Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wake Up To a Nightmare

I need your help. I had another nightmare this night. A very realistic one... My nightmares began about 2 and a half years ago and they won't stop. It's a reflection of my past and it haunts me almost every day. Well, I dream at night, but it gets even worse when I wake up. I have the constant feeling that something isn't right. My heart literally aches. It's killing me...

Do you know what helps against nightmares? I'm willing to try almost anything. I know this is a long shot, but I need to have a good sleep.

EDIT: It's not about monsters, snakes or anything ''horrible''. It's just that a person from my past keeps coming back to my life in my dreams. That makes it impossible to leave the past behind. I really don't want to dream about that person anymore...

Thank you in advance!


  1. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)November 24, 2009 at 5:56 PM

    I am going to send you some sweetgrass sticks and I'll pm you the rest.

  2. With some practice you can turn those dreams into Lucid Dreams where YOU CAN CHANGE a nightmare into a pleasant dream.

  3. That is awful. :( I've had the same problem in times of anxiety. Deep breathing/meditation before bed helps me. Also, repeating to myself that I will have pleasant dreams helps.

    And, spraying a comforting perfume/scent on my pillow.

    HUGS! I hope you can get past this.

  4. I have nightmares very very often. Either I run away from somewhere or someone gets killed, I watch many many horror and thriller movies and I read these books and I guess it just happens! Even today I had a weird dream like that. I am mostly aware I am dreaming and sometimes I can wake up. I got to accept my dreams as they are and I like them much more than dreaming of my ex I never managed to forget hehe. I wish I could document all I had dreamed of or if I could have someone qualified to monitor it :)

  5. I'm sorry you have to go through that! My boyfriend has night terrors and has even tried to strangle me while we were sleeping (while he was asleep of course). Having a good bedtime routine might help (going to bed and waking up at the same time), and I spray scented pillow mist on my pillow and it helps me. *Hugs*

  6. Thank you so much, honey! I really don't know what to do...

  7. There was e time I had often nightmares too. A relexing bath in the evening did help me very much.
    And to talk about problems or what ever stood behind the nightmare.
    If it is something from your past you maybe need to face it. This isn't easy but in the end the only way to become really happy again. Do not run away! You can do it! :-)

  8. Oh, I remember this. I was practising this years ago... I never got to the point where I could actually control my dreams. But I did ''convince'' myself to wake up after one dream ended and write it on a piece of paper I had near my bed. The results were amazing.
    I can't change it, it's about a person that has nothing to do in my dreams or in my life. This person MUST GO!

  9. Yep, autosuggestion can really help. I tried that, but I can't do it every night. I don't have the energy for that.

  10. It's exactly what you're talking about. It would have been nice to have ordinary nightmares with killing and stuff...you know that's just not real. My dreams are about my ex...

  11. =) You made me laugh with this post. I'm sure your boyfriend didn't actually try to strangle you. =) Which scent do you use?

  12. I think is a women thing to have this anxiety episodes and chasing dreams. Me and one of my sisters have been dealing with that, just don't give them any importance , don't let them grow! , focus on another things like meditation in pleasant things , do breathing exercises, go to a dancing class, get a Pet (like a puppy dog)
    Just don't worry, and they will go away pretty soon .
    Hugs :-) , hope you feel better!

  13. there are a few things that are supposed to help. I will send a couple in the Atlantis package :) I struggle with nightmares as well, so I know how frustrating and anxious it is

  14. A little Psycho science here: Dreams are just the brain sifting through thoughts we've had over the past week or so...and cataloging it into memory.
    Apparently, this person you are dreaming of is somewhere in your thoughts during the day, whether it's triggered by something else you see bringing back a memory or just a recurring person that somehow is connected to other memories in your brain.
    For me, it is a house. The house changes a bit from time to time but is generally the same. It used to be a glorious place, turned scary for awhile and now it's just a place I hangout with friends. :)

    Maybe a full disclosure to yourself about this person and the memories connected to it is the answer. Rather than repress thoughts, allow them to be thought and felt. It all comes out in the end...whether you're awake or asleep. Allow it to happen consciously and your sub-conscious won't insist on bringing it up in your sleep.

    I also have a great tool I use for that. You can drop me an email at my gmail account: lizbethallbright and I will get that to you. Powerful stuff!
    Good luck with making this go away, nightmares suck.

  15. Prayer is very powerful.

  16. I haven't seen my ex for 3.5yrs and he left me 6yrs ago but I still dream of him almost every week. it's scary. if I don't leave this place, I'll never stop with it and it ruins my whole day, the better the dream, the worse the day. That's why my psycho dreams entertain me, whether trying to escape or something dark and perverted, the only unsettling dreams are about death of a family member, I hate these but I heard it meant someone would live longer then. I hope once, when I contact my ex to see him, when I'll be ready to do that, I'll be disappointed in him and my dreams will stop. I have a boyfriend for these 3.5yrs and it's just not fair, I almost never dream of him....

  17. There is a simple "lucid dream training exercise" that you can do to train yourself to be conscious in your dreams.
    Ask yourself "Am I dreaming?" throughout your waking day in every situation- no matter how common or mundane.
    For example;

    You happen to look out of your window- ask yourself Am I dreaming?
    ...it does NOT matter whether there is anything interesting out there.

    You sit down to dinner- ask the question

    You turn off the light-switch- ask the question

    You must "bombard" yourself with this question whenever you change daily perspective. Just walking through one room into another- ask the question.
    You must be consistent- this is training by rote- the simplest way to learn. You can, in as little as a week, get to the point that in your "nightmare" the question will come up in your sub-conscious. At that point in your dream, YOU decide what's going to happen- Tell the person that they are not welcome and you will not dream of them anymore...exorcise them out.

