Friday, January 8, 2010

Nailene Couture False Nails

I received these false nails from Nailene in Starry Sky.

Now, what kind of review would this be, if I didn't put them on. And for the record: I was a false nails virgin until today. *blushes*

What's in the box?
Glad you asked. There are 24 nails in 12 different sizes, a small file, glue and a plastic ''orange stick''.

Since I've never used false nails before, I read and followed the instructions on the box:
1) Buff and clean nails. Push back the cuticles.
2) Apply nail glue to artificial nail.
3) Apply glue to natural nail.
4) Press both together and hold.

Simple as that!

Yeah, right! First of all, I had enormous trouble finding the right size for my nails. These falsies appear to be somewhat short and wide. Since I have quite long nail beds, I had to file down my nails as much as possible in order to find the right false nail length. But guess what. Falsies were just the right length, but waaaay to wide for my nails. Also they get narrower toward the free edge and that's were you could see my nails underneath.

Let's see the first photo.

As you can see, there's another problem. These falsies are curvy and my nails aren't. That's why there's air trapped under the nails. Maybe I should press more, but then again ... I did press more on my pinkie and I almost cracked the false nail.

Ups... There's something peeking...

I don't think this is a fair review. It was my first time using false nails and I might have done something wrong. But that doesn't change the fact that I couldn't find the nails to fit. I wanted to do all 10 nails, but then I realized I used more nails of the same size on one my ring and middle finger on the other hand didn't have their match. Crivens!

I do not like this. And the removal (in the process) ... don't get me started.

STILL - This might be a great option for the girls who bite their nails. They tend to have shorter nail beds and I think these false nails would fit them better.

I'm done with it. Now I know why I'm nurturing my own nails. I don't want to wear these (or any other false nails for that matter) ever again.

Thanks for looking!


  1. They are really pretty nails! I don't think that they would work for me because I don't have curvy nails either; but I tend to avoid falsies altogether.

  2. While these look pretty in the box, fake nails are rarely a good choice. I had one run-in with them at a 7th grade birthday party, and since no one knew what they were doing, we all ended up destroying our real nails and the recovery took almost a year! I'm never going back to them!

  3. I will avoid them at all cost too! My nails are ruined...

  4. Have to agree with you. I hope mine will get better in less than a year.

  5. Hey Nihrida (Hannahbanana here) most likely you pulled these off after you applied them - and yea, that will wreck your nail extra bad. If you had left them off the 10days and they fell off you have less damage... but who can wait that long lol (I never could, when one fell off I'd use my teeth or fingers and lift these off - gross heh) I wore these types of nails daily for about 2 years. 2006-2008 I was all about them. I used Broadway or Kiss brand and maybe I should blog about how I found them considering the extensive wear I've had with them. I learnt how not to get bubbles, how much glue to use etc. The Nailene brand I simply could not tolerate - the design and fit to my own nail never matched. Sounds like you had the same problem. I was all about the french acrylic manicure look - oh how I'm over it now and all about my own nails lol. Tho I do apply these for friends/family for special occasions like weddings/21'st. They do ruin your nails tho - makes them weak and flake a bit. I think you should see improvement in your nail after 1 week if you massage balm into your nail bed daily (or 3 times daily).... Poor you! :( xx

  6. When I had trouble finding time to maintain my sculpted, acrylic nails in 2003, I turned to glue-ons. I wore them for a year, and ruined my nail-beds and plates because I did not use them properly.
    Aside from the rt hand deformity, my natural nail-beds are very wide and totally flat, making for flat and flared tip growth.

    Since I've always yearned for beautiful domed nails and generous c-curved tips, I bought a style of nail totally not suited for my nail shape. and FORCED my nail-plates to comply with the shape of the fake.

    I would drench both my nail-plate and the fakie with glue, and apply the nail with an extreme amount of pressure, FORCING my nail-plates to comply with the shape of the fake.
    I even made a tool for this step...a wooden dowel covered in teflon sheeting.

    And the result? Gorgeous nails without a single gap or bubble.
    The price I paid?
    Pain that bordered on torture, nail-plates that separated from my nail-beds, visible stripes of blood under the plate from cuticle to Hyponychium, fungus and infection. It took over a year for my nails to return to normal.
    I cannot believe I did that to myself.

    After all that, I can say that fakies are a great alternative to less than desirable natural nails. You just have to use common sense when choosing a nail style, and pay attention to those air bubbles if you have them. If moisture gets in any gap, green mold may appear.

  7. The false nails are a very pretty look. Not as pretty as your own gorgeous nails. Please don't do that to your nails again. I've never worn false nails. I don't think I would like the feel of them on me. I could use them now since I have very short nubbins. I miss my longer nails. I won't chop them all of just because I broke one. Keeping acrylics or false nails on all the time can be very damaging to your nails. You must be so careful not to get any infections.

  8. Those are actually really cute, I like the sparkly blue tip. I often wear the odd false nail when I have 1 or 2 nails noticeably shorter than the rest. If they don't fit I take one too big and file it to fit. I also use 2 coats of base coat on my nail first to protect it. I use brush on glue because it is so much easier to use and it doesn't seep everywhere. Also, I read somewhere recently that you can soak the nails in warm water first to make them a bit more flexible and then bend them more to your nail shape. I melt them off with acetone, takes a while, but it's better than pulling them off or buffing. I had a fake on the same nail for atleast a month and it's perfectly fine now, barely any damage at all, just 1 teeny white dot from dryness.

