Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, one rat, to be precise. =)

I saved this little fellow from Shiva a couple of years ago, 'cause I don't let my cats mess with other living creatures... at least when I'm around.
Shiva wasn't too happy about it, but still. The little rat stayed with me for the night. He was in shock and didn't want to leave my hand, so I made him a little ''rat castle'' in a plastic bucket, gave him some cat food and named him Tyr. It was a short but pleasant friendship.

Shiva probably thought I have a thing for rats... And she brought me a couple of live ones after this incident. She also managed to bring me one in my room (through the window). Isn't that nice?

Do your cats bring you gifts also?

Thanks for looking!


  1. so cute!!! I love rodents. I used to have a pet mouse, Louie. He was so cute and sweet.

    I have had to save critters from my kitties too. mostly bunnies.

  2. Kako je lepa! :) Ja, naše mačke se vsaketoliko spomnijo in prinesejo kakšen na 3/4 pojeden spominček. Npr. golobico, miši, kuščaje, vrabčke, kosa ...

  3. Joj..
    Ja.. Nase macke nosijo ptice najraje... jih pustijo pred vrati..
    Poleti tudi martincke...

    Bi jih okregala, ampak kaj ko zagledam trupelca sele par ur kasneje.. kaj takrat pomaga tezit mackam D:.

  4. omg omg omg SO CUTE! I love mice! Look at his little nooooooooooooooose! Gah I wanna squeeze him! I had an horrid cat that was a stray that I fed that used to bring me dead baby bunnies. I only cat I ever have disliked. Our house cats brought us field mice that would get into our house in Indiana, but they were still alive. We used to have a pet mouse named Mischief. She was the best mouse ever

  5. SO CUTE!
    Glad I'm not the only one who saves little critters from other critters!

    Macy got a hold of a bat once, and I took it all the way to the wildlife rescue center cause she hurt it's wing. I also put out live traps to catch mice when we get them in our house, and if it's too cold out, I'll keep them in an old cage I have until it's warm enough to release them!

    Thanks for saving him! I know alot of people that would be happy to let the cat "take care of him". mean people!

  6. Ahah I have a cat called Shiva too! =D
    My cat leaves indoor... so, he doesn't bring me gifts xD

  7. Oliver, our cat at my parents house likes to bring presents home but Orton my kitty is indoors only so no presents from him.

  8. awwwwwwwe- how cute is that mouse - your cats really love u if they bring them to u live♥

  9. My cats don't go outdoors. They "kill" their toys then bring them to me and drop them on my lap! Michelle

  10. Moj mačak je najraje nosil ptiče domov. kdaj pa kdaj tudi kakšno še živečo ampak zelo prestrašeno miško, ki sem jo morala reševat pred njegovimi kremplji :P On pa se je le hotel igrat =)
    Drugače pa je zelo lušna tale podganica =)

  11. ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered LizardMarch 9, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    My cat, Kayla, used to bring me dead humming birds...no amount of scolding worked, then I chased around the house threatening her with the broom (I would NEVER hit her with it or hurt her, I was just letting her know that bringing me humming birds was NOT o.k.) She never brought me one again. She also brought me live lizards.
    HEHEHE, just remembered so many years ago, my roommate woke us up screaming...turns out she had reached down to pet her cat that she thought was sleeping next to her to find a dead rat there on her bed. A 'gift' from her cat.
    Rats are cute, but the wild ones carry some nasty diseases...so while you are saving them, please do protect yourself!

  12. omg what a cute little creature!!! makes me wanna buy a rat or mouse someday :D <333

  13. My cats (Maine Coons) can't get out as I live in a 9 story appartment, but I had pet rats a few years ago: Beëlzebub (aka Bubby) and Morax. Beëlzebub loved to cuddle.

  14. I love the name Tyr! Good choice :D

  15. I love the names you give your furry friends! He's a cutie pie for sure. I hope you're feeling better? Did you get a good night's rest finally?
    My kitty Inanna caught her first mouse recently - unfortunately, she had already done the damage to the poor little thing, and I had to bury him. I would have definitely rescued him if I could have!

  16. He is so cute! My mom would be standing on a table screaming bloody murder if she saw that little guy (in fact she did that once with a baby mouse!).

  17. Thanks for asking, Nicole...yes, I got some good sleep. =)

  18. So cute ! I love rats and mice :)
    As I live near bad neighbours who put poison against cats in their gardens, my kitties don't go outside. But they like to play with small things like leaves and hair rubbers, and sometimes they bring us those as gifts ^^

  19. Hi Sasha: I had a Siamese cat that lived to be 27 years old and over her long lifespan she did lots of interesting things, but in her younger frisky years, she would bring us presents and leave them on the doorstep. She had a window that she could come in through and one time she brought a live mouse into the house and my mother went ballistic, yelling for my Daddy! After this happened, my Daddy fixed that window, and the Kitty stopped bringing us presents!

    I'm glad to hear you got some sleep.


  20. AWE so cute! Poor little guy, I'm glad you saved him!

    I don't have cats, but my 2 dogs have a thing about frogs. My Dachshund once ate a teeny frog once and spent the rest of the day sick. My Chihuahua made friends with a large frog that made a home in the dogs running pen last summer, but my dad caught the frog and let it go in a lake. My Chi would go to the spot where the frog used to sit and kind of poke around in the dirt looking for it, she was sad for a week!

  21. I love mice and little rats too :-) They are so cute and sweet.....I could hug them for ever :-)
    I have two cats who are always indoors because I lived for years in a flat.
    They are not used to get outside and now living in a house with a garden they don't go outside. One of my seeties stays upstairs al the time, she is afraid going down the stairs. But they are almost 13 now and they have trouble changing their habits. But it doesn't matter. Would be devistated if I should lose one because I let them outdoors now. So they never bring me gifts like that.

    On the other hand I do have a neighbour who is looking like a man. Big and strong :-) but being a women. She is terrified for mice.
    Some months ago she had a gorgeous little brown mouse in het shed and she was screaming like hell. I had to cath the little one. But we couldn't find it at that moment. The next day it was lying almost dead in my garden. Poisened by some other neighbour :-((((
    I tried to save it but it was to late and it died.........
    Well I stop because I can't stop writing anymore :-) Just having a big story with a new little mouse afterwards.
    Well take care dear and till next time.....hug.

  22. Aww, so cute!! My cat lives indoors ... but he actually killed and ate our budgerigar three days after we first got him :( He was a rescue cat and was neglected (abused and starved), found with his mother: he was so undernourished that the people at the home couldn't tell how old he was; his whiskers were broken and short and he had gingivitis - he's lost both of his upper fangs, we think due to poor nutrition in the womb and after birth. He had to survive by hunting and eating what he could, so we weren't that mad at him - he didn't know that he was going to be given food, his only experience with humans was pretty damn bad.

    He sits at the window making clicking-type noises at birds. He loves to 'hunt' spiders and elastic bands and bits of paper. My kitty Alex looks a lot like Romika's black and white! :)

  23. I love mice/rats! I used to have a few as pets. Well, more than a few.
    I've saved many a mouse from my evil cat demons. And lizards and (failed) birds.


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