Wednesday, March 17, 2010

@ China Glaze & Essence: I don't love you anymore!

I'm pi*sed off. And I've been pi*sed off for a few weeks now. I finally decided to let it all out.

1) China Glaze - I've always loved this company. Their polishes are one of the best in my opinion, but they got on my nerves in the last few weeks. People were asking me about it and here it is: China Glaze was the only company that reached out to me and offered to send me their collections for review (that's right - THEY contacted me). I got 2 collections: Wizard Of Ooh Ahz and Up & Away and I think I did a good job swatching them. For the Poolside collection they contacted me if I was interested and I said yes (who would turn down free nail polish?). Then all the drama began. Their representative send me an e-mail telling me that their shipping company doesn't want to ship to Slovenia anymore. They could send to other EU countries and if I had a friend in any of those countries, they could send the collection there and that person would re-send it to me...WTF?! I thought that was weird and asked what's the problem: why not to Slovenia, but to other EU countries. She said it was the money. I confronted her again, saying that I don't/can't believe it's money...I mean, why would shipping to Slovenia cost more than shipping to France? Then she said they have a new shipping managing guy and that HE doesn't want to ship, then it was the money again... Whole lot of drama.
Why am I so disappointed? Because they didn't have the guts to tell me honestly. You don't like my blog, my swatches? OK. Thank you for sending me polishes, our business is done.
I'm not 10 years old, I can take it!

2) Essence - You all know Essence, right? It was one of those rare brands you couldn't get in the US. I e-mailed them months back asking if they'll sell their products online in the future so that US girls could buy Essence products too. They wrote back and said that they're know to have cheap cosmetics for every girl and that shipping would make it not-so-cheap.
OK, I guess that makes sense... in a way. But then again - what are you? Mother Theresa of cosmetics? Why don't you just give it away for free if your sole interest is in bringing us cosmetics and not earning money. Come on! It's capitalism we live in!

Not so long ago they started selling their products in US as well. Everything is OK with that, but just one thing, dear Essence: how come the products are cheaper in the States? Aren't they all made in EU? Doesn't it cost money to get all the products on the other side of the Atlantic?

Look at these two products I purchased on Saturday:

Stamper was €3.49 and nail stickers €1.89. There's a receipt below, if you don't believe me. =)
If I remember correctly, this stamper costs 3 USD in the US. Hmmm... Great! Well, at least I bought it for a good cause. I'm gonna send it to my dear friend Ange-Marie (to the States). Don't point out the fact that she could have just bought it for herself and payed less. ;)
And about those stickers. 10 pieces. You literally get 10 stickers (for one manicure) and it costs €1.89?!? WTF?! I don't even want to comment that...

So US ladies... you should know you're really lucky when it comes to nail polish/cosmetics shopping. There are no dusties in EU, no Dollar Trees... we can get OPI and ChG here now...but it's so overpriced it makes you wanna vomit. And BTW: about those trend edition Essence stuff - even we struggle to get them. ;)

Anyone wants to add something?

Thanks for looking!


  1. So true!
    This week a website oprned for the UK cosmetics brand Sleek, the US girls created a whole drama because it cost £12 for shipping. Ok that ain't cheap, but it's nowhere as ridiculous as the £30ish dollars asked by RBL for shipping or the increased Cherry Culture shipping costs either.
    I can't believe what that China Glaze PR told you, it sure sounds weird to ship everywhere but to Slovenia ?!
    As for Essence their whole distribution policy is just a complete nonsense, I just hope they realise soon enough that there's no need for yet another brand of cheap makeup in the US, at least before they go bankrupt :/

  2. Oh boy.. Don't get me wrong, but it sounds like that new sales guy thinks Slovenia is a third world country where people have difficulty to get connected to the net, so it would be a waste to send the polishes to you.

  3. I had a similar problem with China Glaze. They offered me the polishes but then they told me it couldn't be sent to Brazil. As the blog that I write has a girl from Portugal, they sent for her. I don't know why until today.