    Trust me- this can work. It does not cost you anything but to remember the question throughout your day.
    You have nothing to lose- except your "demon".

  18. Nihrida, I'm sad. Sad, because you're not feeling well. Sad, because I feel hopeless. I don't know what to say. I don't have much experience with these things. I'll just say. I think of you and I truly hope, you'll find the way to let your ex go ... just let go ... {hugs & kisses}

  19. So sorry you have such horrible nightmares honey. I don't usually get nightmares but have had vivid dreams that really bother me and make me feel awful all day. They make you feel very anxious. You must have something unresolved with your ex. Anyway to maybe send him a letter stating how you feel about him. Maybe you'd like to tell him off or say how he hurt you. It's easier in a letter so that you don't actually have to face the person. You can also pray about it if you believe in God and prayer. I ask God to help me and that I leave the problem with him to take care of. It makes me feel better and like a weight is lifted. Hope this helps.

  20. Thank you so much for this! I'll definitely try it! ((hugs))

  21. I talked about it a lot. And it doesn't help. I can't really face it, because it would take two to do that. And the other half wouldn't cooperate.

  22. I tried drawing pentagrams on my sleeping clothes...and wearing a pendant...it didn't help for a long time. As I said, I'd try almost everything.

  23. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! =)

  24. Thank you so much, Maestra! ((hugs))

  25. I've done all that...Nothing helped. Thanks for your suggestions!

  26. I have had nightmares every night for about 6 months at a time twice in my life and it was a horrible time. I was afraid to go to sleep. I would have multiple nightmares a night. It was so bad. I felt like I am going crazy. You can't really get a good rest like this.

    One thing I learned is that it is important that I don't eat heavy foods for dinner. Also if I eat dinner later than 8pm I very often have nightmares. Stomach problems also can cause nightmares. Try Acidophilus pills.

    Apart from that - those nightmares can also be caused because of anxiety. I definitely had them when I was in a really stressful situation. Try yoga and/or meditation.

    If nothing helps then you should talk about your doctor about it. As I said those dreams are most likely caused by anxiety. There are pills for that. Things like that can be caused by hormonal imbalance.

    I know when I had my months and months of nightmares I would have done anything to stop it and if therapy would have been my only option I would have considered it. More than 2 years is too much honey. You must be so exhausted!

  27. It must be horrible to have that kind of nightmare. Time heals, and in my case it took many years before I managed to move on from bad experience with bad boyfriends. Hugs...

    Try to have a nice relaxing cup of chamomile tea before sleep, put lavender oil on your pillows, and say a quick prayer. Perhaps you need to "sever" all kind of ties that you might unconsciously still have with him: avoid things & places that are connected to the old memories and say outloud that you're not willing to be tied to the memory of him. Hope you feel better soon.

  28. I have had nightmare problems in the past. What helped me was to journal them the next morning. I wrote down everything that happened, everyone/thing I saw. Then, I went back to each thing/event, and wrote down the FIRST thing I thought of that it could represent to me in my waking life (i.e., powerful figure could mean I was having feelings of intimidation about a project during the daytime.)

    It also helps to write it all down and then look back at each and every aspect of your dream as an aspect of YOURSELF: you are every character in the dream. What part of you assumes each role?

    The person from your past might represent a totally different fear you are dealing with now... job worry, illness, anything that is weighing on your mind and which you feel powerless against.

    Or, indeed, you could have unsolved issues with this person. Try writing down all you would like to say to them now, such as how you are in charge of your life, and they do not have power over you.

    The action of writing things down works on the brain in such a way as to "solidify" things in your subconscious, more than just "meditating" on them.

    I believe I got this info from "Dreams For Dummies". Journaling nightmares was suggested to me by a therapist.

    GOOD LUCK. And the sweetgrass should help! :)

  29. this is really fucked up, something similar has been happenning to me for several years and I'm so sick and tired of it, not knowing what my subconscious is trying to tell me! in my dreams, there's also a guy from the past, a kind of "bad romance" from almost 10 yrs ago, forgotten long time ago (at least I think so when I'm awake :D). wtf?

  30. Are you able to see this?


  31. I'll keep that in my mind - about eating before going to sleep. That must really play a great role in nightmares.
    I had therapy, but I think I can't just solve this with pills... Thank you for your comment, Shebelle! :)

  32. Oh, believe me, I'm avoiding everything that could remind me of him. I wanted to let go so many times, I felt ready to let go...but I guess something it holding me back.
    It was a better night today... I couldn't sleep at all, so no dreams. =)

  33. Hey, Stasia! I tried to write down my dreams before. But there was one problem. I dream up to 6 dreams a night and I remeber so many details, I ended up writing a novel every morning. I just don't have the time or will to do that. =) I remember them anyway. I remember most of my dreams from years and years back. If the right thing triggers my memory, of course. Thank you for your suggestion! I'll try to find that ''Dreams for Dummies'' book. =) Thanks, Stasia!

  34. That's exactly how I feel: WTF?! =) I spoke about my dreams with my boyfriend...I'm really fortunate to have him. This really sucks. Hope your dreams will end too! ((hugs))

  35. Crivens! My browser opens the page but won't play the video...

  36. Also - this is not a healthy tip - but if you just need a few nights without dreams - sleeping pills actually make you NOT dream.


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