Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's play a game

Do you have a bottle of China Glaze Ruby Pumps? Do you want my extra bottle of Ruby Pumps? Yes? Then you'll have to play a little game... Muahahaha

Here are the clues to your answer:
We're looking for a building material. Yes, that's right. =)

1. Step: Find the original performer of this song.

2. Step: Find the brand of nail polish in my stash that has a performers name in the name of the certain shade. Got it?

3. OK. Let's move on. In the name of the brand, one word is very precioussssssss. And it's in close connection with the building material we're looking for.

Now you all know which bulding material we're talking about. Right?

Mail your answer to my e-mail address with ''GAME'' in the subject line. I'll choose a winner from the correct answers by a random draw. =) You have until tommorow 13th December, midnight (CET).

Let the game begin!

EDIT: I edited something in the 3. step. It was written like I just gained a head injury. *yikes*

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