Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Croquet Perfume Oil

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice's sojourns to Wonderland. (BPAL)

''We have some trouble managing our flamingos, too. Pink lime, pink grapefruit, white nectarine, wild rose, sage, woody patchouli, bergamot, and ornery hedgehog musk.'' (BPAL)

Scent inspired by Alice in Wonderland story. You can find it on BPAL website in the navigation bar under ''Mad Tea Party'' along with other AiW-land scents.

In the Bottle: No one in my family (that includes me) could get the notes right... we all agreed it smells really nice: citrusy yet sweet.

On skin: The scent is *really* strong and ''abrasive''. I could smell something like lemon and I could definitely smell the rose scent now. It's hard to explain... I like the smell, but there was something ruining it (rose). The scent became very soap-y, the combination of citruses and rose reminded me of public toilets. But still... there is something, something sweet and it's all smothered down with the tone of rose. I should mention here, that I don't like any rose scents. They cause me headaches.

I'd say this scent is really, really interesting. It's fresh *and* sweet, nice and ''unlikable''... It's WEIRD and twisted. I guess it's connected with the whole idea of Alice in Wonderland. This perfume oil is almost as weird as playing croquet with flamingos. What's up with that? Someone should call ASPCA.

It's interesting that we all liked (4 persons) the scent in the bottle. And no one liked it on skin. It was just weird and somehow twisted. I must say that perfumes don't give the same scent on different people, so it might be the most wonderful scent in the world to you. I was quite surprised I didn't like this, I mean... check out the reviews for Croquet on BPAL's forum.

I personally think that the rose scent shouldn't be in here. It ruins everything for me... Without it, it could be one of my favorites.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Uf obožujem citrusne vonje, če pa ima še kaj sladkega si ga bom definitvino napisala na mojo wish listo :)

  2. I don't like rose scent too!!

  3. I despise rose scent. Actually, anything floral. It makes me think of old women, and mothballs for some reason

  4. Škoda da nimamo nobenega kluba oboževalcev BPAL-a. Bi se dobili v LJ in snifali različne vonjave. =) Jih imajo čisto preveč, da bi en človek vse pokupil.

  5. Ange-Marie, you stole the words out of my mouth. I HATE rose.

  6. I love rose scent. There aren't any pure rose scents that I know of. Most smell like a funeral parlour. This sounds like a crazy mix. I should check them out. I love fragrance and wear it every day. Some scents really smell horrible on me and nice on someone else. I loved the smell of Opium and got it for Christmas. It smelled so strong on me and gave me a horrible migraine. Only when I wore Opium would I get that horrible headache. I had to give it away. Years later a girl I worked with had on a beautiful fragrance. It was Opium and I was so shocked. It smelled so very different on her. Very soft and didn't give me a migraine. I still didin't buy it again. Ii must've been allergic to something in the formula.


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