Friday, March 26, 2010

Ginger + Liz VS Diamond Cosmetics

I recently found out about this Ginger + Liz nail polish brand. I noticed that they have some pretty shades on their website, so I tried my luck. I asked for samples, but they apparently don't send outside of US. Weird... I could swear there were all countries listed on their site just this morning. ALU wrote about this nail polishes and as you can see just below the last photo, they did ship internationally just a month ago. Apparently they're having some troubles with international shipping now...

As I realised I won't get my hands on these polishes soon, I was browsing on the internet, trying to find out more about this brand. There were some girls on MUA who said that their colors are strangely similar to the Diamond Cosmetics ones. Hmmm... Gotta check that out. And I did.

So, there are 22 different shades in the Ginger + Liz collection. I tried to find the closes color of each in Diamond Cosmetics range. Here are the photos:

I realized that every color from G+L is more or less dupeable. I can't say for sure, since I don't own any of the G+L polishes, but as I can see from other peoples photos... these are pretty much the same.

* Boy Toy (a ''dupe'' of Oh, Tiff) also has almost invisible shimmer.
* New Money looks like a dead on dupe of Don't Teal My Heart Away; Trance and Chainmail Charm - the same.
* Gray Area is supposed to have a ''wax like finish''. And we all know that DC's Matte Smoke is a matte nail polish, which isn't really matte (ManGlaze matte). The same goes for Royal Flush/Matte Burgundy.
* Can You Keep a Secret is a new shade by Ginger + Liz and it's a grey creme which is lighter than Gray Area. Hmmm...didn't Diamond Cosmetics just released Concrete Jungle - a lighter version of Matte Smoke?
* Two of the G+L new shades are also Keep Me Interested and Hot n' Bothered which could be dupes of Diamond Cosmetics (also newly released) Orange Blush and Hot Lips.

And just to mention. Ginger + Liz nail polishes cost 12 USD and Diamond Cosmetics polishes are 2 USD each. I don't think I'll be buying G+L polishes after all. Even when/if they'll decide to ship internationally. Sorry, but my wallet isn't that thick.

Now I want to hear what do you think about this? Do you think these are actually same polishes in different packaging? Do you have both of these brands? Tell me! =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. After comparing myself earlier this week, I'm 99% positive that G+L are private label from Diamond cosmetics. (the bottles and caps they use are also offered in DC's private label)
    So yeah I'm staying with DC for the sake of my wallet.

  2. I did the same comp a few days ago. DC all the way for me baby. I love DC polish

  3. I'm pretty sure DC also had another dupe company, I think it was mentioned in but I'm not 100% sure, I'll try and find the post again. Anyhoo, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Though you can't get diamond outside the US either can you? I did take a look at their site and there were a few things I would buy but as they don't do International shipping I didn't look further.

  4. I second and third all of the above. I am pretty sure they are the same, which isn't wrong but why spend 12 when you can spend 2. Plus I have been really please with DC so far.

    Laure - you can get DC internationally from this site Hope that helps!

  5. Great post! It's always nice to know who DC private labels for, cuz that saves me $$ and lemmings. Thanks! :D

    @Laure - There are at least two others - Karma Organics and Priti. You're right about it being mentioned at ALU, here: Just read the comments!

  6. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardMarch 27, 2010 at 5:36 AM

    Awesome detective work Holmes! ;) Seriously, great job!

  7. I love DC polishes and they can't be beat for $2.25 each. I've been curious about the G&L ones but now I know I can skip them. I'm so glad that some of you research this stuff so that we can all save some $ to use for other new polishes ;)

  8. it's funny when I read ALU's post the colors did seem strangely familiar, but I was at work and didn't have time to investigate and then simply forgot about it. Great work! You've saved us all quite a bit of money. I've never bought a DC so far because I was bummed that they only cost $2 in the US and 4eur here.

  9. I think you're probably right. I went to Priti's website and their bottles look the same as G+L's and hold the exact same amouht of polish (12.6 ml, which isn't really a standard size) I'm glad you pointed this out! I was tempted to order a couple G+L polishes.

  10. i remember that they've said on mua (nail board) that they both have the same supplier- that seems to be the reason....

  11. I know that Diamond Cosmetics also do private brands. It can be as simple as that; same polish, new wrapping ... :)

  12. LOL, I totally thought this too. It's SO completely funny that ALU, after getting "wonderful" samples from both Priti and G+L, raves about them like they are the greatest brand ever. And after being informed that NBers knew the truth about Priti, says she's never even heard of Diamond Cosmetics. Ugh, what happened to blogging without being biased?! I'm glad there are still honest bloggers out there providing information that let us lowly, common, regular NP enthusiasts save a buck. Thanks so much for this post!

  13. Excuse me but when did I say they were the greatest brands ever? I'm sorry that I'm not omniscient. I can't read every single post on every board/blog in the world. How does not knowing about the nail board's theory about Priti/Diamond make me biased??

    To suggest I'm dishonest is unsubstantiated and rude. What exactly makes me dishonest? I addressed the whole conspiracy theory about Priti in another post. There is still no proof of anything.

    A little research would show you that all polish in the US is made by ONE manufacturer. So the likelihood that brands would have similar formulas/colors is not that unrealistic. And I asked Ginger + Liz directly where they get their polish from and it comes from a manufacturer in Northern California. Diamond is in Florida. Just because they have similar bottles doesn't mean they are the same.

    There are a bunch of off brand polishes using the same bottle as China Glaze (like Icing) and they aren't made by AII Beauty. Everything is not a conspiracy. Why are so many people on a witch hunt with every new brand that comes out?

  14. @GetNailed: Maybe she really doesn't know about Diamond Cosmetics polishes. It's impossible to know every single brand. I don't see the reason to not believe her. And if this polishes (Priti, Ginger + Liz) are the same thing as Diamond Cosmetics, then I know why she likes them so much. DC polishes ROCK!

  15. I'd also pick cheaper polish if it's a dupe and is nice in application and wears well. But from the pictures in your post, these really don't look dupes to me. I don't own any Diamond or Ginger + Liz polishes ... I would really be interested in a post that clearly shows that these are dupes. Otherwise, you didn't convince me. But great that someone is here and makes a lot of effort to find dupes for us. ;)

  16. How lame. DC all the way for me.

  17. http://dailypolish.blogspot.comApril 14, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    i'm going to do a post today when i get home comparing all teh G+L polishes i've swatched w/their diamond cosmetics 'dupe' (only in quotes because i won't confirm or deny until i try it myself!!). i'll post my results ASAP!


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