Friday, March 12, 2010

SH Pacific Blue VS H&M Blue My Mind

The moment I first saw H&M Blue My Mind today, I though of Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. Feline also wanted me to compare them, so why wait. =)

Here they are:

Pretty close, huh? But what do they look like on nails, you wonder? Wonder no longer! =) For I am here to show you. (note to myself: stop being such a dork)

Which one am I wearing? Is this Pacific Blue, like the bottle I'm holding, or is it Blue My Mind?

BTW: I hope you'll forgive my cuticles (someone forgot to apply cream after washing the dishes, and I'm not saying who). =)

You were right! I'm wearing both nail polishes on all photos. I couldn't fool you. ;)
Inside my Crappy, without top coat.

If you're wondering why my nails aren't shinier, this brown/black fur ball is the reason. I must remember to never ever let her alone with my polish bottles. She likes to knock them down and watch them fall. Well, she does that with anything. And then she plays football with it.

Conclusion: To an unprofessional/untrained eye, these two are dupes. I know there will be some who will claim that they see the difference and that this one is lighter than the other.... Well, they're practically the same to me!
If you can get one or another - it doesn't really matter which one you have. Both are 2 coaters and both are gorgeous. I don't know about the price, but if I had to choose between these two, I'd probably go with Sally Hansen, 'cause it holds almost 12mL and H&M 9mL. H&M polish has shorter brush, but both are very easy to deal with. Sally Hansen polish has a funky smell which H&M doesn't have, but then again SH is a tad (but just a tad) more opaque.

You *need* one of these two. It doesn't matter which one, 'cause the color's the same and they're both equally great.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I looooooooooooooooove these! My black cat plays polish-hockey too! He broke some bottles for a giveaway a while back. I was sooooooo mad at him

  2. Thank you for making the comp I wanted! :D I was suspecting this was the outcome, now we'll be able to save our sisters some money, I believe. :)

  3. Hvala za tako super primerjavo. :)
    Ja, meni se tud kar ista zdita. Lepa sta, lepa. Bi takoj imela katerega. :)

  4. Great comparison! I really can't tell much of a difference myself.
    And your cat, oh, hello gorgeous! ;)

  5. Unfortunately I have neither, but either one would make me very happy! I think your cats are very beautiful!

  6. nice comparaison !!! i need to buy h&m polish !!

  7. It looks like Jimi is saying, 'that is close enough of a dupe for me!'. They are BOTH gorgeous - kinda perriwinkly. I like Blue my Mind best :)

  8. Both are absolutely beautiful! You make me want to run to my local Wal-Mart and grab Pacific Blue!

    I didn't even know H&M had a nail polish line!!!

  9. Wow thanks for comparing these! I was totally lemming the SH one after seeing your ridiculously gorgeous pictures, but now I can be at peace because I own the H&M one haha ;-)

    Your kitties are one of the prettiest I've ever seen, soo cute <3

  10. I'm so envious that you have H&M polish over there. Sigh.

    Both of these are gorgeous :)

  11. I agree!!!! They're practically the same to me 2! And this tone of blue r amazing!!! Luv it!


  12. I can't see a difference. It's a beautiful blue. Thankfully I have the Sally Hansen. Looks beautiful on you. Everything does!

  13. Great comparison!

  14. I luv this cat! And these polishes =) I can"t get H&M, but maybe I"ll look for Sally hansen, why not =) cuz this is super beautiful blue

  15. this your cat???? I had one that looks just similar to yours!! And this's really gorgeous. I love it and your nails....

  16. Pacific Blue is definitely darker


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