  4. That's unfair and stupid! I read your blog, I see your swatches, and thanks to you, I've bought the Up &away collection. And I live in Spain!! your blog is written in english, so, there's a lot of people in the world who can read it!! Don't they realize it doesn't make sense at all???

    Ah, and about essence's issue... I agree totally with you

  5. I know what you mean about the ridiculous prices of the China Glaze, OPI, Nubar, etc...

    Also I find it really strange that the essence product prices of DM& Müller vary- the DM prices are about 10,20 cents higher than the Müller ones... crazy

  6. As far as CG...its their loss! Typical big company answer. :(

  7. That sucks. What is hilarious is that most companies won't send to Canada from the US and we are attached to the same effin' hunk of land! Some will send to Europe... but NOT CANADA.. WTF. I know it is completely possible to do it since I order from the US. Come f*cking on. @$$holes.
    What really ticks me off is that some companies won't even bother emailing you back. Like you aren't worth their 20 seconds for a reply.

  8. China Glaze is ridic!! You have BETTER swatches and WAY more readers than some people they've sent to in the past! I'm more likely to buy something after seeing it here rather than some of the other blogs (not going to mention them here).

  9. OPI is sooo expensive here in Norway as well. Im talking between 17-20$ a bottle!!

  10. I wanna comment about the China Glaze shit too. The PR I've spoken with flat out said the VIxens collex isn't "official" and has no release set yet. THEN TWEETED AND FB'D ABOUT THAT SAME RELEASE NOT 10 MINUTES LATER! I'm fed up too. I'm so over it. China Glaze grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! AND, it is NOT the money, because it was cheaper for me to send things to Slovenia than it was for me to send to Sweden, France, and somewhere else I can't remember, but SLOVENIA WAS THE CHEAPEST. UGh sorry for all the caps, but I'm PISSED. Its bullshit.
    About the Essence thats total shit that its cheaper here, and not fair. It makes no sense, unless America is giving them a secret import break or something ridiculous. Which actually sounds like something the friggin USA would do. I'm american, and I'll be the first to admit, we play dirty in economics. Its no wonder half the world hates our government. It pisses me off to read that everyone is getting charged upwards of 15$ for OPI and China Glaze. For god's sake its fucking NAIL POLISH. It costs like 2 dollars to make, with ALL the materials included.

  11. p.s. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! you are so sweet getting me the stampy! kiss!

  12. OPI prices! I don't buy them. Stupidly expensive.
    China G? That's crazy - they are silly prices too so I don't buy them unless I've seen them blogged extensively. That is not good press for them.
    Essence? Can't get it in the UK. Who are they to tell me I don't want to pay the postage? There's a word for that - w@nkers...
    I send and receive polishes all over the place and I don't think postal prices are a big issue. They don't need to be. I don't charge much and nobody is put off by the postage price so what is this nonsense?
    I fail to understand why OPI is £10 in Sally's in the UK. I just DO NOT GET IT!!!!

  13. RBL prices are so over the top, I don't think I'll EVER own one of their shades. And I think that shipping should be shipping and not another way to earn money.
    And about ChG - well, you said it!

  14. ROFL =))) Guess so!

  15. Weird! I think I'll never understand their way of solving things...

  16. That's crazy all around.

    China Glaze sent me two collections a while back and removed me from their list, and I never could find out why, so it's not just you (if that helps).

  17. =) It's nice to hear that my swatches are helpful.
    We're nail polish deprived here in Europe. So sad.

  18. I never noticed that prices vary. Will pay more attention to it the next time I visit DM. Thanks for info!

  19. IF you ever get an answer...

  20. Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Especially when Sally Hansen polishes came out and all the US girls were ranting about it and how it's Canada only... Well, it's the same continent - swap!
    Have to agree with you on the replying matter. Why do they have a contact e-mail address if there's noone to reply...
    BTW: You really made an impression on me... Don't know why, but I immediately memorized your name and photo. =)

  21. Thank you! =) I'm not saying they should still be sending nail polish to me... I just wish they had told me the truth.

