Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bookmark from Zindy

I got a letter from Zindy! I bet you all know her. =) She's the amazing artist from Denmark and I ''won'' her bookmark! YAY!! *does the happy dance*

My sister Amikadeja and I have been ''stalking'' her website for such a long time. =) She was our main inspiration to draw portraits in pencil and we even bought the same pencils, rubbers and other materials she used. =) Her tutorials are the best and her drawings are out of this world. You should definitely check them out: HERE (pick your medium in the sidebar with the thumbnails and be amazed!).

To illustrate my passion and love: if Siobhan is my nail polish queen bee, then Zindy must be my drawing queen bee! =D

She wrote me a note on the back side of this (no, you're not going to see what she wrote!). =)

And this is the bookmark: Taaa-daaa!

Gorgeous, isn't it? I'm gonna cherish this one... It's only going to be used for my favourite two books: Bram Stoker's Dracula and Poe's Spirits of the Dead: Poems and Tales. =)

Thank you so much, Zindy! :*

Zindy's Website
Zindy's Blog
Zindy's Shop

Want your own or someone's special portrait by Zindy? Click HERE.

P.S.: I'm not affiliated with her in any way. I just love her!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This girl does amazing stuff. And this bookmark you've got is really pretty

  2. weird I never heard of her before but congrats on your "win" :P

  3. Lovely blog! :)

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:


  4. Owner of The Nailphile blog. ;)

  5. How wonderful and special to have that beautiful bookmark. I will have to check out her website. I can't draw like that at all. I used to draw some when I was a teenager. Nothing in anyway like that. I never used any shading that brings a portrait to life. I really admire people that can draw.

  6. Zelo lepo kazalo! In zelo sem vesela da sem zvedela za njeno stran ... Njene risbe so čisto po mojem okusu! <3
    Sem si že naročila par stvari ;)

  7. Aw, I am really happy you were so happy to receive it you did this post, that's really sweet .
    The bookmark looks really great taken with your camera, even better than mine did, it looks much clearer. Doesn't help we have such bad lightening here with the grey grey winter:/
    This made me smile, thanks much :)

  8. What can I say - I'm a huge fan of yours. =)


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