Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LA Girl RockStar - Punk

Antoher polish from the LA Girl RockStar collection that I got from Lisa. Punk is a gorgeous blue shimmery nail polish that flashes purple and gold in the bottle. Thanks, Lisa! :*

It's mostly blue on my nails... under the right light you can see the purple shimmer, but not as much as you can in the bottle. It's still very beautiful. See for yourself.

LA Girl RockStar, Punk, 3 coats

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ooo, I am in love with that polish!

  2. i love this polish !!! love this color !!

  3. Looks great in the bottle...
    On your nails, is it also duochrome?

  4. Saw your nails, freaked out and said LOVE, must have! Then I said wait, looked in my stash and there she was! This looks like it will look great in the sun, if it ever comes out.

  5. Oh, it's gorgeus colour and your nails too.

  6. I bought the whole Rockstar collection. I really like all of the shades. This is gorgeous on you.

  7. Not really. You can see purple shimmer under certain angles...but couldn't capture it on photo.

  8. I've loved it ever since I saw it on Scrangie.


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