Monday, February 15, 2010

Red & Burgundy

Red & Burgundy part of my nail polish collection.

This reds all look the same. Maybe they are, maybe not. Don't feel like comparing them at all.

Little darker part... all cremes. Sacred Heart is supposed to be neon (still on my untried list).

And even darker part. Like them all. Equally.

Burgundy shimmers.

More burgundy shimmers. They look so uninteresting on these photos, don't they?

And special ones: Ruby Pumps (most beautiful red glitter), Midnight in Moscow (one of the OPI must-haves) and Temptress which might kick OPI's ass. Will do a comparison soon.

What is your favorite classic red shade? Any other special red ones?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Evil Angel (AKA missnono)February 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM

    You know that I'm hoplessly addicted to reds. MME Moriarty, OPI Vampire State building and BB Couture Erotic Nights are my favorites.
    I'm afraid to count but I probably have 30 or so reds. lol

  2. I'm with you on that Midnight in Moscow! Got a mani in an airport once on my way to a girlfriend getaway and that was the color I chose...I had to find it again, and recently added it to my collex. C:
    I also LOVE Essie Fishnet Stockings

  3. Oh dear! They are very, very sweet =) Well, now my fave is Orly - Red carpet: bright red with red shimmer. Sometimes it looks loke jelly, sometimes not. And, yes, burgundy (though I prefer to call them cherry: OPI Black cherry chutney - try this, I beg! =) And also Orly - Moonlight madness! wanna see more of ur stash =)

  4. Oh, red polishes... I'm in love :)

    My favourite is probabaly gorgeus shimmery red shade - ChG Thunderbird - not just the colour, the name is great too.

  5. I am just getting into bright reds. I love Ruby Pumps and Short and Sassy! I just got Cherry Chutney and cant wait to try it! ~ Sylvia

  6. i love the sally hansen cherry nice & rimmel rapid ruby.. u have so much nice collection..

  7. I have one I always come back to, and I fall in love with it again and again: OPI's Cara Mia Crimson. It's so fabulous! A clean, vibrant red with subtle gold shimmer. Oooh, it's so gorgeous. :)
    If you want to take a peak, I have swatched it:

  8. Although I'm not that much into reds, I have two favourites: Essie's - Bordeaux and Precision - Twinkle Toes (a sparkly beauty). I can't believe that I haven't swatched/showed Bordeaux on my blog yet. But I swatched Twinkle Toes... ;)

  9. I'm not really a red person and don't like much bright classical reds. But I like darker shades and burgudy a lot !
    I really adore Ruby Pumps and Short n' Sassy ^^

  10. I was looking at that BB Couture one...but never got it.

  11. I don't think I'll try BCC, 'cause I don't like OPI that much. =) You'll see my whole stash soon.

  12. It's a nice red, but it's a no-no for me, because of the shimmer. ;)

  13. Well, what are you waiting for? =)

  14. I don't think the burgundies are boring at all. I love those shades. I have so many reds. Sometimes it hard to stop myself from buying more. I did stop because I have many different shades. I'm really trying to just buy something that is very different from anything that I already have. It's difficult when all the new collections come out. They all look so pretty.

  15. Aww, I want Temptress. Allure looks really nice.


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