Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Silver Lining

Thanks to Beautopia for the idea and to Lisa for sending me this gorgeous polish + striping tape. :***

Step by step:
1. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, 2 coats + top coat
2. Duct tape + konad M64 + Wet n Wild French White Creme
3. Striping tape
4. Top coat

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love it !
    I think I'm gonna steal the idea for my next mani ! ^^

  2. I *knew* this would look fantastic on you!!!

    Striping tape...haha...Yesterday, my husband says to me- "What the *hell* did you put in your hair now?" (Always putting decorations in my hair)
    Anyway, I look in the mirror cause I *know* I didn't do anything special with my hair....
    Somehow a roll of striping tape not only got stuck in my hair, but it somehow came unwound. It made me laugh, what I saw....the back of my head looked like someone applied silver packaging ribbon (curlicues).
    Freak accidents happen to me all the time- and this was one of them!

  3. This is gorgeous!!

  4. OMG how gorgeous is that!

  5. I didn't think that color could get prettier. but you did it

  6. Thats a gorgeous mani. I love that color of blue.

  7. Anita (KONADomania)March 10, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    This just perfect! love the konad and tape combination! I'm not a sucker for blue, but I would definetely wear this manicure <3

  8. I love this. Great nailart you did here. Just got my package from dollar nail art. I ordered some tape too. I was planning to do something next week with it :-)
    And your konad is lovely too. Does it works? The ducktape? I always use that kind of tape which you use when you are painting your windows....the kinda yellow stuff. It leaves sticky things on my nails when I remove it.

  9. OMG; I really love this. Very, very nice work. :D

  10. ooo so cute! great idea! *love* I'll try too ;)

  11. That was really thoughtful of Lisa to send you the polish and accoutrements. What a beautiful mani! I hope you are coming back up out of the doldrums. I know I have had my shares of ups and downs lately. There is always hope.Never forget that. Hope has always carried me through. :-)

  12. That is fabulous! I used to do foil tape back in the day. It's been about ten years but maybe it's time to start again. Great job!!!

  13. omg i cant believe how goregous this mani is!! =p

  14. Wow, that is so cute! I love the Konad on one half of the nail!


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