  22. Same here. It's 14€. But as I heard, everything is more expensive in Scandinavia... So 14€ in Slovenia is even more ridiculous.

  23. Let it out...let it all out! =)

    P.S: You'll get the stampy with the other goddies!

  24. At least you have Barry M, Models Own, Nails Inc... =) That's something, right? ;)

  25. So bizarre about ChG. Your swatches and blog are incredibly appreciated and helpful, so I am sure it can't be because they don't like it..... I just wish you'd get a straight answer out of them.

    In re: Essence, that, too, is incredibly weird. The only thing I can think of is volume - as you mentioned capitalism, it could be a case of supply-and-demand: Cheaper in the US because there's a larger market? I don't know, of course - just brainstorming....

  26. =D It doesn't help and it doesn't make me feel any better. It just proves that there's something wrong with them.

    I love looking at your swatches, Queen Bee!

  27. Thank you, Karina! I really appreciate that. =)

    Honestly, I only studied economics for 3 months and then I ran as fast as I could. =) I don't get economics AT ALL.

  28. Svašta! Eh, eni so res tako nezreli, da ti ne znajo povedat v faco in verjemi, ni tako samo na internetu ampak tudi v RL!

    Kaaaaaj Essence je bolj poceni v USP? Grr...

  29. You're so sweet I luvz you

  30. That really sucks... sometimes the PR issues surrounding blogging really take the shine off of this hobby! Hopefully ChG reconsiders their policy.

  31. A lot of us(bloggers) are having issues with China Glaze's PR and either getting the run around, dishonesty or flat out ignoring.
    I don't understand what their protocall is for choosing whom to send samples to and who not to but it all seem pretty shitty to treat the people who promote your products like this.

    As far as Essence that makes no sense to sell in Europe for more than in US when it has to be sent overseas to get here, that has to cost a lot more than shipping throughout Europe.

    Grrrr......Come on big Corporate yahoos pull your heads out of your bums and think about what you are doing!

  32. *sigh*
    similar stories on ChG. But I reacted in a different way, which I now realize was immature. I actually sent them a different adrress...I couldn't help it :(
    I have only 18 polishes and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity.
    Plus, I have never triesd ChG, OPI, ColorClub, etc. etc. be4, v don't get them here. So i went kind of crazy at that time....i was greedy and desperate. after seeing all stash photos on blogs, I became greedy....There, i admit it.
    And you won't believe it, all they ended up sending was one polish!ONE!
    But now I realize that was seriously ridiculous of me.

    I just sent them a long email the other day explaining that I don't want to review their stuff again since it was too much trouble for them , me and my friend. I was polite and apologized. Guess what, after a mile long email they did not have the courtesy to reply.

  33. Totally agree about RBL, I wanted (and still want) to get my hands on a bottle of Scrangie and they tried to charge me $42 shipping. I'm dedicated, but I'm not that dedicated!

  34. I was surprise to find out the cosmetics I order from Essence are made in china, the stampy set is also made in china, but the nail polish ( made in France) .
    I would guess government charges more taxes to import to European countries than to USA.
    I hope CG reconsider your blog! They should send us free nail polish to all of us! ^_^

  35. Hi Nihrida...First off, I never lied to you, nor was I ever dishonest with you. What I have told you is the complete truth. I have always loved reading your blog and yes, that is why I contacted you in the first place. And as you can tell, I still read your blog. I truly do wish that I could still send you polish, but please, PLEASE understand that shipping is out of my jurisdiction. I work in the PR department and shipping is not in my hands. If it is company policy (and a new policy) then I can't do anything about it. $300 US dollars is quite a large amount to be spending to ship a couple polishes, and I'm sure that is why that rule came into play.

