Monday, March 8, 2010


First of all I want to thank you all for your kind words on my previous post. I really appreciate your support. Thank you! :*

I still don't feel like changing my mani, so I topped it with another gold glitter. This time it was China Glaze's Golden Enchantment.

I went for a little walk and I found the first Spring Snowflake. Does that mean the spring is coming? I don't know... There's supposed to be snow on wednesday. And it's so F-ing cold outside... What's happening to the Earth?

I wanted to post this photo, so you can see that Aishila really needs to be beside me at all times. I was trying to take a photo of Gaia... but there is also a part of my little ''squirrel monkey''.

I heard there was an earthquake in Turkey. It was on the east, so I hope that Deniz from Emerald Sparkled is OK ... but still I'm gonna ask again: What's happening to the Earth?


  1. bad news to hear that hope everything is okay now in turkey...
    btw, love the chg, and the flower look so nice..
    adorable kitten.. =)

  2. I love your cats pic, it's very funny !

  3. love the kitties! and the spring flowers. hope shes ok too

  4. That is a beautiful manicure!!

  5. Hi Sasha! I have not been able to send you a little encouragement message this week-end. I hope you'll feel better soon. Take care of you!

    Your manicures are pefect and you have lots of people thinking of you: your family, your blog readers friends and of course your pets :)

    Have you heard about the "purring therapy"? It sounds fantastic: specialists are learning the therapeutic effects on humans of, as the name suggests, the cats and their purring. They have noted people feel better when listening to their cat purring. And people who don't have a kitty at home, they can buy a CD of cats purring. I'm going to make a purchase on Amazon. :)

    With your 6 cats, you could check if it works :)

  6. Hi, cool pics! I want spring here, my Daffodils are ready to grow^_^

  7. Thank you my dear friend for your concern... I'm living west of Turkey, we weren't affected... But in the city it happened(Elazig) about 60 people have died in the debris... I'm going to let everyone know that I'm OK from my blog as soon as possible...
    I hope you're feeling much better... *hugs*

  8. Dear Sasha, Earth is going crazy at the moment. Mother Nature is slapping back I guess. Awfull for those poor people in all the area's which are suffering eartquakes. I feel you sorry for those who have to deal with this misery.
    Hope you do feel a little better today. Thinking of you.....big hug again for you!
    I read about your cats :-) I'm a catlover as well....I have two of them....Maybe I will post some pictures someday at my blog of them. I love them somuch and they always omfort me with their kindness and love.
    Take care dearie.......see you around!

  9. No cats at the moment. 3 dogs though!
    I love the way you can slap polishes like Enchantment over other stuff when you are short of time or feeling a bit lazy. I'm just heading for a bottle of CG Fairy Dust to do that very thing...
    Pretty snowflake.

  10. Thank you, Valerie! I think that purring is better in person + you can feel the vibrations.

  11. Love the topping, looks like stars in night sky. Hope the sun gives you good thoughts; the spring is coming, real soon. :D

  12. I love that polish. Aishila looks so cute! I love that, squirrel monkey. I wonder that all the time, what is happening to the world?

  13. Luv this glitter! Very cute ur cat! ^^
    I think the Earth is lost! We destroy more every day...



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