Friday, December 11, 2009

Orly Bloom Collection for Spring 2010

''Walk through the wildflowers with this blossoming collection''

Orly introduces Bloom, the feminine Spring 2010 Collection that captures the colors of nature, straight from the garden. Bold colors epitomize this year's spring trends with deep pinks, burnt oranges, rich wines and purple blues.

Bloom Collection includes 6 new shades:

Thorned Rose - red wine creme
Blushing Bud - pink creme
Wild Wisteria - blurple creme
Ginger Lily - burnt orange shimmer
Wandering Vines - green creme
Pure Petunia - mauve purple creme

This collection will be available starting February 2010. Has any color caught your eye yet?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice collection.. nothing not seen before though.. only think I would go for the Blushing Bud.. :)

  2. I'm kind of sad that this collection doesn't seem to have anything new to offer. Wandering Vines looks far too similar to Enchanted Forest! Why do companies come out with such similar colors as one's they already have? Doesn't make sense! I like Pure Petunia though, and Wild Wisteria looks nice as well.

  3. all deja vu... Petunia looks okay but I guess it has loads of dupes!

  4. Wild Wisteria and Purple Petunia speak to me! :D

  5. Yeah, you're right. But still...there's only so many colors. I still prefer having big selection than one polish of each color. I think it's a good collection. We'll see when the swatches come out. =)

  6. Scrangie did a comparison of Wandering Vine and Enchanted Forest. They are similar but not dupes. I think that a good thing. Some colors may look good on cool toned and not so good on warm toned...and vice versa.
    I guess they saw what a huge success Enchanted Forest was and they want to give us more greens. Well, we were aksing for it for a long time. I'm happy to see another green.
    I agree with your shades selection. =)

  7. Name one! =)))) Guess we'll have to wait for swatches. I could get me some more Orly polishes...

  8. Ditto! + Wandering Vines. =)

  9. I love Wandering Vines. Maybe even a few more than that.


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