Friday, February 12, 2010

Glitter Gal nail polish

Don't worry. I didn't forget about the stash photos... The plan changed a bit, because I got two nail polishes from Down Under yesterday. Here they are:

These were sent to me by Glitter Gal to review. I'm not really impressed with the names, but they look awesome, don't they?

Let's start with the red one. This one took 2 coats over Nailtek Foundation II and it dried kind of matte. Still, I didn't put any top coat on, I want you to see it by itself.

Glitter Gal, 3D Red, 2 coats

Now this one I really love! Blue holographic goodness. It looks amazing in the bottle and it looks just as amazing on the nails. It took 3 coats over Nailtek Foundation II. Holographic nail polishes don't usually apply very nicely over base coat, but these two didn't cause me any troubles at all.

Glitter Gal, 3D Blue, 3 coats

I don't know if it's just me, but my photos are worse then they were before I got ill. Is Crappy feeling left out? Anyway. These two are more beautiful in real life than on this craptastic photos. Keep that in mind.

Conclusion: I LOVE these two polishes (but I love blue more than red, just because). The application is great, brush isn't the best, but it gets the job done. The holo is really visible, even in this gloomy winter lighting - that's a huge plus. I do have one problem with it. The bottle is so darn small. I don't know if this is the sample size or not, but it's TINY. It says 9 mL on the bottle, but when I compared the bottle with my 8 mL bottle of Collection 2000 Hot Looks bottle, it looks smaller. Well, it IS smaller. That's a mystery to me: how can you have two bottles, both full of nail polish and the bigger one has 8 mL of content and the small one has 9 mL of it. *calculates*
Anyway, let's say that size doesn't matter (yeah, right *coughs*) - I can only recommend you to try this polish. Any shade from the 3D line! I think you'll like it. =) You can get your Glitter Gal nail polish in their online store. There's 19 different holographic shades for 9.95 dollars per bottle. That's Australian dollars (I think). They also carry regular (non-holo) shades, but I didn't have any experience with them, so I don't know what they're like. Let me know if you tried them. ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. WOW, those are gorgeous colors!

  2. Ohh kako sta lepa! Modri me spominja na NfuOhca, toda boljsa verzija!
    Imena pa so... ej obupna :))))

    Hey I have 'red' nail polish on..
    Ohhh so pretty!
    What is it called?!
    No I mean, the name!?
    That's it, RED!

    Ok cel dialog :)))

  3. ROFL! OK, še zmeraj boljše kot S-he in njihove številke. Tukaj je vsaj očitno.

  4. Nice swatches, and you have really pretty nails.

    About the size of the bottles, it could be the thickness of the glass, like the 8 mL bottle has more glass on the outside (but is smaller inside) than the 9 mL bottle.

  5. I'm LOVING that blue!! I don't understand AU dollars though...must research that haha!

  6. Yikes, its like $8.50 US...a bit too much for a small polish like that!

  7. Wish the red was a little more holo. But $ way.

  8. I love the blue one, that HOLO is INSANE!

  9. I love these colors. the blue one is so freakin' holo!

  10. have you seen the green or deep green gitter gal holos irl?


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