    I work very, VERY hard trying to fulfill every single request that we receive and we definitely receive A LOT. You putting me down in such a public way like this really makes me sad and wonder why you would tell people I'm wasn't being honest with you. I feel like you are holding this shipping issue against me personally, when I have absolutely NOTHING to do with the shipping department. If you would like to personally contact our shipping manager, I would more than glad to forward you his info and you can talk to him yourself. Maybe he can further explain into detail why we cannot ship to Slovenia and some other countries around the world. Feel free to let me know, you have my email address.

    I'm sorry that you feel this way about China Glaze, but please understand me not being able to send you polishes is nothing personal towards you. I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to do so.

  36. Hi Rhea...Yes, I did get your email today. Please understand that I get lots of other emails and it takes me some time to get through all of them. I will be responding to it shortly.

  37. Hi Evil Angel...I pride myself in being honest human being, and my sincerest apologies if you feel that you have been given the run around. It's not done on purpose, but please understand that there is a lot to be done in one day and I do not EVER purposely ignore anyone. And yes, there are emails that slip through the cracks...this happens to everyone.

    As for samples, we receive an allocated amount from the marketing dept. that we send to the bloggers that we have been working with for the longest. After that, it takes awhile to receive more samples and when we do get those, it's basically like drawing names from as to who we send to. There is such a long list that it really does take time to get through, Please understand that it is nothing personal.

  38. hey c'om irene. she wasn't targeting you personally, she did not say that =)

    but I really cannot possible believe $300?

  39. Hi Ange Marie, The Vintage Vixen collection isn't official yet. The other day, the marketing team was STILL working on tweaking one of the colors and coming up with a tagline for the advertising. I tweeted about it because of the high volume of tweets I was getting about Vintage Vixen. I did not want the China Glaze fans to feel as thought I was ignoring their questions, when they were ones that I was able to answer. When a collection is official, I will always write a press release and release that to the bloggers with an image. The bloggers who are receiving early information are most likely getting it from our distributors or sales people and what they have on hand is just to sell the collection...there is nothing official about it. I believe that you are on the press list, so I'm sure that you will be receiving information when everything is set in stone and ready to go.

  40. Hi Siobahn...I was told by someone in our marketing team (who is on MUA daily) that you had stopped blogging. I guess this was a misunderstanding. I believe you emailed me today, we can discuss this further later on this week.

  41. Oh, I know...but when I'm the one that contacted her in the first place, it makes me feel as though I'm the one responsible for not being able to send her the polish.

    Yes, $300 is the amount I was quoted by our shipping manager. I'm not joking around.

  42. Hi Irene, I see your point, I know about the shipment prices and stuff, they came out with new rules everyday.

    This seems to me like a misunderstanding, just my personal opinion.

    Btw Irene, can I dream about you contacting me ? when I am going to have like 500 folllowers! ^_^, my blog is still giving baby steps ;).

  43. I can understand what the shipping costs can be as someone who has send out polishes to bloggers myself. But I also understand that its tough for some companies when they get new people to understand that bloggers are important no matter where they live. This is a small world thanks to the web, but not everyone has that kind of thinking going on yet.. lol
    It also sounds like the young lady Irene is trying the best that she can, all us can be tough when we really want something. I got my eyes on a nail polish brand in Australia that won't even talk to me because I'm in the US never mind I'm a business owner too..
    Love your blog, as always its wonderful when someone says what is on their mind in hopes that the problem can be worked out somehow.
    Do hope everything gets worked out soon for you.. :)

  44. word!!!
    I love your blog!

