Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nicole by OPI - Shimmy Shimmer

Still feeling dark. Today I used Nicole by OPI Shimmy Shimmer (2 coats). It's a very dark purple shimmer and it also flashes olive green in the bottle. Not on my nails though. It almost looks black indoors but I dig it. *embraces the darkness*

And about The Game... I got 4 correct answers so far. =) Keep them coming!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have several polishes like that that have color flashes in the bottle (notably green) but that won't let them show on the nails. I dig the color anyway. I'm all for fake black polishes anytime, any day.

    How are you nails going by the way? Any improvement in the yellow fight?

    You know, I've experienced something lately. I always used the same basecoat (OPI Start to Finish) and as I run out of it, I've bought an other one (China Glaze strong adhesion base coat). I wore L.A. Girl Party Animal (very pigmented booze!) with this new base coat and when I removed it my nails were stained in red. Yet I had worn dark and pigmented polishes with my old base and nothing had happened. For sure, it allow polish to get stuck to nails without chipping or tip wear but it doesn't protect perfectly. It's been one week since I didn't wear anything to give my nails a big break and the effect has totally faded but they nonetheless remained a tiny bit colored, like a barely visible red veil (that kind of things drive me crazy). I made some researches and found out that there was a keratine derivate in OPI start to finish that prevented staining thus yellowing. I thought I'd tell you. Not all basecoat make the same job.

    Oh and I'm glad I found the correct answer!

  2. Oh, Nathalie! That's the longest comment I've ever gotten! =) I like it.
    I agree with you, I also dig every nail polish that looks black, but if it's purple shimmer you're looking for, you won't be happy with this one. ;)

    I'm trying something new now. I'm using another base coat under my NailTek Foundation and I think it's getting better...I just have to make sure. I'll post about this when I'll know more.

    My nails never get stained from nail polish that way. Like: if I'm wearing blue, I won't get smurf fingers if I use base coat under it. It will just turn my nails yellow. Same thing with red and other dark shades...

  3. Gorgeous color! It suits you great!

  4. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)December 13, 2009 at 7:45 PM

    I love the dark colors! Some of them it's like your own dark little secret since most people glance and just see black. I think I have a dozen or more of these type of colors.
    It looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Yeah, but it's so shy...

  6. Tenk ju veri mač! =)

  7. Little secret...RIGHT?! That's exactly what I think of them. And I love these shades...
    Well, on the other hand...according to my BF, half of my nail polish stash is the same color. :) Men.

  8. Ha ha! I'm more talkative with my fingers than I am with my mouth!

  9. Love this color!

  10. it's not the formaldehyde? o_O

  11. this looks super similar to the Dior Vernis Silver Purple color that lipglossiping just posted about!

    dupe maybe? what do you think?

  12. Beautiful shade on you. It looks like a deep plum. I don't see the green at all.


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