Monday, February 15, 2010

Brightest of Them All

New polish stash photos! =)

Here are my brigtest ones: yellows. I don't wear yellows that often though. First three are flakies and glitters, last three are cremes.

I know, I know... Fortune Teller isn't bright. Duh! But I decided to put it in my orange collection, 'cause the glitter is orange. Don't judge me! =)

And neons - these are so neon I can't even tell if they're pink, red or orange. Let's just call them neon, OK? =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. i want fortune teller :)do you know where you buy it ? thanks

  2. it was limited edition. Victoria Nail supply had an exclusive CG made called Black Magic, but it's out of stock now :(

  3. I love all these. Espesh your "neons" and yellows. I'd put Fortune teller in orange also because the glitter is orange. But I'm weird...

  4. I guess we're both equaly weird. =)

  5. I want your yellow collection! I love yellows!

  6. *sigh* I wanted Fortune Teller so bad but my Sally's never got it. My Sally's sucks.

  7. Great collection! I wouldn't mind to get some of these...

  8. I'd love to have Fortune Teller. I don't go to Sally's so i never got it. I do have the one made for VNS. It's the same colors but a very fine glitter. I love yellows also and am always tempted to buy them. Peach Keen and High Hopes are really pretty shades.

  9. That's strange, I put Lubu Heels in the blacks, yet I put Night Prowl which is purple glitter in black in the purples...

    I wish I had fortune teller! I missed it the two times it was actually in stock.


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