Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Mme. Moriarty

Here's another beautiful Claw polish from BPAL. I know that their site is a little hard to navigate, so here are the instructions on how to get to nail polish:
* Open BPAL website
* Choose ''Trading Post'' in the sidebar on the left
* Enter the site and there's ''Nail Polish'' in the sidebar

OR: You can just click HERE (and I'll take you there). ;)

Yeah. It's not really good when customers can't find what they're looking for. So a little tip for the BPAL: make the website more user friendly. =)
I don't have a lot of problems with it, but then again I have been studying their site for a long time. *grin*

Anyway... I'm not reviewing their website, am I? Let's rather talk about nail polish. Who doesn't love a good old classic red? That's why I chose Mme. Moriarty for my mani of the day.

This is the description from BPAL site: ''The wet crimson red of arterial spray.''

Thankfully, I never had the chance to see the ''wet crimson red of arterial spray'' in person, but I guess it could look something like this polish.

I was stunned with the formula quality of this one. It's thin, very opaque and the application didn't cause me any problems. I liked it after I painted my first nail and I think it's going into my ''must-have'' collection. It's not really a creme, 'cause it has jelly like qualities. And non-qualities: can you see how the strong light enhanced streaky look?

I swear it's NOT that streaky IRL. That's the main reason I put on my thickest sweater and went outside - to take outdoor photos. Look how gorgeous it is!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Mme. Moriarty, 2 coats

What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful color! You also have gorgeous nails!

    I have to agree though that site is not easy to navigate at all!! Thanks for the tutorial on how to get where on there!!

    I also bought the ManGlaze Matte & Mess/bling based on your previous posts! Can't wait to get them!!

  2. That color is beautiful!

  3. It's gorgeus red. Is it perhaps like Essence Late at Night?

  4. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)January 26, 2010 at 5:55 PM

    MME Moriary is my new favorite red. The best description I have come up with is that it's a Jelly/Creme. I love it and it looks gorgeous on you!

  5. LOVE it, what a gorgeous red! Another lemming..thanks. I also appreciated your tutorial for their website! That was super helpful.

  6. I absolutely have to have this. This is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! Your skin is perfect for this color!!!!!!

  7. Love it! A real classic red, looks great on you!

  8. I love reds like this, especially if they're jellyish! I think it's a very classy shade. Looks really good on you too!

  9. What a nice deep red color.. Think that would match Mac - Russian Red lipstick ;D

  10. Thanks, Kaide!
    Hope that people from BPAL will read this and change their site a bit.

    Hope you'll like your ManGlaze polishes as much as I did! =)

  11. Lovely! I hope I'll never see wet crimson red of arterial spray in person. I think I would die ...

  12. Late @ Night is darker and more berry. Mme Moriarty is more true red.

  13. I don't know a thing about MAC, but I do agree this is a very nice red color. =)

  14. I agree they definitely need to change their website a bit!
    Beautiful colour though :D

  15. =) If it wouldn't be so much connected with someone dying...or at least getting seriously injured...I'd probably enjoy it. *hides in the corner*

  16. =) Well, at least you know where to find nail polish. ;)

  17. if this is a jelly, then it must be a vampire"s favourite jelly =) really reminds of fresh blood, but anyway - a very beautiful one

  18. http://passiondesongles.over-blog.com/January 27, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Wow wow ! is beautiful, great red, thank you for the site, I hope they deliver the France :)

  19. I've wanted this ever since I saw it on their site. It has that same quality of Essie Lollipop where it's somewhat jelly somewhat creme. I'm wearing that right now, and I love it so much!

  20. Now that's the type of red I love!!! I may have to buy this one. Looks beautiful on you. Thanks for suffering the cold to take the photo.


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