Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Bordello Perfume Oil

''A decadent, deep perfume, lusty and luxuriant. The scent evokes images of velvet-lined Old West cathouses, tightly laced corsets, rustling petticoats and coquettish snarls of pleasure. Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant.'' (BPAL)

In the Bottle: My nose failed me on this one. I smelled strawberries and champagne ... it turned out that's black currant & wine. =) Well, close enough. It definitely smelled nice to me.

On Skin: I could definitely smell black currant on my skin and wine ... not sure about amaretto though. I'm not really good when it comes to alcoholic drinks. *coughs*
I would describe this scent as lusty, decadent and naughty. It's a happy scent. If that makes sense... It would be worn by those women who just don't give a damn. And who always have a devilish sparkle in their eyes.
Soon the scent became somewhat sour and kind of annoying. And right after that it became soft, powdery, sweet and innocent. Now that's one schizophrenic scent! From decadent and lusty to sweet and innocent... Yeah, I can imagine this scent being worn in cathouses. =)
I imagined it would be more sexy and strong, but it's kind of fragile. You don't expect that in Bordello, but that's the beauty of it.

I have to admit I love black currant and I simply adore the scent of it. It appears to be the note which develops the most on my skin. I think you can't go wrong with this one as long as you like amaretto, wine and black currant. As simple as that.
The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn't last that long (definitely can't smell it after 5 hours). Maybe that's just me... the scent does develop after time: from strong one to sweet and powdery ... so that might be the reason for me not to sense it.

You can find Bordello on BPAL website in the navigation bar under ''Ars Amatoria''. The perfumes are listed alphabetically.

Thanks for looking!


  1. This sounds like a scent I would like

  2. Hi there, just thought you'd find funny that "bordello" is Italian for "brothel".

  3. I know. =) In Slovene word for it is bordel. =)

  4. I love the bottles of these perfumes (this one and the snake oil one you uploaded some days ago) but i don't really get why they're so tiny :/. Well, it's probably my idea when i look the picture because i have lots of 30ml perfumes and know that i look at them they're also tiny lol.

  5. Maybe this will help to understand:
    Eau de toilette: 4 - 10% perfume oil
    Eau de parfum: 8 - 15% perfume oil
    Perfume: 15 - 25% perfume oil
    Perfume oil: 15 - 80% perfume oil
    Taken from BPAL website.
    These oils are very concentrated, that's why they sell them in this tiny bottles. If the bottles were bigger, then you wouldn't be able to use it up before the expiration date.
    Hope this helps. =)

  6. :-D In Dutch it's "bordeel"
    So close!

  7. Sounds like something I'd like from the description. I can't wait to try some of these.

  8. Tole se pa slisi kot vonj zame ;) definitivno si ga bom nekoc nabavla :)

  9. I haven't tried this one! It sounds interesting though.
    The length a perfume oil will stay on is something of great debate over at the BPAL forum - they call it throw, and it varies from person to person! Some of my biggest disappointments have been amazing scents that don't last an hour.

  10. Some fragrances don't last a minute on me and others for hours. I don't think anything would last all day. I know a concentrated oil would last longer. It's always difficult to buy scent online. You never know how it will react with your skin.


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