    I'm so sorry your nails are ruined now :( continually drench them in oil for a few days. x

  9. I won't say I removed them gently...but I HAVE been soaking them in acetone remover 4 times for 20 minutes. Scratching off...brushing...
    Soaking my nails in almond oil helps a lot. =)

  10. Oh, that sounds painful! The thing we would do for beauty...
    I agree with you - choosing nail style is very important here. These just weren't made for my type of nails and I caused the damage to my nails myself. Fakies had nothing to do with it. Well, maybe a little. =)

  11. I won't, Lucy! I think my natural nails are good enough. =)

  12. They are cute, but not my style and not my shape. I guess you're an expert when it comes to fake nails. =) I'm glad that you don't have bad experiences with them and you're the proof that they can be good alternative when used properly. =)
    I'm soaking them in oil like crazy.

  13. I agree! I don't like false nails! But I luv this false nail art! I think I wann ado this in my own nail! hauahaua
    Everybody that I meet and use this to wait the nails grow up has transformed the nails in horrible nails! =x


  14. The look of those false nails is pretty, but I don't think they have another positive point ;)
    I tried this kind of false nails years ago, because I wasn't able to make those cute designs by myself, but I had the same problemes as you. And the most difficult is that I fnally never found a falsie that suits my nailbed perfectly !
    Just as you, I'll never try again. Bu I like to watch them in shops because some are good sources of inspiration ^^

  15. (Hannahbanana here) - I really gotta sort out how to show my name when commenting here. But Chicky, that's a real good idea (using a false on one nail when it breaks). Usually when one nail breaks, you know the drill, I file them all down. I may just use this idea instead. Why file them all down for one wee nail... I have hordes of falsie glueons in an organiser - perfect idea!

  16. Well, I think it wouldn't be to hard to do this nail art on your nails. Try it! =)

  17. I agree, some of them are to gorgeous to resist. I have 4 packages of falsies and I love the design... Just don't know..

  18. Yeah, and I forgot to tell you how I stabbed myself in the lower back with these nails. =) One should have a permit for these babies.
    Thank you, PolishPig! =)

  19. Wanna hear a horror story? Back when I was 15, I wore fake nails for about a year. I don't even know WHY I wore them, I've always had really nice nails(they kind of resemble yours). I guess I just didn't wanna wait for them to grow out or something. I got so good at putting on fakes that nobody even knew they were fake. I wore the full-cover undecorated kind, and would paint them black & burgundy cause I was goth, with occasional sculptured acrylic stilettos thrown in once in a while. What's the problem, you ask? Well, whenever they started to grow out, I just PRIED THEM OFF & glued on new ones. Yes, it hurt, and no I don't know why I did it that way. I barely had any nail beds left when I finally stopped wearing them, but it only took about a month or two to get them back to normal. During that time though- OUCH. Even the slightest amount of pressure on my nail beds hurt like hell. I'm amazed I never got any infections or anything.

    Now I can't stand fakes. I don't understand how I managed to wear them 24/7 back then. Every once in a while I'll see a really cute set at Wal-Mart or wherever(I love the Fingrs Edge line, so cute) & buy them, and without fail I'll have taken them off the next day & it's a waste of $7. I just can't stand the way they feel, you can't scratch with them! At least I know how to properly remove them now.

    To get fake nails off faster- Take a heavy duty file & grind off the top layer of the fakes before trying to dissolve them. Most decorated fake nails have an acetone-resistant overlay on them. If you hit another layer of acetone-resistant material, grind that off too & you'll be able to get each nail off MUCH faster.

  20. Nihrida- I'm only an expert because I keep having such bad breaks! I hope the oil is helping your poor nails.

    Hannahbanana- I've not worn a full set of falsies for years and years, but the odd 1 is great for preventing filing them all down. Glad to help! Please remember to put 2 coats of base coat on first though, it helps soooo much. Sadly I think it's time I filed mine all down though because I've had too many accidents lately.

  21. Hi i have also tried these false nails but made i right mess! I to was false nail virgin but as i keep biting mine i bit the bullet and went for it. I got them from False acrylic nails online shop i couldnt wait to try them when i recieved them but wasnt impressed. Ive since tried different kits from this site whith more sucess

  22. That's exactlt how my nails are!! I have the safari kind on right now!! they are really cute but i have the same problem! hahhahaha but those are pretty!

  23. I just purchased these same exact nails. I was a long time wearer of acrylic nails, and when they had to be removed due to an allergic reaction, I was very very upset. I didn't know how I would get thru life with out them. Needless to say, I purchased glue on nails and have no idea, why I didn't do this before... I luv the way glue on nails look and feel like my natural nials. Plus, they are a fraction of the price I used to pay for acrylics!!! and I never have them cause damage to my natural nails. Our real nails do not breath, there for do not need air...I learned that in beauty school if anyone wants to know, so keeping your nails covered with polish or falsies, isn't going to kill them! I luv the look of these nails in your blog, Im sorry that u didn't have any luck with them....luv your blog and have a great nail day

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