Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Up & Away Shades Comparison

Let's take a look at the new ChG Up & Away collection bottles:

I looked for the nail polish shades that are close to these ChG new shades (in my small collection). Here are the photos.

Flyin' Hight looks closest to Misa DSM and Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart and it's still totally different. More blue-ish.

In comparison to Aqua Baby - NOT a dupe. That means it's also not a dupe of ChG Shower Together. Guess you'll need this one.

Grape Pop and Orly Charged Up are close ... very close. Some might even say they are dupes. I don't really agree. The colors really are almost identical, but ChG is opaque creme and Orly is jelly. ChG needs only 2 coats (thin), Orly needs 3-4 thin coats.

Light As Air is another unique color in the collection. I took a comparison picture with Agent Lavender so you can imagine what the color looks like IRL.

I said Re-Fresh Mint looks like ''Tiffany Green'' if this color existed. =) This is what it looks like compared to ChG For Audrey.

Something Sweet looked closest to Misa Mar de Morado. Well, at least it did in the bottle. Not so much on my duct tape swatches...

Sugar High & Sinful Beautiful Girl. Well, I don't know why I took this photo. They're totally different. =)

Four Leaf Clover is very strong, almost neon color. It looked closest to LA Girl Disco Brites Turntable & Color Club Wild Child. Maybe they look alike on the photo, but not IRL.

I'm sorry to say I found no dupes (except a very close Grape Pop & Charged Up) but do not despair! My collection of nail polishes to compare is very small. There might be dupes out there.
Still, I have to say if I had to choose between the new ChG collection and all the other colors, I'd choose ChG. These polishes are by far the most opaque and the colors are quite unique.
I think I might be in love...

I hope this comparison pictures helped you to imagine what these colors look like in real life.
If you have any questions write them down in the comments section. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Whoa, you've got the entire Up&Away collection? Great post :thumbup:

  2. Yes, you helped me - to start lamenting my no-buy before it's even fully in effect LOL.

  3. Agent Lavender and Light as air look so weird, almost white :O

  4. Re-fresh mint looks exactly like the For Audrey that I have. I heard there's two versions of For Audrey because Tiffany was going to sue ChG? I'll probably head to my local sally and check that out again. I like how FLC looks in your pictures.

  5. What a great post - thank you for doing these comparisons

  6. Thanks for doing the comparisons! Even if there are dupes out there I'd choose ChG too. This collection is so awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it!

  7. O kako so lepi :) Ravno včeraj sem si namešala nekaj podobnega kot je Light as Air :)

  8. Great comparison pics! Good job on that.

  9. ok i need them all...plus all the ones you compared them too lol

  10. Poshnail.blogspot.comDecember 9, 2009 at 1:52 AM

    These are very helpful in deciding which ones to buy.
    Thanks a lot once again Nihrida!
    Say hello to your cats and dogs for me.

  11. Thank you sweetie! I was wondering about some of those polishes. Now I can order them without worrying if there are any dupes.

  12. Yep, whole collection. =) And I love it! Thank you so much, Biba!

  13. Sorry, Colette! =) This are so great. You'll see. ;)

  14. My bad - that second photo of the swatches is a bit too light. *blushes*

  15. Really? Two versions of For Audrey? I never heard of that before.

  16. You're welcome, Deez!

  17. You're welcome Sarah! I'm sure you'll love this colors.

  18. V živo so še lepši. ;)

  19. I'm very glad these comparison helps you. =) You're welcome!
    You too say hi to your cats! =)

  20. You're welcome Lucy. There might be dupes, just not in my collection of nail polishes. ;)

  21. Super post! Podljšala si mi wish listo :P
    Kje pa si kupila celo zbirko?


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