  45. How ridiculous of essence :O just beacuse they are used to makeup being cheap int US doesn't mean it justifies products being overprised in Europe and then launched cheap in the US. Although those prices are nothing, in Sweden a OPI nailpolish costs 15 euro!
    I think all the brands and stores in europe should stop being so greedy (so i can afford lots and lots of makeup :D :P). But anyway thanks for a blog with great swatches and real thoughts :)

  46. Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that! That really is such a bummer! I don't understand why shipping cost would play a big role though, I mean, would you rather spend more on shipping to send to a more established blogger, or send out to the first unknown who happens to live in the same state? In any case, in the larger scheme of things (like a company's advertising budget) I don't really think shipping cost matters that much as compared to other items, like magazine ads and stuff like that, so I don't know why that would be a reason really. As a fellow Europe-based girl, I really do feel your pain...It's enough that we have to pay ripoff prices for OPI and other US brands (wait til you check out Asia, where I'm from. OPI is considered high-end there)...but sometimes it seems like the polish companies don't care that we're a market too. Or they think that once they export it entitles them to charge high-end prices for midrange products...girls in Europe and Asia KNOW how much stuff costs in the US, and we benchmark accordingly :(

    And as for Essence - how is it possible that something Europe-based is more expensive in Europe than in the US? That's ridiculous, but I've seen it before. Becca Cosmetics is from Australia, but they're paradoxically more expensive in Asia than in the US, although Australia is SO MUCH closer to Asia than the US. I suspect the companies just lower prices in the US because the retail market there is more competitive, with lower prices and more sales. It's like, the cosmetic equivalent of agricultural dumping. I don't like it, but I guess that's business for you...

  47. I'm in asia, I know what ur talking about :(

  48. I agree with you when you say US ladies have luck ! I live in Belgium, which is right next to Germany where Essence products are made and I can only find regular polishes and some make up. No special edition, no stamping or nail art products ... Why don't they come in a country so near of Germany ?
    I can find China Glaze in one shop. They cost about 10€ and have been available for the last 6 months in 4 colours. Yes, FOUR. That's ridiculous.
    And finally, I don't have any place to buy OPI, but I can get some in France for ... 18€ ><
    I really can't understand why prices and stocks are so ridiculous in Europe ! And it's not only about nail polish and make up ;)

  49. I believe you, but I'm just wondering that since I can go to the USPS and send polishes around the world for not a high cost, why can't CG just go to the post office if the shipping department is being ridiculous? And how come it didn't cost $300 then? What was the sudden hike in shipping prices a result from?

  50. I bought an OPI polish in Spain for almost 15€!! of course, before to know I can buy them cheaper on online stores. Why do they do this to european people? do we have more money than US ladies? all this doesn't make any sense...

  51. We nonUS girls and nail polish maniacs really don´t have it easy. I love your blog and your swatches of Up and Away were one of the best, I hope to see more China Glaze from you...

  52. Actually, i think the big problems comes with the price range in Europe for cosmetics, especially in western Europe. I was born and lived in France about 20 years and i'm now in Ukraine where i see EVERYDAY cheap but good cosmetics, such as Inglot or Eveline for example. These company are not represented and not sold in France, where the choice is really small. You can buy Chanel, etc or Bourjois/Sephora, but it's complicated to find to cheaper products. When you can find them, they're considered as crap and low quality products (you know, French mentality :)) )...
    In Ukraine you can also fond Chanel and other high brands but when you buy something cheap (i means 1€ for a nailpolish) you don't consider it as a poor product. What would happen in France if OPI sells their polishes for 3€ ? People will consider them as low-range products. The fact they sell them for 18€ places the polishes at the same "quality" and prestige as Chanel or Dior ones, ie "omg i'm so cool, i wear YDKJ, my 18€ polish". Sadly, only few girls from the blogosphere know that OPI polishes cost about 4$ on e-tailers, even if the same girlstake part to spread the "buzz" about them...

    And i bet the cosmetic companies know that perfectly :) As you said, their goal is just to make profits, what i consider to be perfectly normal.
    But, what the PR services tend to forget is that bloggers are not stupid and they're just as the other customers, with an influence added. I think they have to pay attention to this influence as it can be useful or bad at the same proportions.

