Thank you!


  45. ohmygosh, these are GORGEOUS! i love love love that shade of bluey green :D the polish reminds me of butter london's artful dodger which is absolutely beautiful and turquoise eyeliner = something so amazingly awesome that i've never seen anywhere else before *_* riveting much?

    miscellaneous.psyche (at) gmail (dot) com

  46. Sorry for my English but I'm Italian..
    I REALLY love this particular shade of blue, we have some (very few) essence stands here in Italy, but the secrets of the past collection didn't arrive nor it is going to arrive here :((( I'm sooo sad because I think that colour is just amazing (and the eyeliner just fits perfectly with the colour of my eyes), I was also trying to find another polish (of another brand, of course) similar to that, but it seems hard work :((

    So I wish to have fortune here ;)

    btw, amazing blog!

  47. I would love to have this color. I love any and all blues and I don't have access to Essence polishes. Not to mention that the earrings are soooo beautiful.


  48. I absolutely love that color. And the eyeliner is to die for. The earrings are the cherry on top. My birthday is actually on the 29th and I'm going to be 19 years old. ( I can prove it if I have to lol.) Winning this would be a very special birthday present. But even if I don't, I congratulate the winner and hopefully it makes them very happy

  49. Oh my email is drillchic90@aol.com

  50. Hm, I posted a comment but I guess I deleted it by accident.

    I usually don't participate in giveaways because I feel like I'm not lucky enough to win, but I have to try my luck here :) This np is one of my biggest lemmings right now!
    I'm living in the US , but I'm originally from Serbia where I lived in a small town right next to Hungarian border. This np reminds me of my life there, my friends and fun times!
    Earrings are one of my fave accessories because of my short hair and those ones are gorgeous! I wear bright eyeliner and mu all the time :)
    My friend from Serbia is trying to find that np for me, but if she doesn't I'm not sure if I'll be able to find it any other way, so winning this would be great! (Or if there's anyone that could do a CP for me, email me please)

    Thanks, Nihrida!


  51. wow.. i love the turquoise nail polish... it's lovely


  52. My favorite color is blue!!!!
    I usually like to match the makeup color with the accesories color and these goodies are perfect for that.
    The earrings are so special. I love them!!! They are cute, pretty, awesome, nice, gorgeous... (there aren`t enough words to describe them).
    The nail polish and the eyeliner pencil are great. I like a lot Essence products because they are good and cheap, so they are a good value.
    I will wait excited the result of the draw. Thank you very much!


  53. Ops, I forgot to say that I`m a follower. My name is Gabriela.

  54. I love everything! Blue is one of my fave nail colours, I love polishes and I'm a earring 'hore too! I have almost 50 pairs of earrings!

    Even if I dont win this, thank you dearie for hosting
    and I love your nails and nail art too!



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