Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Vanity

This is my response to Kelly's post about her vanity. I don't consider myself to be vain. Unless I'm being sarcastic, of course. And that happens on a daily basis.

''I do be da pittiest, pittiest girl. I do be dat.''

My MU stash is small. And it could be even smaller, since I don't use 70% of it. This is it:

I don't wear foundation. And you can see that my Revlon foundation is starting to de-color (it must be sooooo old). =) I should throw it away...
I do use some MU though: pressed powder (sometimes), eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick (rarely) and I think that's it.

And my body/face care section:

Face creams & perfumes:

Of course, I have 2 full boxes of nail polish, but that's more like an accessory to me.

I don't consider myself to be pretty. And there isn't enough make up in the world to change that. I'm just the right person to talk about beauty on my blog, right? *insert sarcasm here*

What about your vanity?

Thanks for looking!


  1. My makeup and everything is so scattered. I have a makeup bag in my bathroom, full of makeup I never use. I have a makeup bag in my purse with makeup I usually use. I have two boxes of nail polish under my bathroom counter. I have a bucket full of bottles of lotion under there, too, along with many unused/old face products that really should be thrown out. And I've got a few Body Shop body butters in my bedroom. Oh, and I've got several perfume bottles on my bathroom counter, and several on the bookshelf in my bedroom.

    So, yeah, everything's a bit scattered, haha.

  2. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)January 16, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Sasha you Are very pretty and it shines through even when you hide your face. Beauty really does come from within and spills over onto the outside.
    An ugly human can wear all the makup and lovely fashions but it will never cover the ugly. A beautiful personn can walk around without makeup and wearing rags and everyone can still see how beautiful they are. I have proof!
    When I met Chris, I did not wear makeup at all and dressed up meant I wasn't wearing jammies or sweats, usually jeans and a band shirt. He had tons of outwardly gorgeous women chasing him but he truly saw me and thought I was the most beautiful woman he'd met. I could show you pictures but they are pretty plain.

    As for my makeup...I have my own company so you know I have a shit ton of eye shadows and I have a drawer of eye liners because I'm addicted to eye liner. I never wear foundation, it feels icky. I wear mattifying powder on my nose, forehead and chin. I own 3 blushers, 2 mascaras. I'm playing with lipstick lately but mostly just wear my gloss.
    I honestly only wear makeup a couple of times a month when going outside the house, but I play with eye shadow every day. lol

    My personal vanity, no I'm not vain at all. But accourding to Chris I'm beautiful and I trust him so that's good enough for me.

  3. I do that too: shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and stuff in the bathroom, small MU purse in my bag (eyeliner, mascara); hand cream here, lip balm there. =)

  4. I'm not such a pretty person, you know. I once told an old lady to drop dead and I didn't even know her. But then again, she deserved it. That old bitch!
    This story about you and Chris totally warmed my heart. A true love story. You guys should be really happy to have each other. =) :*

  5. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
    If you think you are not pretty, you need to change lens, cause you are not seeing very well :P
    There's a say, i'll give it a shot to translate it: "god gives nuts only to those who have no teeth". Get it?

  6. =)))) Good one! I've never heard that before. Is it from your country?

  7. I dont' have a tonne of makeup either, on my own vanity, makeup is on the left in a wicker basket. I own one perfume cos it's the only one my husband likes on me! (Britney Spears Fantasy!). I have only about 20/25 nail polishes. I only wear makeup when I go out or host a party or something. During the day in my "Mom-ness" I am all about just a lipgloss usually. But I love having all my things out on my vanity which I keep suprisenly tip top tidy!! I love these blogs where people share! I did one a few weeks back on my own vanity: but I didn't get to see any responses (apart from what I could stalk and find out hehe). So thank you for sharing!!!!!! I think beauty lies in our imperfections. I love the song by Saving Jane called Imperfections. I really like this song and it sums me up!!!!! (hope it was ok to put these links here, I'm not sure what is allowed on comments???)

  8. You know what Sasha? I love to see other girl's stuff. It's like a little girl curiosity I have, like when I was going through my mum's make up dreaming to be a grown up woman (and fucking up her lipsticks - but I no longer do that, he he). It was cute to look at your pics. And yeah, throw up that Revlon foundation, for God's sake! ;)

    Beside, I understand your not finding yourself pretty. I find myself ugly to say the least (stupid childhood) but I try to reconciliate with myself.

    I personally find you physically very charmful. Charm is the key of so much things (I wish I had charm!).

  9. It's OK to post links. =) I already commented on your post and I really think some people just have that curiosity in them... I'm also like that, but I also like to keep some of my things private.
    And about that song... Isn't it great when a gorgeous girl sings about her imperfections. *sarcasm* I've seen that before and it doesn't convince me. =)

  10. Yep. I know all about ruining my mother's lipstick. Closing the cap while the stick is still out will do the trick. =) I'm glad you liked these photos (and I thought this would be boring for you).
    What should I do with Revlon - throw it up? LOL =) Yeah, I'll throw it out. Eventually.
    Thank you, Nathalie! And I'm sure you have just haven't found it yet. ;)

  11. Ah ah!!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who ruined a couple of lipstick. I was doing this when I putting the cap in a rush because my mother was going upstairs. :)

    Concerning charm and beauty, I tend to think we build ourselves and our self esteem based on the mirror image the others send us of ourselves. Just like some people can make you feel valuable, they can make you feel beautiful. When you see the top of your blog, don't you think you have beautiful eyes?