    The story about the shipping charges is really strange, maybe the guy made a mistake or something. Because 300$ for less than 10 bottles, come on, even if you send them in Siberia, it would be cheaper :)) Just as when you see TransDesign shipping costs, maybe they could just ask them :)
    I'm curious to know the price to ship to Ukraine, as it tend to be considered as a third-world country too ;) (and btw if it's cheaper, i'm okay to send them to you !!)

  53. Sorry about that. It just seemed so coincidental that I was told it wasn't a confirmed collection, and then to have it tweeted/fb'd a few minutes later. I hope you can see how I would have misconstrued that. Sounds like your distributors and sales are jumping the gun and creating more work for you and problems where they don't need to be. I apologize

  54. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardMarch 18, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    I think, in the case of Canada, some companies still think nail polish can't be shipped there legally...they haven't updated their knowledge base...and it's their loss in sales revenue.

  55. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardMarch 18, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    It's quite possible that Essence isn't being shipped, but manufactured in the states. That could explain the pricing.

  56. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardMarch 18, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    Simple economics says: price according to what the market will bear. Supply and demand affects price (lower when abundant, higher when scarce - see evil bay.) So the solution is simple really (even though it's complicated to execute) everyone stop buying nail polish! Stop paying the exorbitant prices and wait a few months...they'll come down slowly and hold at the price you start buying again.

    I think, with the current economy worldwide, we're going to see a lot of companies cutting back on their marketing budgets (the absolute worst thing to do in a economic downturn, but the first budget a not-so-savvy CEO wants to cut) and therefore have less to ship out for samples and reviews. As much as we all love nail polish, we have no idea how the economy is affecting China Glaze. I have cut back on a lot of beauty product purchasing (nail polish being the exception) but there are many women who made nail polish their first cut and that's gonna hurt the companies who sell it and make them have to cut back somewhere.

    The way things were a year ago, we're all pretty lucky that ChG or any other US polish manufacturer is still in business. We were on the verge of another great depression, and many have no idea just how close we were.

    Hang in there, this storm will pass.

    As for Essence, if it's made in China, it make sense it would be less expensive here. Again, economics...and US relations with China.

    As for shipping to Slovenia at $300...The post office picks up packages too and it's far less expensive than FedEx. Someone needs an education in shipping options and pricing and it's not Irene's job to do that. Hopefully she can find a champion at CG to help her get the shipping department educated. :)

    Good luck!

  57. Could be... Will have to ask one of the girls in US.

  58. Jap, jap... Tako je to.

  59. I appreciate the fact that you admitted it. I think I've sent out more than one e-mail to several companies, but I always just wrote my blog address... No reason to send them my mail address if they don't answer anyway.

  60. :O That's the highest so far...

  61. My stampy also has ''made in china'' written on it...and the stickers are made in Korea and nail polish in EU... Weird.
    It would be insane to send us all free nail polish... =)

  62. Hey, Irene!

    As I already wrote in my new post - I never mentioned you. I believe your were lied to as well... I could sense that you aren't really sure what all the fuss is about and I got a feeling that your really want to help.
    I DO understand it's not your jurisdiction, that's why I never mentioned you personally. My communication with you has always been on a good level. Even when problems occured.

    I do believe that you work hard and I never said you don't. And I think it's unfair of you to say that I've put you down - WHERE did I ever mention you?

    I can't believe that a person working for a company as their PR would take criticism on their company's policy so personally. Why?

    I'm glad and honoured that you enjoy reading my blog. But I don't want you to read it and think that I hold grudges against you, 'cause I don't. Hope I'll see you around, 'cause you seem like a nice person. The company you work for has nothing to do with it.

  63. I have to agree with you: world is small! =) But on the other hand, when Iwant to get my hands on something from Canada or Australia, it's like it's from another planet. ;)
    It's an honor to me that you like my blog. =) *blushes*

    P.S: It's already worked out, I just don't like dirty games.

