Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thai Food

My BF and I went to the thai restaurant called Bangkok Street. It was my second time and I think I prefer mexican and chinese food.

I ordered soya soup and an over-friendly thai woman threw all sorts of things in it. She also started talking to me in a mixture of english, slovene and thai... And I couldn't understand a thing. Don't talk to me when I want to eat, OK?! I have to give her credit though - she made a delicious soup.

My BF, on the other hand, ordered hot soup and she threw in some shrimps (he's not to fond of sea food)... I tried a little and it tasted like mould with chilli on it. Well, at least I would imagine the mould with chilli tasting like that. No thank you!

Spring rolls. Can't go wrong with these. That not so good looking brown stuff is peanut sauce. =)

Noodles with soy. I didn't like any of their main dishes, so I just ate this instead.

I'm not quite sure, but I think this is banana pudding with coconut and caramel. I don't want to talk about the jelly below... so efing sweet. I also had something green that looked like frog's eggs and it's made from tapioka flour. Oh well, forgot to take photos anyway.

The main reason I wanted to show you these photos is here:

Inside that brown bowl, there's the most delicious jasmine tea I've ever had. And it's not green tea with jasmine flavor - it's plain jasmine tea. Does anyone know where I could get this? All I get here in Slovenia is flavored green/black tea.

So...which couisine do you like the most? Have you tried thai before? What do you think about it? Tell me!

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow - presentation isn't very good...well not to what i'm used to seeing here when I go eat Thai food. I'm sure you can google where to find jasmine tea - or even maybe hit up an asian market around you if there is one. I love love Thai food!! heheheh if you're not into spicy things - thai is probably not the best thing for you. thai dishes are usually spicy. but anywho's - padthai is always a good choice.

  2. Usually Im a fan but she sounds like she was trying to overfeed yall. I prefer to eat real Mexican food or Chinese and not the Americanized version either LOL

  3. It all LOOKS yummy!! I'm a huge fan of Mexi, Chinese, and Indian - I don't eat Thai much though. Are you a vegetarian? My local Chinese place has a TON of vegetarian dishes which is awesome :)

  4. I've tried thai food, but I'm not very fond on it. My favourites are japanese and basque ( i love fish). And spanish, of course. This is the first time I leave a comment, but I love your blog, Nihrida!

    xxx from Spain

  5. My favorite food is Cajun/Creole. And of course, good ole soul food like my Nana makes

  6. Meni se vse sliši njammi :D Kje pa je ta restavracija? :)

  7. Hahah, all of that looks dusgusting, but I'm the first to admit that some seriously yummy food looks like shit! I'm not sure I've had that much athentic Thai, but we have a Thai wok place that's fairly OK, but definitely bastardised with western tastes. I especially enjoy a beef wok with honey and garlic, sesame seeds and... yeah. Whatever. My favourite cousine is Indian! Spicyyy...And we now have an authentic Mexican place in Stockholm that I enjoy occationally. I can't even count pasta as an abroad cousine anymore, Swedes eat it a lot. A LOT. :)

  8. no surprise, we don't have thai food in croatia... who'd even think we would have something like that :(

  9. Thai food is AMAZING! [i eat it about 1-3 times a week! haha] try the Pad Thai, thats my favorite! any time i take someone who is new to Thai food to a Thai restaurant, i tell them to try the Pad Thai! its a noodle dish but its not anything like the noodles w/soy sauce =)

  10. I love Thai food, but what I find in restaurants doesn't look like your dishes, it looks more sophisticated. In the opposite, Chinese food here is gross, greasy and not at all like real Chinese cooking, so I prefer Thai and Viet restaurants ^^
    I also love Indian and Mexican, and enjoy doing foreign cooking at home :)
    Next time I go to an asian market, I'll see if I can pick some jasmine tea ;)

  11. I love thai food, it's so tasty!

  12. I love Thai food! This all looks so good, except for the dessert, I'm not fond of Thai dessert! The tea is a Jasmine Pearl Green Tea..its very good, Its dried jasmine and tea leaves rolled up into little balls (pea size) and then when you add them to the hot water they open up and brew...I'm drinking it right now..yum! You can get it from, hopefully they deliver to your area.

  13. Look delicious to me. I've only had Thai food once years ago. I love Chinese hot and sour soup. I don't know about that jelly stuff. Different cultures like different textures of food. I'm not much for jellied foods. I like Jello or jelly candies but that's it !Nice picture though. I hate when an owner or wait person stands there to chat with me. It's uncomfortable especially when you can't understand them. It sounds like the lady wanted to be a good hostess and have you come back.

  14. I love Thai food! Drunken Noodle is one of my favorite dishes of all times.
    Of course,nothing can compare with Turkish cuisine :)

  15. I have no idea what she tried to feed you. I'm half Thai and did not recognize any of that. I've had traditional style food from Chiangmai, and my mom's family is more from the south.

    I've been to so many Thai restaurants in the Houston area, and they try to "make it their own" instead of cooking it how you would get it at well-known places in Thailand.

    I definitely prefer the more southern "soul-food" and your typical dishes.
    My husband loves Pad Thai, and I prefer clear noodles (Kind of like pho) and Yum woon sen which is a clear noodle salad.

    Tom yum goong (Shrimp) and tom yum gai (chicken) are my favorite soups.

    Tod mun pla is very good as well. This is a fish patty, and in Thailand they serve them small with crispy leaves and a dipping sauce. My mom and husband were always walking around eating these when we visited family.

    I have found it very difficult to find a good Thai Restaurant here, but my husband and I found a winner called Nara Thai. So if you are ever in the Houston area, this restaurant is closer to the IAH Airport than downtown Houston.

    They have excellent Thai Tea. :o)

    Oh man! Not to mention the mango with sweet rice.

    Ok, I'm done with my essay, and now I'm hungry.

  16. OH my!!, I am hungry now! waaa!! ^_^

  17. Never had Thai. But for me it's Mexican and Italian all the way.


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