  12. Not really. But I do admire the beauty of the eyes on others. I don't know why, but eyes have always intrigued me. So many colors and variations. Eyes can be so interesting.

  13. This was a great idea for a post! Think I might make one like this myself. I think personally that makeup is something to play around with and have fun with. I love wearing make up and trying out looks but applying lots of it on a regular basis isn't something that fits into my daily routine. I have a lot of makeup for someone that would be considered a non-makeup wearer (on a normal day I wear concealer and mascara max, nothing more!)
    I generally think nearly everyone is beautiful in one way or another, even if it isn't physically! The human race is so interesting in that way:)

  14. my makeup is so scattered. Its in different drawers scattered between the bathrooms in our house, just tossed randomly in, because I really don't wear alot of makeup. Now nail polish is totally different. I have a three level plastic set of drawers that I store all of it in (that I can find. I have boxes of old stashes that randomly turn up.)
    I think you are very pretty, from the few pictures you have posted. I wish I had hair like yours and the picture of you in the starry starry night background you look awesome! Killer legs. But the most important thing is you're super nice, and your sarcasm is funny. Never let anyone or anything lead you to think you aren't amazing

  15. You don't think highly enough of yourself. You are one of the sweetest and darling persons. I think you are very attractive. Your curly hair is gorgeous. You do have beautiful eyes and I'd love to see a full-faced picture of you. I know it's hard to show your picture. I showed mine because of a tag going around. I finally got past it and added my photo to my Google Friend. I'm almost embarassed to tell you about my makeup and nail polish. I have tons of both. I've been crazy about makeup since I was little. My Mother only wore powder and lipstick and some eyebrow pencil. She always used perfume. She always had her powder and paint on in the morning. I always played with her lipsicks and sprayed her perfumes. As soon as I could I started to wear makeup. I only bought makeup. Loads of it. Only drugstore brands when I was younger. Not until I was older did I buy good brands. I only bought MAC last year. From reading the blogs I've been buying different more expensive brands. I have a large bureau which is filled with makeup. Insead of clothing it's mostly all makeup. I rarely go out of the house so I don't even wear makeup much. I would never go out without makeup. I'd have to be on the way to the hospital by way of an emergency to not have makeup on. I don't know if it's vain of me but my makeup is a coverup or a distraction from my body. I was always told my makeup is very nice and I always dressed nicely for my size. I'm very overweight and always on a diet. I guess my makeup obsession and polish play into that. I have two, six drawer plastic container full of polish. I also have three plastic containers. I don't know how it all happened to grow so fast. Nail blog reading I guess. You are a very beautiful person. Don't be so tough on yourself Sasha. Your adorable and I'm glad you had this topic. Sorry I took up so much room. Love you and many big hugs.

  16. judging by some photos you posted, you definitely are pretty! but you better throw away that methusalem Revlon foundation fast before someone uses it and their face falls off =D

  17. Sasha, dont"talk like that! I just agree with Evil Angel -you are very beautiful, everyone can see this even by your posts. And about the outward appearane - look at yourself, you have everythind a woman needs to be beautiful! Just look at your hair, your eyes, face, your sexy figure (it is,really!have seen not many photos, but that was enough to be impressed). I dont"t even mention your delicate hands and nails and your own unique style. So, yeah, you"re definitely not a Barbie, but much better. Just throw this outta your head, cheer up and go on making us glad with your posts! =)

  18. Isn't it funny, how we just buy stuff and don't even use it. =) I agree with your last 2 sentences. =)

  19. It's handy to have MU scattered around, isn't it. =) And thank you, Angie! :***

  20. Thank you, Lucy! =) I guess there isn't a lot of women who wouldn't have a lot more MU than they actually wear. Why would you need MU as a distraction? You see, we all have our minds set to something that usually isn't even true. You know what? Maybe I will post a photo of me - for you. =) Someday.

  21. I will, I will. *embarrassed*

  22. You just made me feel a bit better, you know. =) Thanks, Christabella! ((((hugs))))

  23. {{hug u back}} =)

  24. Sasha, what do you say? You are very pretty! When I'm depressed, I have too negative thoughts. But you should keep in mind that you are beautiful. Trust us ;)

    Would you please reveal us what are your perfumes? I see Crystal Noir in your collection and Amarige. What are others? (I am a perfume junkie and love to see others' collections ;) )

    I love too Amarige. Where do you buy your dupe?

    I love your posts and I hope you'll feel better with your online friends comments :) I check your blog daily and I love it. Thanks for your lovely pictures :)

  25. Oh, and I see that you have too Flying Fox temple balm! I love it too and I use it as perfume cream! So intoxicating :)

  26. Hey, Valerie! Thank you for your support. =) I'll show you my perfume collection soon. =) And I'll also tell you about my Amarige dupe. So, keep checking my blog. ;)
    Readers like you always help me feel better. Thank you! :*

  27. I LOVE the smell of jasmine, so that was my first choice in Lush balms. =)

  28. I love too jasmine and even more ylang-ylang. They are so sensual! :)


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