Sunday, February 21, 2010


Let's move on from all the bad things and look at some pretty nail polish bottles, shall we? =) Here come the purples!

Some of these should be in the blue category, I guess... =)

True blurples:


Light purples.

Dark creme purples. Isadora has a matte finish.

Somewhere in between:

Look at the pretties!

True purples: you need China Glaze Grape Pop and Orly Charged Up. ChG is creme and Orly is jelly-ish.

CC is another must-have.

Purple shimmers. Yasmeen = must-have.

Claire's Magic - another must-have for purple lovers.

Glitters and flakies.

Two shimmers and neon Flying Dragon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Aaaaa! I want them all! I need them all! :D

  2. I want Arabian Night.
    My personal love is OPI Grape Fit. Great polish.
    I have Totally Cool which is fabulous.
    A great glittery purple is BYS Voodoo Violet.

  3. Oh no, there's no need to get them ALL. =) Just kidding!

  4. Arabian Night is so gorgeous and unique shade. I personally don't like OPI polishes, so no Grape Fit for me. =)

  5. Oh I just love your purple collection! Hope you are feeling better today hun :*

  6. Oh my god.


    I'm all about purples! Your collection is DIVINE!
    I have added quite a few of them to my wish list now!

    Awesome, thanks! <3

  7. Great post! Love your pics!
    I really need Milani Totally Cool!

  8. Evening Seduction and Affair are fantastic.

  9. definitively the most impressive part of collection :D

    and yeah everyone get milani totally cool and sinful daddy's girl, THEY ROCK! :)

  10. Thats a whole lot of delicous! I'm glad I already have a few of them or else my wallet would be crying.

  11. Let's Groove looks awesome!!! I wish i could buy China Glaze in my country :(.

  12. Wow that's a great collection of blues and purples! I'm in the process of tracking down China Glaze retailer in my area...if there isn't any I might have to get them online..

  13. nice collection !! love purple !

  14. Thanks! I'm feeling better.

  15. You're welcome! I don't hear many thanks for making lemmings.=)

  16. Thanks, Sanna! Milani really is Totally Cool.

  17. I recommend Trans Design and 8ty8 Beauty online stores. =)

  18. Your singing to the choir with these! I luvs my purples, in all shades! My and Aprils weddings were both done in lavenders and purples. It's just a stunning color.

  19. I am in purple heaven!!! I can't even pick a top five let alone a fave. I see to much that I like and now want..toooo much polish eye candy for me to handle!! You have a great collection.

  20. I think I call tell what your favorite color polish is. There's so many beauties there. Purple is my favorite after green.

  21. *gasps* Que es eso? An OPI, is that what I see there! 2 OPIs!


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