Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swap with Powerlifterchick

I got another package today. This time it was from a swap with Powerlifterchick.
Again, this wasn't just a regular package. It was a huge box filled with nail related goodies and candy. :) Thank you so much, Christy! I love it!

Now I have a back-up of ChG For Audrey and Ruby Pumps. :) Yay! Now I'll never run out of these two. I also got this gorgeous green shimmer - Wet n Wild Morbid and two purple goddesses - Wild Orchid & Daddy's Girl. Christy was so kind, she sent me her bottle of D's Girl. :) Hey, girl, did your little doggie chew on the brush handle? LOL If that's the case, I'll cherish it even more. :)))

Here are the culprits for our swap - False nails. :) She got me 2 packages of silver spiderweb ones and a package of red bat ones. I love them. Now I just need the right opportunity to wear them. Or wait until one of my nails break. :)

I also got Fingr's nail stickers and they rock! And that plastic bag contains flakies! :)) Oh, yeah baby!

Here's candy! So good, but so sweet... I know candy is supposed to be sweet, but these American ones are much more hardcore than European. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. HA!
    I didn't even notice the bitemarks!
    Probably! I had it sitting out for you, she probably knocked it down of the little table and decided to taste it!

    She LOVES knocking things over! I swear it's her favorite past time, well that and chasing a ball!

  2. LOL! That's totally adorable! :)) I don't mind even a bit. It's like my own custom pimped nail polish. :) Give her a kiss for me, would ya? :*

  3. You could never do that! Not with our little evil chihuahuas. :) Well, you'd probably get friends with the evil one and then he'd help you... :)

  4. Evil Angel (aka missnono)November 12, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    Those are all great colors!
    See that is why I love European candy, American candy is wickedly you know why my butt is so huge! LOL

  5. I agree! :) Hey, honey, you're forgetting that I haven't seen your butt yet. And I'm sure it just as gorgeous as the person to which it is attached. :) BTW: Christy mentioned you in her hand written note. About that flakies... I instantly remembered your post anyway, but how sweet is that?! :)

  6. What a great package, I love For Audrey and Ruby Pumps!

  7. wow!! those are great hauls.. im so happy for u.. some of ur wishlist were granted...

  8. OMG, I'm so jealous!!! For Audrey is on my WL for toooooo looooong..... And now you have two...˙{calculating... it's one for you and one for me :D} Wild Orchid is just gorgeous, I bought it while I was in NYC. And those false nails. I think these are going to look great on you!

  9. Thank you, Thriszha! :)

  10. Don't be jealous! I'm sure there's For Audrey for you too out there. How could I give one of them away, one if from Lisa and the other from Christy... These are my babies... *sigh*

  11. Of course, I was just kidding. ;) Give your babies a hug from aunty Maestra. :* For Audrey shouldn't be that hard to get... I'll get it, when the time comes...

  12. How sweet is Christy! She is one of the sweetest people I know. I noticed her cherry necklace and earrings on her blog and asked her where she got them. She had made them herself. Now I have a set because she made them for me. I'm so thrilled. They are so delicate and beautiful. You got a great trade. Love those Halloween nails.

  13. Oh, really? She's so generous! Gotta love her :)

  14. Awesome swap! *sigh* I still don't know which places sell CG in my area and I don't think Sinful Colours is available here =[

    Btw, are the Wet N' Wild ones any good?


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