Saturday, March 6, 2010

David Top Coat

Few weeks back I got ''David'' top coat in a swap. I wanted to test it first and tell you what I think about it.

Well, yeah. The name might make you think you're getting David... but remember, this is just a top coat, OK? OK. Let's move on.

THIS is what David I got looks like:

Nothing special, right. I'm kind of worried if this is the real thing, 'cause it could have been just a clear polish...

About David: Gabrielle from The Edge of Sanity put some top coats at a test. The competition was tough, but this little no name top coat beat them all. Including (my favorite) Seche Vite, Poshe and others. Gabrielle named this polish David. =)
If you're still looking for your favorite top coat, I sincerely recommend that you read her Top Coats Undressed posts.

I'm not going to blab too much about it. This is a GREAT top coat. Honestly, I wouldn't know the difference between this one and my HG Seche Vite. It applies well, it dries fast, gives you glossy looking polish. I've experienced no shrinkage or chipping because of it. And for 0.99 USD per bottle - Who could top that?

As I said, I got this one in a swap, but as I read on The Edge of Sanity blog, it can be purchased at Supply Source.

Give it a go, you might love it as much as I do. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. lmao @ the picture of Beckham!

  2. OMG this is how all David bottles should be packaged!!! Too bad the minimum order is $25. But I'm so tempted to buy 26 bottles and share them with my friends... with the new David head label. xD

  3. Are you talking about top coat or...? =)

  4. This is the David that Google threw in my face... :D

  5. I'd totally buy some of your bottles. =) And I agree about the David head...

  6. Well...the topcoat duhh :D I own 2 bottles and think it's great!! Dries fast, no shrinkage and glossy!!

    I'm not a Beckham fan, although I like the picture , LOL

  7. I've got this one just yesterday! Your bottle looks the same as mine, Although I'd like to think mine's a young David Duchovny ;-).

    So far I've tried it on two nail polishes and it worked great! I've heard several disappointing stories about it, but so far I like it a lot!

  8. You need to do packaging for this company, they'd out sell Seche Vite!

    I still haven't tried David but I really want to.

  9. Very interesting post! :), cool pics ^_^

  10. I tried to place an order to Supply Source, but the shipping costs to Europe were ridiculously high, almost twice as much as minimum order :-( David sounds so good, I'd like so much give it a try.

  11. I've heard so much about this top coat, but buying it is not the easiest thing. So I turned to CND's Air Dry, which is also fantastic. But a little more expensive. If I ever get the chance, though, David is something I would really like to try. :D

  12. This polish has been stuck on my brain ever since I saw your and Gabrielle's posts! I'm not kidding when I say every couple of weeks when I realize how low on Seche Vite I am... I visit the Supply Source website and build together a cart but the $25 minimum order and $8 shipping always hold me back. I'm so desperate I'm about to make a post asking any other local nail polish addicts to do a joint order with me! Do you think that's a good idea? Do you think I could borrow your picture and link you on the subject?

  13. I think that's a great idea. It's always a good idea to ask your fellow nail polish junkies for help. You can take the photos if you want, no problem at all. =)


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