  64. Thanks, Sanna! :*

  65. Thank you for your thoughts, Anna! A person has to work whole day to earn enough money to buy one OPI nail polish. That's crazy.

  66. I wouldn't know about prices in Asia, but I guess if people are willing to pay for it, why not make it more expensive. ;)
    I guess this has to do something with economics about which I don't know a lot and I admit it.
    Thanks for commenting!

  67. Whoa! I knew things were expensive in Belgium...but I had no idea.

  68. Thanks! =) Well, I'm sure you'll see more China Glaze from me, but those won't be the new collections. =)

  69. I think you made a great point! I've never been a type of girl who'd have a need to buy high-end cosmetics, just to feel the hype and to think I got something of better quality.
    If something is expensive, that doesn't you're getting the best quality.
    Here in Slovenia shipping is based on weight and calculated for either Slovenia or all other countries...and it doesn't matter if you ship to the country next to Slovenia or to the other side of the world - shipping is the same. =)
    Thank you for your offer, but that's just ridiculous! =)))

  70. I thought it has a lot to do with the economics. ;) You made a good point, Elizabeth. =)
    And about Essence - some of the products are made in China and some in EU (nail polishes I have are mainly made in France).

    I agree with you - ChG shipping manager needs to get educated. =)

  71. Glad to hear! Good customer service makes or can break a company these days. When you are upset with a store you tell your friends, when you are upset with a website, well you tell the world! lol

  72. I'm not a beautyblogger but I am guessing who gets what has a lot to do with the PR's personal choices and that there are no strici policies. It's always easier doing business with somebody you get along with and appreciate.

    But with the CG-story, it sounds like the shipping guy wasn't having his best day. $300, you'd get a table shipped to Europe for that sum!

  73. I totally agree with Elizabeth.
    Please girls don't think that all the girls here in US have them all easy and accessible, if you guys could be here you will understand me.
    Yes the online stores and CG are based here, but many people lost jobs :(.
    The economic crisis still here, and as Elizabeth says me too I cut off all my other beauty purchases because not enough money.
    I try to find good sales, and keep my new hobby alive, just hanging there!
    Another thing I found out just recently doing my first swap it is that USPS, US postal service don't accept to send nail polish, it's considered hazardous material! I was like WHAT!!??
    They have a huge poster in all post offices now..
    I guess big companies can send them because they have insurance of that kind, but as a normal person if they caught you first time they warn you, the second time it's a big money fine :(.
    Just want to share and to tell that I feel the pain of all my fellow nail polish lovers that can't have good prices over there. love you all!

  74. Buhu.... sem ti napisala reply ampak potem sem ga brisala, ker sta se pokazala kot dva :((!!

    No ok... essence je cenejsi v US?? Ma kaj lahko... ze tako imajo vse ful poceni, potem pa se nasa najcenejsa roba ever gre tam in se SE BOLJ POCENI?! WTF?! Nima smisla...!!

    Kar se pa ChG tice.. meni so tudi ponudili, da mi bodo poslali semple, ampak nisem slisala nic vec od njih, jih bo treba malo spiknit da ozivijo...

    Drzi se *!

  75. I was thrilled to be sent a package of a few from the Up&Away collection. And then I got some pr-photos of the poolside collection, I wasn't expecting any more polishes or anything, but since then I haven't gotten any news about any collections, so I guess the joy of some pr-photos was short. I would love to promote CG since it's one of my favorite brands. But its hard to do when you don't get any news about new products. Well I know about it from other bloggers but I would love to spread the word on my blog to. I just got an e-mail today that there was a new representative for CG so I am looking forward to see if I am still included in the blogging email list ;)

  76. ya,I've learnt my lesson...But at the same time I've come accross a comany with whom i exchanged several emails. they got out each and every informantion about my blog. asked me what I would like to review(about 5 times), and in the last email they said, 'oh,Rhea, our company policy say bloggers have to pay for shipping'
    well my policy says they don't! y did they reveal that only after v exchanged 16 emails?


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